Turzo (OCE)
: So is "Nig*a" "Cu*t" "Dumbcu*t" and all other racial come other verbal abuses allowed on oce now?o.O
c-nt is not a racial slur and in Australia is considered normal (I don't say it but w.e), but n word should be banned. I guess it's a carry-over from NA since in NA some people say n-gga (NOT n-ggER) the same way they use 'bro'. The system otherwise bases its response to a single word based on how many times it has been reported, so just report and move on.
: Can we just reflect for a moment on how bias the rune system is.
Conquerer, Glacial augment, arcane comet and PTA aren't even in the right categories. Arcane comet outright has nothing to do with auto attacks, and the rest depend on champion/build. Either way, there's going to be fourth keystones for all trees.
: Are These Boards Dead?
I mostly post on NA boards and Reddit honestly. The problem with non NA boards is that there's practically no reason to go there unless it's a region specific topic or you don't speak English
: OCE is already the smallest player base. How on earth are they going to justify running two seperate servers that at most only have a 300 ping difference when an emergency like this happens.
: Transparency in Patch Notes
read more carefully. 8.6 changes are for the twisted treeline versions. In 8.5 they listed bandit changes to summoner's rift.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey Spidicus We've actually had a notification in place right next to the play button since things started looking "iffy", but unfortunately not everyone checks these out. I'd be interested to know if you think there is a better way we could put up a warning? Cheers Mindstar
A majority of users are probably in australia and not NZ so I'd say maybe just have notifications + temporarily replace the irelia champion reveal in the front page. No need to disable the entire ranked queue
: Uhhh.. One question: The f*ck you doing?
They're switching aggro because of a bug
: My issue with placements (Don't worry not a 'I got placed lower' moan)
Last year's placements put me in bronze 3/4 after winning 8-2, I climbed to silver V over the season. Then gold V over end of season/preseason, hovered in very very low MMR (silver 3-4) for a very long time (but my rank was protected because my MMR has to be faaar lower to go back to silver) This year I went 4-6 and got placed silver 4. Norms MMR is not representative of ranked at all, I've gone vs plats and won because they're intentionally on off roles, off meta or first timing a champ. In my time in gold elo they were far more skilled. I'd like to believe that if I started a new account my MMR would somehow be better and I'd play well, but that just isn't true. I've seen streams of pro players being placed in plat or gold after placements, which was where faker was placed when he got so good at norms the matchmaking couldn't find anyone better. And clearly not every pro player gets challenger MMR in norms before moving onto ranked Finally, and most importantly, people are bad at evaluating the skills of themselves and those above them. Maybe your friend really is a bronze-low silver player. We don't have replays or anything, and it's easier to believe that than the system somehow being programmed into screwing you over.
: I get that Zoe's w has been nerfed, but please nerf it again so that shards only drop within a certain radius of Zoe. The fact that you can see where the enemy jungler is at just by checking where there are stars on the minimap is a bit unfair imo.
You have to be in vision of a star to see it
: How to be a better mid laner???
- Depends. If you have waveclear you should predict that they are coming mid and push to tower so the ADC can auto. If you're a roaming champ you can go top lane. - If you're a safe waveclear champ it's very easy to hold even 3v1 as long as they don't have a more mana efficient waveclear. If you're a champ that's not very safe (like ryze or zed), try to ping jungler and support for help (your own ADC can farm the empty botlane, no need for 2 people wasting time in an empty lane). Even if they're more mana efficient (Vel'koz or Azir will always beat Orianna, Anivia and Xerath in mana for example), if you waveclear 3 times and hold 3 people off for a very long time that's a lot of gold missed out from the fact the ADC and mid have to share while you and your ADC get 1 lane each. This doesn't apply if they have a very strong diving setup like Blitzcrank Ashe Zed. Then ping the hell out of your team tank. - If you can roam, roam. Any good roaming champion can 1v1 the jungler (otherwise they're not particularly good roamers) so they have less requirements. Otherwise as an immobile mage you should spend gold on damage or mana depending on what you're lacking to waveclear (Anivia needs mana, Lux needs damage for example), and shove the wave constantly and then go to the enemy raptors and take those while warding their jungle. By then enemy will have lost a lot of CS or finished CSing under tower and the waves reset or push towards you. Do the same but instead organize something like a gank or dragon with your jungler in chat or pings. Always note your jungler's position, some mages even when ahead can't 1v1 as well but they can 2v2 better than the enemy mid+jg. - Generally as a mid laner you ward depending on where your jungler is (since you have to be on the same top/bot side of the map or else you can get caught out very easily), you can ward the enemy jungle aggressively if you know your team can use that information (especially if you have a counter jungler or 1v1 jungler) but sometimes it's better to ward one of the tribushes or river for your top/bot, so top can focus on laning while the support can go for deeper wards without getting caught out. - Use TP to get to lane quicker whenever possible. That's probably the sole purpose of TP in mind imo, to get you a gold lead as much as possible. You can do this either from base or *after* roaming, but don't bother using it *for* roaming. The 2-4 seconds you save from TPing as opposed to walking is beaten by the fact you surprise them if the support is responsible and red trinkets the bushes, or the top laner control wards (bonus points if your top laner doesn't destroy a revealed and disabled enemy ward, so when they walk up to auto the control ward they won't see you coming). - If bot lane is getting destroyed you can 4 man them and turn it around as a teamfighting mage, though you can ask the top laner if they're tanky, have ranged waveclear or have a whole lot of escapes to swap with bot and farm under tower. In general a fed enemy bot lane is very hard to fix, so there's no safe and clear answer for a fed bot lane. For a fed top lane, a 3v1 gank easily turns things around, or a lane swap. Just be careful and time it so that the jungler is top side if a countergank occurs. - AP vs AD isn't really the question people should be asking comp-wise because the answer is fairly obvious (AP if you have lots of AD or your top+jg+support are ALL tanks and the ADC is the only other source of damage, AD if you already have AP elsewhere, etc), but rather carry vs assassin. Carries, even the high burst mages and CC orientated mages are good teamfighters while assassins are good 1v1 champions, and some lie in both (like Yasuo, I think). Its difficult to say, in high elo there's a lot of questions you have to ask like how much CC does the team need vs can you make picks and catch people out, and in low elo you have to ask yourself whether the teams are off doing their own thing (1v1 champions rule in when everyone's running around like headless chicken), or if it devolves into a 5v5 ARAM after a while (carries are the rulers of the clown fiesta) - Don't call jungler to gank. I think it's a learning experience to lose lane and learn how to play from that, and the jungler usually has a better grasp on where and when to gank than the laners. There are times you can ask, but you have to actually set it up instead of saying "jg pls gank". Be specific like "I'm going to let him push in and control ward this bush" *pings* "can you gank in 2 mins" (and if they say no then ditch the plan and try again later). I'm not very experienced in setting up ganks though because I naturally just let the wave push in, and I either don't get ganked at all, or get ganked constantly because I'm duo queue with a jungler. (actually, just get a jungler duo queue and you'll be good. Imo good jungler + mid synergy > good support + ADC synergy)
: > There's an ethical and moral dilemma known as the "Trolley Problem", where two train tracks exist, four people tied to one, and one person tied to the other. You can save the lives of 4 people by swapping tracks, but then you'd be directly responsible for one person's death. The best solution: https://imgur.com/a/xdVRT
remove chat feature entirely, all 5 people die plus whoever's in the cart (people who initially didn't care)
: You think that's bad. Here's what *I* think is bad (mind you, I'm biased): https://imgur.com/5ZifiUo I feel you, though.
mm not quite there yet my young padawan https://i.snag.gy/0XQTS4.jpg
: you should be taking opgg mmr with more than a grain of salt...
yeah, all op.gg does is guess and honestly it's probably even less accurate for OCE than it already is for NA
Ghostill (OCE)
: Chaos
draw a picture for riot and send it to support asking for 10 chaos tokens instead of RP
: What is the purpose of a hybrid build? Would on-hit, ap, or hybrid kennen work best to carry?
AP kennen: burst and engage teamfights On-hit kennen: split pushing and 1v1 Hybrid kennen: depends on items
couldn't you just have printscreen'd the chatlog??
: ***
They're going to follow up by directly giving stats to each champion. They'll probably nerf champs who force a high early game defensive stat rune page (as opposed to scaling health and damage)
PurpIe (OCE)
: 'Coaching'
I don't do vid/voice and I won't be playing for one or two weeks, but if you want you can spectate me when I'm available or I can give you my LoL replays from past games. I'm a mid/top Anivia main (not quite 1-trick, but close)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Role Swap: Part 3 - Mid
You watch fizz enthusiast / unswlolsoc / phroxzon / matt leung-harrison too? Also how do you do things like change the banner, create tables with lines, and other stuff I see on testing boards? I never see that on NA boards
Talon12 (OCE)
: Spelltheif was always the top support item, coin was the lowest, only time people bought coin was because they couldnt poke enough in the lane for spelltheif to be viable, so they got the sustain and gold from coin, but if coin is now offering even less gold than before, and no sustain what so ever, and spellthief now plays the role of talisman, what is the point in getting it, the only champ that would benefit is udyr, just so he can get an extra point into his last spell.
Getting to level 18 isn't something that happens every game, even as a solo laner.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: "Riot is a big greedy cooperation that only want your money and then you can get lost"
Everyone on disagreeing with Riot's changes: "You're telling me that Riot games wants their employees to feed their families and not constantly cater to the whims of children with pocket money? Le gasp! How vile and evil! How dare they not do everything I command them to do!"
: I was
it shouldn't be from that unless you got a notification ingame saying you're going to be counted as afk
Wolves (OCE)
: Interested in being apart of a Youtube video?
I don't play very often, suck at this game and don't use any voice chat but I'd be interested
: Leave Buster bs
you do know that you can move and stay invisible while inside a bush, right?
Tele (OCE)
: I've edited out the name from your post because it was breaking our _'Naming and Shaming'_ rule. You're welcome to talk about any issues on the boards, but just make sure you exclude summoner names next time :D
umm wouldn't it be better to just remove the post completely considering the fact it now has no content?
: To add an anecdote: I was in a dispute recently over a lane. It clearly showed on my screen that I got it. But this other guy kept insisting that he got it, I lost the game of chicken and grudgingly switched to support before the timer finished. I was unimpressed, and for the first few mins did internally hold a grudge, But this guy's actions were not that of the typical lane-stealer _(Locking in Riven, no communication in champ-select, spews out some illegible 'teenage english' in /All chat on first blood, spams lvl 7 mastery all game, and never speaks or pings again.)_ He wasn't like that, he was an upstanding player, complimenting and advising the team, admitting his own mistakes etc. And he did say later on in the game "Im sorry Taric (me), I truly would have gone support if I thought I didn't get the lane." I told him of course that it was ancient history and all was good. So I am now convinced that we both saw our names first on the call _(which isn't supposed to happen)_. I did honour him at the end for being an upstanding player, and on top of it all managed to get my 2nd lvl 7 Taric token, as a bonus to a great game. But I have seen so many lane disputes recently definitely NOT go as smoothly as that. Double jung has been a frequent occurrence, on top of countless requests to report certain players for stealing lanes, and inter-team fighting. Just because of a small loading error in champ select.
the moment I read "Taric (me), I truly" I thought it would say "I am truly, truly, truly outrageous"
: Dear people that continue to call Thresh overloaded
Zyra has damage, peel and vision Nami has peel, engage and sustain Janna has a shield, and peel Braum has peel, shield and engage Soraka has sustain Thresh has engage, peel, damage, a shield and vision While Thresh's shield and vision are bad, overloaded =/= OP/strong. Overloaded kits lead to harder to balance champions but that's not always the case anyway. There's a lot in his kit that can be simplified or maybe even outright removed in exchange for more of something he already has, maybe.
AngelKD (OCE)
: If LoL Had an Ability Draft Mode What Ability Combination Would you Pick?
Cassiopeia passive Vlad Q Soraka W Veigar E Karthus/anivia ult nuff said solo carry champion Nami passive Karthus Q Xerath W Veigar E Soraka/anivia ult Forever moving lol Brand/Vel'koz passive Cassiopeia Q Vel'Koz W Cassiopeia E Anivia ult Easy pentakills Ashe passive Ezreal Q Fizz W Yasuo E Quinn ult Cancer Evelynn passive Morgana Q Anivia W Talon E LeBlanc ult Spoopier than Shaco Anivia passive Morgana Q GP W Fizz E Kayle ult Most annoying thing ever Veigar passive Annie Q Soraka W Malzahar E Anivia ult AP EVERYWHERE, AP in your heals, AP in your waveclear, AP in your burst Fiora passive Fiora Q Anivia W Trundle E Taliyah ult rigged minigame Blitzcrank passive Ryze Q Yasuo W Ryze E Sona ult Oh my god it's like Yasuo but ranged and AP Teemo passive Cassiopeia Q Soraka W Cassiopeia E Sona ult Ok complete and utter cancer Caitlyn/Jhin passive Nasus/Vayne Q Zilean W Fiora E Zed ult LOL nothing to say
: If you want to fix Supports then you need to focus on one phrase "You're the support" Everytime I hear that in a game, it reminds me that as a support main, I am not there to play the game, only to help other people play. Getting behind as a support is painfull. Not only do you have to find some way to get xp and gold to be useful, but you almost always have to do it away from your AD, who is likley the reason you are behind in the first place (usualy because they have no respect for your cooldowns). The itemization is really boring, there are very few support items that I look forward to getting in game, and some that I actively hate having to build, just because the game neccesitates it. I hate doing 90% of the work towards a kill or a teamfight to not only have my team not recognize me, but to have the game itself not appreciate my contribution. Esepcialy when my job is to be bait, or a distraction so my team can get objectives. Fix gold and exp sharing, make the support items share rewards better on kill or assist (do it on the rank 2 items so otherlanes don't try to co-opt supports and ruin everthing like they always do). Give the support items some decent stats, so I don't feel like I'm buying items for someone else on the team. Remember that I am playing. I am one of the five people on this team. I'm not just here for everyone else, I wan't to be involved, I wan't to contribute and I don't want to be told "you're just the support" anymore.
To be fair I don't exactly 'look forward' to building tear, abyssal scepter or morellonomicon either. People just build items without second thought. Hating certain items, sure, I actually hate getting Zhonya's more than I hate getting spellthief's edge honestly
: Some thoughts on Support
Supports should just have their sightstone merged into spellthief's, ancient coin, and targon's brace (not the final versions, I mean you just outright start with the item and take it with red trinket.) The actives from the final items are turned into completely different support items that give bonus EXP from duo laning, or something like that. Maybe a vision denying item for later game? Not something required. I keep looking at gold income for supports and it's only 1k-500 different from mid laners and junglers, the problem is sightstone doubling that gap and the fact support items are absolutely required probably add another 500 if you're playing a mage or something and can go with better items.
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
Wanted to see cassiopeia and other spammy abilities xD
: Don your aprons and fire up the ovens!
omg my brother cooks meat cakes (well, full sized pies, but still)! literally, he takes bacon, gravy, cheese, beef, onions and oil, cooks them together then puts it in bread dough like a normal pie except the fruit is meat, then puts that in the oven.
: She is ionian, but she is from the stars, so it could be lawyered either way. As for another category, i see your thinking! and it makes sense. But just because they're all outcasts doesn't mean they would work any better with each other than with their original kinsmen. Syndra is just as unlikely to work with Fizz or Alistar as she is to work with Irelia or Karma. Plus if we get too knit-picky we wouldn't have any categories left Shurima would consist only of: Azir Nasus Sivir Taliyah (and even then, Taliyah is hesitant to ally with Azir) as those champs are the only 4 who are fighting for Shurima, all the rest are loners like Rammus and Ammumu, or corrupted like Xerath and Renekton... You cant have a Shuriman team without having some champions that don't get along. The shadow isles are the same, most of the shadow isles champs don't get along with eachother either, bilgewater has the same problem. If we took good/bad into account, then we'd have a whole lot of incomplete teams.
maybe the loners like Rammus and Amumu can count as both?
Talon12 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TeCoolMage,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xmREHrE4,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-08-25T11:11:55.142+0000) > > Soraka is Ionian > > lol there should be an indpendent team since Syndra, Xerath and Lissandra clearly don't follow their factions and 1/4 of all the champions probably fall into this category. > > {{champion:1}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}}{{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} etc etc eve works in shadow isles, ahri is an ioniaa fox, diana originated in targon, elise lives and serves her master frm the shadow isles, mumu awoke in shurima and wonders the desert
eve's origins are unknown so she probably doesn't have ties, ahri's from a forest and hates all people, I don't think the spider has a connection with shadow isles other than living there but you definitely have a point so she's definitely shadow isles, diana hates targon, amumu doesn't follow shurima even though he wanders it. But because of Sessho's points I guess an independent faction isn't too good.
: I think Ionia woud beat everyone They have Yi Zed Yasuo Fiora Jax Irelia Akali Lee Sin Wukong Just to name a few
(Fiora is demacian lol) *peaceful* Yi, WuKong, Lee Sin, Yasuo, Jax: we kil u .5 seconds max in the nam of peace
: An OCE Tournament between the Factions of Runeterra!
Soraka is Ionian lol there should be an indpendent team since Syndra, Xerath and Lissandra clearly don't follow their factions and 1/4 of all the champions probably fall into this category. {{champion:1}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}}{{champion:131}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} etc etc
: NBN! NBN! Flipping Abbott government should've done the job properly.
Let's all agree that regardless of country and votes, the government always does a terrible job. The question is, who's the least painful to deal with
: >we can't even assume riot does nothing, they just don't announce every single ban. Lets face it, if they did do things, Oceania would be a small server.
Oceania IS a small server (or toxic people just hate normals)
: Do police attend crime scenes and focus on only crimes that are massive press acts? Cause that's mainly what riot does, and this one backfired like a bitch, because again he was reforming (sure he got 18 jail sentences, but once he gets out from one, you don't just arrest someone on the spot for nothing.)
I'd rather they focus only on massive press acts than none at all, and we can't really assume riot doesn't do anything because they don't want to, in fact, we can't even assume riot does nothing, they just don't announce every single ban. As for Tyler's specific case, I don't hold an opinion either way.
: How did i only get s-
I get s+ for 6 kills on Soraka support lol
: Regarding High School Clubs
I wish I could get a club at my school, but I'm at a place where videogames are considered the spawn of Satan and staring at a screen is said to cause suicide.
: The Geneticist
Losing 75% AP or AD from being in lane with someone so.... Cancerous... Is a bit harsh. It literally punishes being tanky enough to stay in lane. Being able to switch to another clone and having a free blink every 5 seconds (all of the other ones are gated by more than just having a nearby clone...)is also a bit OP, it reminds me of the time I spammed wards at my tower as Kat to shunpo out of trouble. Unless the range is really tiny, like melee auto attack range. Then I'm fine.
: The top-down view of your champion.
I'm not getting what you're asking?
: [GIVEAWAY] 10$ RP.
{{champion:101}} : "Power, immortality, omniscience... but no leg room?!" *insert monologue on how Xerath never got what he wished for, add lots of self loathing, pain and suffering.* Did I win!?
: what did oyu mean about the ipad?
I read 'Riot' as 'Rice' due to the small picture size
: Never thought I'd have a ranked game trolled/ruined by a Rioter
Well if a Rioter is called "Rice" I'd expect him to be in the Garena servers, not OCE Warning: Do not read text from pics on iPad
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
Why not papua new guinea instead of fiji?
: The Ocean Week community contests are here!
By "best" do you mean it looks professional and what the riot artwork creators make, or can it be like KiandyMundi or something
Malygos (OCE)
: Riot Games now completely owned by Tencent.
Well, my ten cents (not two) are that it won't affect anything except RP profits. The devs are the same but people will now question where their money goes.
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
I imagined this as a bunch of people sitting in a round table like in those american government movies. When they disabled ranked they pressed a big red button. Also, this is proof that Riot cares about their playerbase :P
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