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: This is great and all but the one problem I find with this is I have 2 rune pages right now that I can't edit in champ select. So if I'm suddenly shoved into that role, even if I have the runes for that role sitting in my pocket from that sale, I have to make do with the rune pages I have already. Not offering a solution because I can't think of one past an edit button for runes like the one for masteries
totally agree on this point, you can last minute adjust a mastery page but not a rune page when lbh runes are far more important then masteries!
: I 100% agree, i tried to do a forum post for this issue but it bugged out as i submitted. I just want a button to remove them from runes, no refund for the runes or anything like that, just to get rid of them once you have T3 runes.
you can click the boxes for tier 1 2 3 so you can only see tier 3 runes if you so choose...
: Update on Rotating Game Modes and Twisted Treeline
im quite new to the game (i think ive been playing maybe 2 months) so im unclear of what rotating game mode is as its not specified (as im sure most people already understand it). What exactly is it? a queue where you could end up aram or in the rift or on twisted treeline randomly?


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