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: The Urf Paradox
Please brush over the grammatical errors
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: Chill out, it will be balanced in time. Pre-season is always about big changes and finding balance before competition starts again. Knee-jerk reactions are unwarranted, just give proper feedback (like you were beta testing), and watch it get sorted.
Good point... mb. little bit of an over reaction
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Dimensjon (OCE)
: mate, I scouted you on yo0ur bronze 5.... your opinion is fare but to be honest how you are coming accross is pretty shit mate, I am not saying any better than you at this game, tbh im worse but camon obviously overseas has better teams but it is all about opportunity and this was OCE's first world wide event so dont be to harsh... :p
1st off, I don't play ranked much but if you check my mmr it's well above average 2nd fair point maybe i'm too harsh... they're not really used to the international stage and I'll grant merit that dire wolves had some good games 3rd (Most important note here) Ok now that OCE has a taste of the international stage the have no excuses. The know now what it's like and they know what they have to do. Any screw ups now cannot be attributed to anything else. I'm just simply highlighting the obvious in what they should probably do... step up their game and start some proper team coordination and communication. Didn't want to start a rage or anything it's just that I'm tired of OCE being known as one of, if not the worst sever on the world with bad esports players.
: The OPL returns this weekend
OCE teams are bad, OPL is a Meme and the communication and coordination among players is laughable compared to higher tier teams overseas (legit why do you think there are only 5 comments in this comment section). I mean did you see how Dire Wolves performed at MSI?, heard that one of the players didn't even talk with his team the entire game.)\ Start talking, schemeing and putting all the info together to pull a winning strat. Eyes out for opportunities and know when to cut losses. Legit if you mic check a team during a game you should hear everyone relaying info to each other about what they see and know, 5 pairs of eyes are better than 1. Seriously, step up your game because we're still the laughing stock of the LOL esports landscape.
Hivelord (OCE)
: Teemo is amazing Teemo is fine he's so fun to play and I bet if u played him he would be your new main.
I played him... then i discovered how dishonourable it actually was to play him, ever since i have upheld my dignity, honour and duty to the opposition by not playing him since.
: i dont get it but i like teemoo :) {{champion:17}}
Well than you clearly practise Sataninsm because Teemo is the devil
Ninox (OCE)
: You can only earn one chest per champion per *season*. So even if you took a bit of a break that requirement will not have reset, and won't until the end of the year.
Oh ok, thx i think i got this sorted now{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Ninox (OCE)
: Yes you will get a chest if a premade earns an S however, the restrictions apply to the champion YOU are playing. I.e if you are playing Thresh and they are playing Gnar, if you have already earned your chest for Thresh then you won't receive one. You also have to have a chest available, you get one a week and they stack up to four, you can see how many you have available in you profile. You also have to own the champion you are playing or you will not receive any rewards for playing them.
Well the the thing is... I just got back from an extended break from league that lasted a few weeks and I'm pretty sure all requirements to get a chest were already reset. as i recall i didn't receive any chests in the few weeks both leading up to and after the extended break and yet is still says i have already acquires chests. Note: Chest acquired marks are only on the champions i own and only played recently so it has to be resent
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Eventual (OCE)
: I think people who tried the alpha client test should get a reward just like the people who got King Rammus for trying the the beta test
Personally i don't think they will. Unlike PBE accounts alpha client accounts are actually quite common so there would be a ton of people to gift which would take a ton of time and reasources.
: I know right, signed as soon as it was up, still waiting :(
... just saying you gotta have a fairly clean record to sign up and you gotta play with friends alot... they even specified the requirements.
: Ivern and Jungle timers
And yes i ward properly I'm a support jungle main... apologies for the bad grammar and negative speech I'm just taking out my frustrations... I am serious about the oppressive nature of Ivern's passive though it's bloody broken as all hell.{{item:3070}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3070}}
: Im So Sorry (Perma Banned)
Heart felt... yeah I guess but trolls and toxic people deserve to burn in hell for all I care. If Riot games banned you... you probably had it coming... that's all I'm gonna say
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Xuízunä (OCE)
: So Riot when will we be getting a ultimate skin team?
Ultimate skin ekko?... also they got pulsefire ezreal
Tele (OCE)
: As someone who had to cut back on League to pass Senior Calc I know exactly what you mean XD Here's my tips: 1. **Go casual** I started playing ARAM and rotating mode **only** after school. Eventually I managed to cut that back to mainly just weekends, and now as my finals are coming up, I'll be phasing League out completely. The trick is to not do it all at once or you'll probably just log in again (unless you have great self-control). 2. **Try to distance yourself League** Keep pro-play viewing at a minimum and cut back on streams. The last thing you want is to get hyped and log back in to League. 3. **Don't kid yourself** If this isn't already familiar to you it will be soon: _"I'm just logging in to chat with friends"_ *procrastinates studying by chatting with friends _"Oh I got invited to a game, I guess I have to play now"_ You gotta learn to stop at the first step. Uninstall if you must, just make sure this doesn't happen. It's a vicious cycle. 4. **Study away from your PC** This is more of a general study tip really, but stay away from your PC if possible. Having it close by is just a temptation to waste time. I like to spend time studying in the living room when no one's watching TV, but any quiet area works great. ...And now I'll try to stop procrastinating on the boards and actually get some study done. Good luck!
my friends aren't helping though it's pretty much torture to listen to them talk about league
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Nightjar (OCE)
: Skins that'll probably never happen
Jazz Master Jhin and Swing master Swain?
Bambooze (OCE)
: Alpha Client
Depends really, they do have a list of requirements that you have to tick off (clean record etc.) so if you're a nice person with no reports, play with a lot of friends then you'll probably get it pretty soon. If you're more toxic than a decaying isotope of uranium then expect to wait along time.
: Become a League client update alpha tester
plz... for the love of god... don't do this on a crappy PC.Chat blocks every game and crap responsiveness in both champion select chat and actually selecting champions... it will tilt you out your fkning mind so go ahead by all means... but know it won't get better for the leaguers with crap PC's anytime soon. Words cannot describe how tilted and hollow I feel inside{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Ninox (OCE)
: The Alpha Client and the PBE are very different. The Alpha Client is global live testing (though updates go through PBE first) and will eventually replace the live client. The PBE (Public Beta Environment) is a separate server (like OCE is separate from NA or EUW/EUNE) that gets patch content before any of the other servers to test it.
That.... would make a lot of sense... thx for the info
: >I mean it's just up to opinion but i think Riot probably put it there for a reason. It's there for the people who don't understand how to counter jungle or time things properly, this is very simply obvious. >Also this information is available to both teams about both buffs so in all it's an even trade. It's not an even trade, back before this update, it took time to actually find out when enemy buffs were coming up, and prep a counter jungle, now it takes nothing, the fact that both teams get it means nothing, because if an enemy jungler got caught out warding to find out when the buffs spawned, then you would know they plan on counter jungling, and this was meant to be the case for a reason. Now they can prep for a steal with nothing but a walk in when it's spawning. Basically it's just another version of riot dumbing down the game, and as a jungle main i HATE this change.
If the enemy Jungler can do this to you that would mean you could do the same to the enemy jungler that's kinda what I mean by both team knowing also good warding and prediction can help stop the counter jg in a way since you could ping the other lanes to point out an easy kill. The danger of counter jungling it the fact that it puts you waaaayyy out of position and anything in the way of safety. If mid, bot or top come in from the river he's pretty much trapped in there as he can't escape through the lanes and can pretty much only wall hop out with the flash ... I get it you're not happy with this change but there's always a way to play around it. I know Riot sometimes does Riot things but Riot's not stupid in making it unbalanced... they have sound reasoning (execpt in the case of Teemo and fizz) and instead of focusing on how it is bad try thinking about how you can use this to your advantage and minimize the effect of the negatives from here you can try something new like waiting at the buff that's about to spawn smite steal free kill. Admitingly it does kinda make it stupidly easy to counter jungle but as the players there really isn't much we can do about it so we just have to play around it.
: Why no S- S or S+
Gj on the personal skill btw but if riot themselves said so then got no problem with it... I mean if you're toxic as hell then you probably deserved it... just saying and I mean i admit thats probably a little unfair but they got to enforce the Summoner's code some how... still i can empathize you tried hard and played hard for 44 minutes and 19 seconds made the amazing plays carried the team only to receive an A+ and that must defiantly must feel like a sucker punch to the face ... but hey Riot did Riot things. Also i think you have a reduced chance of getting an S if you lose soooooo just brush it off and say Riot did Riot things
: These are incredible!
Words are not needed friend, bask in the glory that is these cosplay
: Not at all friend! Immortals are a great team, they are like the 4th organisation in NA that you can grow to love. Turtle has a great story from sub to god, the Huni/Reignover pairing is awesome and Pobelter living under the shadow of other mid laners starting to find his own. They're awesome and deserve the support :) You chose the right team.
SKT and ROX tigers thou
: Chinese on Oce
... Yes it probably is that hard to be a nice Chinese person. I'm not sure about this but China's ethics and social structure is probably vastly different from ours and that probably builds up stress that they'll probably take out on innocent menial things like league not to mention the LPL has a really high reputation of being a band of really skilled players (not as high as the reputation of Korea but still quite high) so the pressure's on to hold up that some what patriotic ideal of China having really skilled players.... i really probably most defiantly have no idea what I'm talking about and i mean no offense I'm just raising possible and slightly probable points.
: already tried, nothing works, i tried to uninstall the league alpha client too and run the repair tool again, but still doesnt work
Just saying you could just not use it and keep using the legacy client and also it literally says in the Alpha download site it's gonna be a rough ride with a lot of bugs to squish. There may also be a problem with your browser settings sooooo Riot support.... pretty much all i can recommend
: >Actually I have to disagree it promotes counter jungling a rarely used skill that most don't use. Yes it promotes being able to counter jungle without ever actually having to set foot into the enemy jungle until you are counter jungling, THIS is the problem, the timers are fine, but being always able to know when they spawn is not a good thing. >Also it only trips when you walk past the camp and see it empty and it doesn't say if it was taken yet so you can still go an entire game counter jungling to only find empty camps. Wrong, as soon as there is a minute left BOTH teams know when the camp is spawning, meaning you have a good long minute to prepare for a counter jungle, when you used to have to know when it was roughly taken to be able to do this.
Ok so a bad on my part and something riot can fix however I don't think that these timers are entirely bad and since both teams know about it and the enemy team can prepare for it doesn't that logically mean that the jgler can prepare for it to not be taken by warding? and in turn make it not worth it by killing the person trying to steal the buff with a few buddies to help? I mean it's just up to opinion but i think Riot probably put it there for a reason. And like i said there's probably a delay b4 the person actually steals it so you can still try to steal but come up with nothing. Also this information is available to both teams about both buffs so in all it's an even trade. It can also serve as a way for the jgler to catch up if and when the enemy jungler is counter jungling hard since you can see when it spawns. I mean an entire game without the exp and gold of the large jungle camps would seriously make you useless and probably a point the enemy team can exploit and farm you for the gold and exp lead.
: Vegans pls
First off just gonna say you could just sever it's brains stem (the part of the brain responsible for self sustaining processes) Pig dies in equal to or less that 10 seconds (severed heads can apparently live for 10 seconds after being severed) cheap, easy, effective (probably the worse 10 seconds of the pig's life). Second of all why did you put a page about vegans in the middle of a gaming page?
Gloric (OCE)
: I have a very stable connection (as far as anything else is concerned) and a incredibly up-to-date PC. My ping never really fluctuates outside of when the load screen initially pops up, usually starts off about 50-60ms then a few seconds it stays at 30ms until the game loads in. I usually judge by other people's load %, if they stop moving at 80 or 90%, it means something went wrong, and I relog. However sometimes it has happened when everyone was at 100%. I also don't sit there looking at the load screen every time, I often alt tab until the game loads in, chatting or otherwise I will say it's only happened maybe once or twice in the past few months, but before then it would happen a lot more. Not saying there isn't a way to fix it, just saying it's something that does happen to people and them (or as mentioned, an honest player) getting punished for a flaw in the client is a bit of a punch in the face. I've not been hit by any leaver buster, ever, as far as I know (as i've never left a game or failed to load in eventually), however I would like to keep my perfect record =P
Yeah to those of us with crappy pc's or are the victims of it just randomly happening it is a bit flawed and back in those days i really wished there was a way for the league client had a way of knowing if you had issues getting into game and let you off. But then again you take into account the people those have to deal with an afk and they can't go uncompensated and so now and so now we have this problem on our hands where you can't be blamed but the people in game who can't go un-compensated which is what the /remake command tries to solve so i would suggest Riot edit it so it let's off those who don't get into game and punishes those who get into game but AFK on purpose (for reasons other than ping).
Evilhoe (OCE)
I defiantly ain't skilled enough (b5 0lp) but i just wanted to say Good Luck for the OOL you're doing something us peasants can't even dream of doing.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Gnar or Fiora?
First off I'm gonna say that there are 2 kinds of top laners Bruisers and Tanks and it really depends on your play style, team needs and what kind of summoner you want to become. In a way think of it like a wooden shield but with steel tiped spikes on it of an iron shield with no spikes on it. With that in mind I'm going to give you my opinion: Go Fiora if you wish for a tank with tons of dmg and requires high skill... But is quite effective when learned properly and can be used properly (I've seen some of those Fioras out there and some of them are quite scary) Go Gnar if you want a general purpose high health tank with good cc and can peel well for the adc as well as some mobility and outplay potential (for example hopping into the middle of the team and landing a 5 man stun) Good Luck choosing and good luck mastering who ever you choose. Hope this was helpful{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Accurately defining a champions 'Difficulty'
This guy... knows what's up. Also i raise the point of champions that are hard to use and easy to play once you learn properly (eg, Yasuo) just wanted to get the point out there.
Nijel (OCE)
: Vayne is beautiful no matter what see looks like ; )
: > I've just been wondering round the OCE boards and it's a FRIGGIN CLEAN SLATE. You must be looking at the wrong posts then. More than half the regulars are toxic to some extent (though, generally just sh!tposting and "bait threads"). LoL is, no doubt, *one of* the most toxic online multiplayer communities, but I'm truly confident that quite a few other games *cough* DotA *cough* CoD *cough* ToS *cough* are worse (if not just as bad).
Yep that seems about right XDD. Some of the comments on this thread were majestic though
Gloric (OCE)
: I think it's a flawed system also. I never get bugsplats or otherwise, but I have experienced the infamous "forever load screen", where there's no way to tell if it's just a reall long load due to someone having a toaster or if the client has lost connectivity, as you're just on the load screen forever. I've joined a number of games 10 minutes in, without there being any way of me knowing that the game had already been underway unless I had force closed the client and relogged. I think punishment for "never joining the game" as opposed to "afking later in the game" should be far less. Though it's happened far less on OCE than on NA, for me, it still happens. I also think it should be made viable from someone afking/quitting the game for over 10 minutes, with full penalty to the leaver in that situation, obviously. I think what gets overlooked in many of these features is that somehow the question "how will this effect an honest player?" is overlooked in favour of "how could this be exploited by a dishonest player? no matter how small of an exploit", which I find disheartening.
I'm not quite sure about the /remake however for your problems of a forever load screen I think i have a way to solve them. Ok since internet connection isn't stable your ping should constantly increase and decrease. So if you notice that your ping hasn't moved for a while try switching windows and switching back. If it still hasn't moved you might have a forever loading screen (I used this technique during the days i had a really crappy laptop to play league).
: Raydere traded to Dire Wolves
I think the legatree will have something to say about this.
Ninox (OCE)
: I liked the original timers, but feel the hourglass timers were too far. I defs agree with you there.
Actually I have to disagree it promotes counter jungling a rarely used skill that most don't use. with the original timers counter jgling was a very delicate operation. You had to know when the camps spawn, where the enemy jungler is, how long of a window you have to take the camp and how much deep vision you had. With the timers that periodically tell when the camp will spawn it helps a bit. Also it only trips when you walk past the camp and see it empty and it doesn't say if it was taken yet so you can still go an entire game counter jungling to only find empty camps. Also skilled summoners use pink wards to skillfully ward enemy camps such that they won't be detected unless the jgler walks through that bush so making a sound effect would kinda ruin this for the jglers that use counter jungling quite often. In the end Riot games wants a balance of clarity denying knowledge (like not knowing the range of a turret so you can actually bait and turn fights around) when appropriate and giving knowledge when necessary (like knowing the range of some champion abilities eg. Jhin's ult)
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Volcanuz (OCE)
: Have yet to see this happen really. People do come bot and push it hard but it isn't hard to counter it or stop it just with 2 maybe 3 people. And if your top pick is right you can have top and mid pushed so hard before they even get T2 tower so i don't understand your hate for the patch. The tower changes aren't in yet and same with siege as it was reverted/stopped in the patch cycle for a later date. Unless something drastic changed i think you are just getting unlucky.
Agreed a team fight under tower is disastrous for the tower divers, two champions with descent cc or wave clear can easily halt a team of 5 in their tracks unless they have tanks with massive health and tower dive specific capabilities (eg. {{champion:12}} ) and it's not even worth it considering the fact that one of their lanes could be pushed in hard and tower traded or objective traded. Try to find a way to either play around this (the magical rarely used thing called warding) or coordinate a hard push on top or mid (especially top since it's the farthest away).
Ninox (OCE)
: You can, but you'll have lag (physical location of the server is NA, 200~). You can apply for an account here: It doesn't look like OCE is one of the supported regions but if you have an NA account (or if you make one) you can sign up there. EU and a few others are also supported but you'll need to replace the NA with x region in the link. PBE accounts are limited and you aren't guaranteed to get one, but being in NZ doesn't stop you applying for one.
Actually i have an OCE account and was able to obtain one the Alpha Client site actually says they want people from different regions of the world so they can better play test it. ... i think.
ßmo (OCE)
: Champ Select not updating, causing champ selection to revert to previous selected champ. [BUG]
I'm not quite sure about reversion of changes but i find that locking in of champions/changing of champions take longer in the PBE than the Legacy client and sometimes the change you make doesn't even register and stays in the champion you selected last. So in a way I guess the champion selection and changing of summoner spells is a little more sticky and could probably be problematic when making last second changes (It's probably the selection animations but I'm not sure)
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Once the challenge phase was over (the reef being unlocked) points no longer counted towards the 3 points you needed.
This must be tiring for you guys down at riot to answer all these questions. I appreciate the fact that you go to the trouble to answer most of these questions gj Riot.
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