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: 2016 Season in review wont show my personal stats
I seem to be having the same problem as well, tried all the possible fixes but unfortunately they didn't work > w < Take your time to fix it Riot! I hope you don't feel pressured! I'm sure it's very frustrating for you :c Just thought I'd mention I'm one of those accounts that need a fix in case you need to know o;
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatzSoDraven,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=LMHt2WpT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-27T10:40:32.870+0000) > > A good way to keep up to date is to follow surrender at 20! Gives you all the info you need~ Ah thx, was hoping for a good update but its not too great. ;0
Np c: aha yeah, I feel the same xD
: Update 5.10 ?
A good way to keep up to date is to follow surrender at 20! Gives you all the info you need~
Fill..._What_ out? xD
Lynxmetal (OCE)
: Most of the new skins seem to be a complete flop
I have totally noticed this too. I was just thinking when the recent Irelia, Lee Sin and Tyrndamere skins were revealed two being 750RP I was like "The splash art is good...but i wouldn't buy it." And so i have felt for previous skins too. 750RP skins put me off too aha, like I just love 975+ cause of the cool recall animations and whatever else lol. I guess it doesn't help they keep bringing skins out for characters I personally don't like or play (You can't please everyone of course) but it doesn't even make me wanna buy or try the character just because it looks good o . o I rarely do that anyways, but if a skin looks just so amazing I might start playing them for it (Did that with Poro Rider Sej now she's one of my main junglers! xD) Also the SSW and Card skins all coulda been hella better, I like the look of the card skins definitely, all fancy and stuff c: But uh...chuck in a cool animations and what not, they really could of have made them better to be honest.
: Ekko Q&A 22/5
I'm just a bit confused with the time the thread opens up, is it 7am for OCE? I live in Victoria, can someone tell me what time I'd have to be on for it? ^ - ^; Also wondering how this all works too, never done a Q&A before xD
Blackavar (OCE)
: why does the nice guy finish last?
For starters, people generally judge a book by it's cover in high school, I remember someone saying to me in my first year of high school "People are only attracted to each other because of their looks." And I said to her "Wouldn't you rather someone nice? Not just some hot guy who could be a complete ass to you?" She just shrugged and turned back to her friends. It's shit, but some people are just so desperate to find love in high school they ignore the actual key features that will truly make them happy. It doesn't matter what your IQ is, in my opinion there is no 'smart' or 'dumb', people can be more knowledgeable about something else that others aren't, you may know a lot about League, while say your sibling or friend may not play, but it doesn't make them dumb. I'm not defending people who can be jerks, but they can still be smart in their own way about different things, just like you or me. My advice is you just gotta keep your head up and move forward, focus on what's actually important. As nice as it is to have someone to love and to love you, you're not gonna get it if you look for it. You know when you lose something? And half the time when you look for it you can't find it, but when you don't one day it just turns up? Think of it like that. It's not just the guys, but the girls too, and don't worry, nice people don't finish last, we all feel like we're losing at some stage but it doesn't mean we're gonna lose forever, these guys may look like they're winning now, but it wont stay like that, things come in their own time, and you're not gonna finish last I can assure you.
: Probably won't know until he's out/champion spotlight is released. Look like a top laner to me. Might have ranged abilities but he looks like a fighter. Probs will suck because he isn't a tank and this is S5.
I guess he'd work better in mid then, top might be a pain xD
kJs (OCE)
: These are all unconfirmed information, but Ekko is meant to be a top laner, even gypsylord said so. Vi was also meant to be top but people played her in the jungle instead. But I think he'll be a. Mid laner, an assassin, even it's a utility assassin, can't belong at top.
Oh okay, so he might be the same case as Vi then, guess I have to wait :3 ty! I watched a video of a youtuber that played him on the PBE and went mid so I guess it'll depend.
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: So I did really bad in one game
Sorry you had a bad game! In the end, we all have good ones and bad ones right? Ashe and Sona are kinda annoying to face anyways, depending on who your support was. Even though people fall behind, sometimes it is hard to play safe when they dive you under turret and all that, so don't worry about what others say, it happens! To be honest, we all feed at one point in time and other times we get fed, it's just a game and it's how it works. Unfortunately people do get angry over a video game all because they wanna win, here's a fact; We can't always win! LIKE WHOA. Sometimes if someone on my team isn't doing well, I don't insult the player and make it worse, I try to encourage them and give them tips, too bad barely anyone does this anymore...Well good luck in your other games! If worse comes to worse just mute 'em~
: > [{quoted}](name=Soviax The Llama,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=PgK1dnfB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-11T05:38:53.731+0000) > > I also believed the person he was fighting was a hinted Urgot rework or something, but from what i have read it's Augmented Singed :s which makes a lot more sense. > > I cant wait for this champion, definitely seems like a cool champion many people will main like a Yasuo, Zed or Riven sorta type. He was clearly fighting Bane from DC comics. crossover between DBZ, LoL, and DC comics confirmed.
Aha yeah I was thinking Bane too in the end when it was confirmed not to be Urgot xD I think Riot have really won me over with this DBZ cross over (Or so I will believe it is from DBZ!) And then fighting a Bane look like? O: Too good.
: I also believed the person he was fighting was a hinted Urgot rework or something, but from what i have read it's Augmented Singed :s which makes a lot more sense. I cant wait for this champion, definitely seems like a cool champion many people will main like a Yasuo, Zed or Riven sorta type.
Oh yeah, Augmented Singed o: This is very interesting xD He and Urgot are both from Zaun but I guess Urgot would still be Urgot chopped in half, cause that'd mess up some lore then I suppose if it was Urgot, even in his remake. He looks awesome, all my friend don't like him so far xD I'm kinda hoping not that many people will main him cause i love playing champs barely anyone else does. (Like Draven, I barely find anyone who plays him).
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Ediwir (EUW)
: Victorious Draven would look SO cool. And sound SO cocky.
Oml ikr? I had a dream they made Victorious Draven LOL. He legit needs one though just because of his personality xD
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: quickly is a understatement to how fast they were all sold, couldn't believe it, me and my mates were joking around about it but were all pretty serious about it but were all thinking about it, then i check the Boards the next day and there was a news hour saying there is only 100 left and i was kinda sad but determined and blah blah blah.. long story short, no ticket and they all sold out in 4mins.. couldn't believe it.. sigh.. also a quick question to riot, if you do hold a viewing in a hoyts cinema do the people that get a ticket for that get a show bag?
I don't think I would have been able to go anyways, cause no friends liking League :c I can answer that! From what I saw on the site, people who can't make it to Sydney, we get the viewing cinemas and what not and I believe it said our ticket also includes a 'swag bag' with a skin code and more. c: (I wonder who the skin code is for!)
: You don't need a ticket to get into the park and take part in the LoL Community Activities, but unfortunately the show bags are for OPL Final ticket holders only, but there will be prizing and swag.
I might just do a viewing from the cinema where I live xD Will they sell out quickly too? o . o Too much effort to hike up to Sydney anyways ; ^ ;
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: dude i live in wollongong (near sydney) and so if they organise a movie screening in sydeny as well to accommodate the people who couldn't get a ticket and they get a show bag that would be wonderful!! riot can you make a cinema screening at hoyts in sydney because I'm pretty sure a lot of people missed out.
I live in Vic so getting up there woulda been a lonely hike by myself xD Oh okay, I thought they still woulda had a cinema screening in Sydney for the ones that couln't go to Luna Park too :s that sucks. They made the cinema in Vic like an hour away xD Of course public transport almost doubles that and cbs... Though I'm still surprised, didn't think it'd sell so quickly like o . o
: Guys come on down to the event and take part in the free community activities, don't miss out it will be a blast!
Don't we need a ticket to enter and get the show bag and what not? :o
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: thats what i wanted swell, i lie watching them play but i can watch it at home it was the free t shirt and skin :c
I like how we have the same intentions. Depending where you live you can still go to the cinema and they still have the free gift bag apparently :3
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: 4 minutes!! i seriously wanted it so bad and knew it would be sold quickly but wow this is just nuts
I don't even know anyone irl who likes League as much as I do xD I didn't think it'd be sold out that quick since everyone irl has no idea what it is o . o but wowee that suckssss. Good-bye free skin too :c
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: OPL finals tickets sold out in 4 mins tonight
Oh wow really? D: I was still looking for someone to go with me to it... :s
Olee (OCE)
: Cannot explain how sick I am of smurfs...
I'm not sure if I've had to face a smurf, (probs have) but I have a friend who does smurf because he gets a lot of shit when he plays norms on his main account in a role or character he doesn't play. People saying "why are you so bad for xxxx division???" Y'know, just being real jerks. So he then moves onto ranked to practice the character and role. The person you had, the Plat smurf, maybe they aren't confident in top lane or playing Renekton? I think some of them have their reasons, I'm sure it sucks, but we can't really do much about it unfortunately. :s Sorry you're having a rough time in any case!
Bipolar (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatzSoDraven,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=XpWoAd45,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-05-03T12:28:18.503+0000) > > I feel lucky playing ranked this year xD If it's an adc I'm rapped! Main role and I love 'em all c: Jarven = Top Janna = Support Elise = Jungle Morgana = Mid ???? = ADC It's logical. :p
Didn't think they made the skins that way from the role, but cool c:
: ***
Lol that'd be nice, then I don't have to get to gold :3 S1 to G5 is a bish to get promoted. :s
: Why no Victorious Garen lol :(
Maybe cause there's already Victorious J4? xD No more Demacians o v o huehuehue.
Bipolar (OCE)
: This season it will be an ADC.
I feel lucky playing ranked this year xD If it's an adc I'm rapped! Main role and I love 'em all c:
: it's normally a champ that's been played a lot in the season. so whichever adc has seen the most play will most likely get it
Too bad people don't play Draven or Darius more :s aha
Talon12 (OCE)
: I think it should be Victorious Talon, screw SSW talon I want Victorious Talon.
Yes! Another victorious Noxian! Yeah the SSW Talon is a bit meh in my opinion xD
Wumachine (OCE)
: Janna: Support Jarvan: Jungle Elise: Top Morgana: MId So the next one might be an ADC to complete the set I think Victorious Ashe would look bomb as {{champion:22}}
I'm hoping it's an adc! Fingers crossed c: An Ashey one would be pre sweet, lots of people play her too~
: i think it will be sejuani victorius skins are mostly based of the viability and impact they have on the game sejuani has had a HUGE impact being picked or banned in almost every ranked game that i have played
Oh okay c: So it's not entirely based within the LCS and all that? Guess no Victorious Darius or Draven for me </3 paha. But I play Sej so that'd still be nice n . n
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: needs to be a victorious urgot i mean, hes actually getting played now.
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Nagadir (EUW)
: This is probably because Sailor MOON is reserved for Diana :) She does represent the moon after all. :)
Oooh, that's true c: Maybe there's more Star Guardian skins to come? xD
: What music do you guys listen to while playing league?
I listen to metal when playing League, I mainly listen to Dragonforce because I feel super epic when listening to their songs xD And power metal is just fun c: It's gotta be something that really hypes you up! Like "Yeah! I'm gonna slaughter all my enemies! Whew!" :D
Dynamax (OCE)
: I also just started watching Daredevil, actually came on here to make a post about this then saw yours :) +1 buddy.
Aha yay ty :3 it's pretty dang awesome! While I was watching I just thought of Lee Sin being blind and I was like "possible skin idea?" :D
kJs (OCE)
: It'd be kinda odd seeing Lee Sin with a baton all round the map. But I guess something like Crimson Akali's skin theme would apply to Lee Sin whilst adding small 'might-be' references to Daredevil.
Aha yeah xD Just an idea floating around my head while I was watching it c: even better cause most people play Lee Sin as a jungler and as a vigilante, Daredevil is all sneaky :3
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: ***
Same xD I was like "Sailor moon in Leagueeee?" o v o Just casually slaughtering your enemies on the rift as a pretty pink magical girl, I don't even Lux but very tempted now.
: They will probably get punished by the moon so they hesitate on following through the idea.
: The name Star Guardian makes me think Sailor Moon. However the staff makes me think Card Captors. It's likely a conglomerate of inspiration.
That's probs true ^ Just mashed a bunch of magical girls together lol.
: I honestly thought madoka when i first saw the skin.
Just cause of the pins in her hair I thought of Chibi moon xD Could be a combination! Who knows :3
: Probably just avoiding copyright issues lol. I see alot of champs look very similar to a few hobbies/games/anime I've been playing/watching for over 20 yrs running around.... And to be honest, those skins are why I get that Champ lols. So keep up the cool skins.
Aha yeah, the copyright issues xD Just thought since Lux is blonde, may as well keep her blonde, doesn't look anything like her now o: But I guess cosplay is cosplay! :3
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: Watch what you say
I feel the same way, it's not 'cool' it's not 'funny' to tell someone to kill themselves, unfortunately the League community is full of a bunch of insensitive, inconsiderate, and hard-hearted beings (most of them). Ignore the people that say people are weak because they can't take it, no, that's not it at all. Weakness is not shameful, like seriously, aren't we all weak at one point? Whether it be physically or emotionally. But what you're feeling here is not weakness, I admire your strength to come out and address this issue, obviously you knew not everyone will agree, but you took this on. People are not weak for feeling upset when someone says "Go kill yourself." I don't know how many times I've heard it, but it surely puts a damper on the mood. The ones that call others weak just mirror their own words. (And majority of them try to put on this tough act xD) I do only agree that if it is really too much to maybe stop playing, but in all honesty, we shouldn't have to stop something we like doing because of some random people...If I could explain to you why people act the way they do, or why they're just jerks in general I gladly would. If you're talking about yourself or someone else you know from your post, chin up <3 You're not alone.
LucidFall (OCE)
: help?
Practice makes perfect! League is a pretty tricky online game anyways, I've been playing for two years and just have over 300 norm wins, only started ranked this year, and yeah it's difficult. You don't suck, it takes a while to learn everything from the champs and kits to game play and lingo. And don't forget we all have bad games, even the pros! Literally, just keep playing, it's a game so enjoy it and mute the haters <3 For my contribution on a tip, I'd start with finding a character you like and feel comfortable with, sometimes we just can't play some characters well yet, but if you're determined, keep playing and practicing that one character. c:
Shiney (OCE)
: Looking for a Ranked Duo Partner Silver - Bronze
Hello! I've been searching for a duo partner! I'm currently Silver 1 too. I also play adc/supp ^ - ^ Been having trouble getting to gold (that's my goal for this year) so I thought if i found someone to play with, it might actually make ranked a little easier and fun lol. I don't rage and though I'm not 100% confident in my skills, I still try my best none the less. (Won a game as Sona top, yolo). I'm a very teamwork kind of player, always trying to help as I can and always giving my team moral support. I'll add you and maybe we can talk more c:
Mr Bean (OCE)
: whats this community come to now
Welp if anything I've learnt in life, most people think about themselves. People who can't buy RP think and hope they're gonna find some random who'll be generous enough to gift them. It is annoying lol, I've had it happen to me many times (especially when challenger Ahri came out o . o).
: So this is how my ranked games are going....
Yeap, ranked sure does suck. Played this game where all my team were winning their lanes, then this Master Yi on our team started feeding, was 2/10 after 20mins. He started blaming our jungler, who was doing quite well grabbing drag, stealing the enemy buffs, and made rounds to help me in bot with my supp and then our mid laner. Like bro, Yi fed a Teemo :s we ended up winning but that was one hard game...He even started blaming our supp! Because apparently they had been supporting me too much, like what? I was adc...


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