Dr Bones (OCE)
: I haven't received it... weird {{sticker:sg-janna}} Can I know who sends the email? is it through league or ticket tek?
Could only be standard tickets only. I have a VIP ticket but didn't get an E-mail so I'm assuming so.
Valvoman (OCE)
: Why is it one week before the school holidays, during weekdays ( to avoid clash? ) and starting around peak hour in the city? Ticket Prices.... $49 AUD for one day.... In contrast: All convert to AUD * State of Origin Game 2 in Sydney - $55 Bronze League of Origin- $15 NA LCS FINALS Miami * Upper Bowl: $47 * Lower Bowl: $60-73 * Floor Seats: $86 NA LCS Summer Split Regular season - $20 MSI * Play in- $30 * Groups- $38 Semis * Floor Seats (Tier 1): $61 * Tier 2: $46 * Tier 3: $30 Finals * Floor Seats (Tier 1): $69 * Tier 2: $54 * Tier 3: $38 IEM Sydney Friday: $39, Saturday: $59, Sunday: $89 - Keep in mind we are't seeing the worlds best teams instead another 2 emerging reagions without Vietnam Even though the capacity is around 2000 and the scarcity of events in Australia/Sydney I think the cost of producing the event and it being held in the State theatre are being passed on to us consumers.
Also not to mention the biggest deal here is for 2 days. What about us who plan to attend all four??


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