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: I don't see how it's such a problem, I'm wanting to make female gaming friends. Whats so wrong with that.
i dunno, personally i don't ever notice a difference between dudes and chicks on games, unless they make it their mission to let everyone know for some reason, so... why?
why do you have to bring gender into gaming.
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: Looking to create a friends list of people who don't give in early and want to win
You're like a mirror, add me, Tazo JG / sup secondary
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: Riot only made it for high elo where there are almost no players. I've never had it, and I typically play during non-peak hours.
happened to me in silver several times, as well as my mates, as im typing this i have it right now.
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Miamza (OCE)
: ***
hows that christian blood smell going?
: LF Duo or Silver/Gold team - Looking to Improve
If you get people add me bro, jungle/supp here, i'd be keen!
Wumachine (OCE)
: it's a fucking joke mate get over it
Kinda referring to the fact every team I see now has gaming at the end of it, calm your tits.
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Wumachine (OCE)
: Just created the smartest ranked team name
Why does everyone put gaming at the end of the team name, you aren't a corporation or anything that does things other than gaming. I just don't understand it.
Aesseus (OCE)
: Playing him once top, doesn't count, for someone with experience.
multiple accounts multiple seasons and non ranked less qq plz
: Looking to start up a serious Ranked 5s Team
IGN: Tazo Main Role: Jungle/jg/tarzan Main Champion: I play all but shaco at a level I feel comfortable in ranked, personal babes are noccy-t and vi How often you're on: most of the time Rank: s3 Why you want to play for my team: be able to play with a regular group in a setting that isn't my usual friends group of "lets see if we can win with all supports!", a bit more serious gameplay is always fun.
: LF Top/Jungler/Support
Name: James Age: 23 Role: Jungle/jg/tarzan Champion pool (for role you're applying for): Any, personal fav's are noccy-t and vi, but seriously any. par maybe shaco, not at a level that i'd ranked with him yet. Solo queue rank (can OP.GG link if you wish): S3 Curse Voice (Y/N): Y Availability: most of the time, i work casual shift work but know ahead of time if i can't make a certain scheduled day Will you play in tournaments?: Yes Do you spend a lot of your time playing league?: Yes
: I'd be happy to form a team, but we need 3 other players for that! XD
well get for mid jungle and top, only bot lane to fill i gues.
Jink (OCE)
: Bronze Elo
I will never understand ward issues, at 9 you essentially get a sight stone and you only need to ward two places ( no not bushes ) granted other lanes put down at least one ward, both of which are a stone throw from lane.
: Gold II (Demoted Gold I) LFT or just other players
Ey mate if you're looking to make a team I'd jungle for you as I'm looking for the same, seems rare to find a team that stays together long enough to learn eachother
Yuudachi (OCE)
: How to play malphite in top lane
I don't really play top but when I have to I max q and rush gauntlet, good or bad I've never lost lane, then again I don't often win it hard, just kinda keep up with their cs or overtake them a bit and back and forth, spamming q for poke keeps them low enough to think twice usually while gauntlet helps with escapes as well as lock down for ganks. Edit: works against irelia and riven, irelia is just scarier so pick careful safe pokes when you get around half
: Ranked MVP reward system implementation ideas
Howie about that person doesn't lost points every 3 mbps they get? Something like that
Tazo (OCE)
: Jungle looking for a team
To be fair i was drunk when i wrote this. To answer the tank question I love playing tanks but sadly can't do in solo much as they are fairly reliant on team synergy to make an impact. The recent changes to cinderhulk have made tanks more of a solo threat, giving us sunfire early brings our late game into mid game which is very nice, unfortunately it funnels us into ten boots for the most part, granted you can just get the iron but it's not too cost effective until late. AP junglers in my opinion are generally sub par, bar fiddle is used correctly, people like to play fizz but if your team isn't blind he should be a near not issue until mid, even then your jungler should have been able to %%%% him up with counters all the way up to that point. Bruiser junglers are on top and I don't see that changing until the meta changes, granted this is mostly for solo queue or teams without much spread skill but yea, currently bruiser is the way to go if you want to be able to contribute to the damage. TL;dr, tanks aren't near S teir in solo queue but are great in 5's when able to work together. P.S im still pretty drunk
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: Looking For A Ranked Team (Silver 5)
i main jungle, if needed.
Mjolnir (OCE)
: Eye-Dropper Gaming Recruiting! Serious Team.
IGN: Tazo Age: 23 Rank: Silver III Favourite Position: Jungle Favourite Champs: I play everything, and my favourites change often, at the moment it's Jarvan IV, Elise, Shaco, Nocturne, Maokai, Lee How long have you been playing League?: 2 years I think A little bit about yourself: I'm James, I work at a hospital of which I won't disclose in a forum, I live in Sydney currently and don't do much other than work and play League while occasionally visiting my mates in my home town. I am Available essentially all days unless I get called in for nightshift, but I will have notice of this and it's not very often that it happens.
Vipereno (OCE)
: [LFT] Looking for Bronze/Silver/Gold players for 5v5 team
Ign: Tazo Age: 23 Rank: s3 Current primary role: Jungle Current secondary role: Support Skype (Y/N): Y Availability: Most always granted work doesn't want me for night shift, not often happens
: Looking for some members for a ranked team
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: 5 Days til im back in Australia If your keen on being in a serious team?
Tazo 23 silver 3 Jungle.. jg...jungleh.. tarzans wing man skype, anything can be downloaded, facebook? i saw someone say facebook.. yes, laid back but I like to play well
: Active 5s Team LF Mid,Top,Jungler and subs
jg main, silver, know how to play jg as i pretty much only play it, know all champions, not a child.
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