: Thank You
Damn right you owe me a thank you after this: http://i.imgur.com/S9R1JDV.png {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kannoc (OCE)
: If this were legit it wouldn't have a bot scripted chat box scrolling bs on the page to con people into thinking it were legit. Have fun with your phone bills guys <3
At the very least enjoy all the telemarketers :D
Jannami (OCE)
: Same problem for me, stuck in champ select, exited out now stuck on reconnect screen. Why is it a billion dollar company can't provide a working client?
I think it's more of a network issue than a client issue.
Hylee (OCE)
: Ya DJ {{champion:37}} is available now!!!
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Hey Guys, I have fixed the DJ Sona skin release. I am looking into how this happened but in short the store settings were setup correctly and got modified overnight, hence the skin not showing up in the store. I apologize for the delay. -ToxicHawk
SchroeCat (OCE)
: Don't say "Available Now" when it isn't available now. I got excited by the video, ran to the game client, purchased RP and.............. Still waiting. Edit: Note that this isn't really a complaint. I'm just incredibly excited to see this skin in action.
: As have I, though I was told, as long as you are eligible to obtain the icon, you will receive it eventually. Probably once Luna Revel is over.
A friend of mine has it already. I bought two mystery gifts for friends on the first day of the Lunar Revel and apparently those weren't eligible for the icon.
Thredson (OCE)
: Year of the Goat Summoner Icon
Having the same problem. Contacted Riot support and they said: http://puu.sh/g1ZdH/11d6bf3386.png
Ingénue (OCE)
: It will come, up to 2 weeks after the end of the event (much like nemeses draft icon). Be patient
http://puu.sh/g1ZdH/11d6bf3386.png According to Riot Support, we should only have to wait 72 hours tops.
: Can't help you there haven't sent a gift this event period. I'm surprised with Riot, I was under the impression they were good handling a these sorts of things, but this is piss poor. Edit: Got impatient and gifted friend. I can confirm that it did show up in the gifting history.
Yes, I gifted again. I got a reply from my support ticket, apparently I didn't get an eligible gift. I got one mystery chest, and one mystery gift and recorded them with Fraps so if Riot says I didn't gift again I have solid evidence. A bit dissapointed, overall :/
: The issue mainly is that the gift shop does not show what was posted on the event page, thus causing this unnecessary confusion. That is if it actually works...
Also other servers have their icons, apparently.
VmixD (OCE)
: OK still nothing...
: ^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^ I have also been inquiring on the thread regarding the sales but it seems that Riot checked it for the first 10 minutes then left it to die. On said thread the gifts were named differently, so I would like to know whether you can get the icon now with how the gifts are of have they forgotten to update the gifting section of the shop with the lunar revel update. I mean they did screw up a load of RP prices for the bundles and what not... this could also be related to that.
Another problem that I've noticed is that none of the gifts I've sent since the Lunar Revel have shown up in my gifting history, which makes it hard to prove that I've actually met the requirements for the icon. Have you had this problem as well?
Alyndri (EUW)
: Same with me. I made a post about this a few days ago... I bought 2 mystery skins so far and nothing. Checked the NA boards and apparently they are getting their icons within half an hour...
NA get's everything first, so I'm not surprised haha. I've sent a support ticket, hopefully Riot will start handing them out to everyone soon :)
: ***
I don't think you should spam your YouTube channel on the LoL boards, man.
VmixD (OCE)
: link them to this thread too please to show its not just you either :)
That's probably a good idea!
: About the next upcoming champion...
Considering the amount of work Riot is putting into making the DJ {{champion:37}} skin, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a new champ for a little while.
Fukushu (OCE)
: Same here D: im still waiting for it. But im guessing it's like the game mode poro king. We might get it within a week or when the event is over. HOPEFULLY WE GET IT THOUGH!!! D: I'll legit cry if i don't lol
I will spam Riot with support tickets if I don't get it D:
: I'm in the same boat :) Don't worry I'm sure they are on their way. Sometimes event icons can take a while to process. Soontm
Waiting is something that I've never been good at :P
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