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: Patch 7.23 notes
Each game should give a small amount of blue essence rather than one win a game giving a lowly 50. This is a change I propose which will make everyone happier: 1. Each game you win a slightly larger amount of xp than right now, but the first win of the day bonus is decreased to around 300xp to compensate. 2. Each game you win essence, like what it used to be with IP. Only a small amount (25-50ish) is fine. This is being compensated by the leveling up bonuses so although it is smaller than what it used to be it still is enough to make an impact. 3. When you level up you receive a blue essence amount that is comparable to 5 games worth in the old system, in addition to your champion shards. This means you are getting significant amounts of blue essence when you level up, and considering the amount of games it takes to level up this is an amount well earned.
: Future plans for the client
Is Voice chat not prioritized?
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: Dynamic queue and the future of League
Ultimate Solution for Dynamic Queue time issues, possibly a good idea to test at high elo then with success spread to low elo. Match based off group size and mmr. As it is now groups match with solo players of higher mmr. REMOVE ROLES FROM MATCHMAKING EQUATION AGAIN WHILE STILL LETTING PLAYERS PICK ROLES. HOW? READ ON! Once teams are matched, players have 30 seconds to pick three roles (or fill) in order of preference. This happens once you are in champion select, and your selection is hidden from other players until the 30 second period is over. If you do not select your roles the system will put fill as your preference. From here there are two options: 1. Roles are decided based off the first in best dressed method - basically what happened between players in the old system 2. (This is better) a program works out the best way for everyone to get a role that they are happy with. Then go into the game :D This solution is aimed at reducing Queue times while still allowing for role selection. Queue times should be drastically lower and role preference (while not top two) will still be considered. Tl;dr - New Matchmaking system that solves all discussed issues 1. Search for players BEFORE selecting roles 2. In champ select players have 30 seconds to select top three roles, in order of preference 3. A program works out a way for everyone to get one of their preferred roles if possible 4. Go into game and enjoy a much faster queue time Thankyou
: League of Legends is coming to the Unigames
It is really unfortunate that the actions and attitudes of a few people have ruined the future of division 2 for the masses. Division 2 makes up over 90% of ranked players and now only these players have no way to compete with equally skilled teams from other Universities, or at least not on the same scale as OUC. I think the decision to completely cut division 2 now is unfair to most players and if there are plans to work out a different format for this tier we should have started working on it earlier so it would still be possible to run it alongside or a part of Uni Games. Just my two cents.
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: So, your saying that because the person loves this game and wants to play it, but they have a bad computer/internet, they should unfairly lose LP before they even get a chance to show that they can still play and still have fun?
The point is, whether that person has a bad computer/internet should not be the rest of the teams problem. Custom games exist and that person should solve their issues in custom games before going into a match-made game. Whether or not that person is unlucky for that one game and its not "his fault" in the sense that the dc wasn't intentional, it certainly isn't fair to hurt the other 4 players chance of winning.
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
I am really excited about this but I have never played URF mode and I am really sad that URF will not be available on the 1st April :(
SuchZed (OCE)
: I was the kog :')
Haha if only one of us could load in we could solo win the game haha
Timmeh (OCE)
: Can't Connect to the game
Happening to me too. Stuck in lobby for ranked. Restarted game and cleared logs folder. Clicking reconnect button on restart does not work. Timmeh don't bother repairing the issue isn't with your game. Riot please fix this

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