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: I hope past matches this season count.
: Hello all, Thought I should weigh in here. Riot knows there is a problem and is planning a maintenance that will hopefully correct recent issues ( ). The use of a VPN is effective in correcting ping issues because it alters the signal path from your machine to the servers in Sydney. Try Hotspot Shield ( it's free and easy to use; all you have to do is change the 'Virtual Location' to 'Australia'. If your issues don't clear up after the maintenance I might be able to try a trick or two. Is there any way I can contact you; Skype? Email? Good Luck!, ~ORION~
Are you on in game often? Because 9 times out of 10 I'm on client if I'm not busy, so that might be a better communication method. Also, the maintenance has happened and that hasn't affected my ping, it's been this high since, well, forever. I'm trying Hotspot Shield now, I'll see if that makes a difference, although I doubt it will at this stage ;-; Update: Tried Hotspot Shield, the pro version, and it rocketed my ping to 350ms average. Note when I speak of my ping I mean in AND out of game, it's not Riot's issue.
: Hmm that's really strange, I'm playing from Perth with 69-72 ping with really bad internet speed of less than 1mb upload & download
Omg, may I ask who you're with? Whenever I was playing in Perth, I only managed 79 as a minimum! I had NBN for a short while when I was up north last year which allowed me a stable 64 ping which was honestly the best shit out no joke. Besides that, I've never managed low 70's this side of Aus.
: Haha~ You did well with the typing thing! :D . I understand your pain, especially when a winning 1 v 1 suddenly becomes a 1 v 5 and then your dead and the screen is still saying "Attempting to Reconnect"... >___<; >Copied from another thread< At the moment I'm trying WTFast. So far that has seemed to fix my problem. I'll let you know via this board about whether WTFast or the maintenance has fixed the problem. :) Also, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but, quite a few times this year when I've logged onto LoL, or just started a game, the LoL client will completely kick me off the internet. My computer would then be unable to find any wireless networks. I would have to restart my computer to fix it. It only happened with LoL. Has this happened to anyone else?<End Copy> ~CyanShinobi~ :D
I appreciate the sentiment, but the biggest issue is that VPN's go through their own servers, which are all still on the other side of the country if that makes sense?
: I think it's OCE in general. I'm in East Aus, and have been having ping and Attempted to Reconnects (A2R) issues for about a month. Riot did the typical "Run and submit a network diagnostics test" then fails to respond to my submission. Why can't they see it's not our end, it's RIOT's? Game is no longer fun. Best way to get a response is if no one played LoL until the server was fixed. Apparently they're having this trouble in the UK but 1000x worse but still RIOT doesn't care as long as the money is still rolling in. Once again, should start a petition ---> "NO PLAY! NO PAY!"
Your issue is definitely different. Mine is simply the fact that in WA you get a minimum of ~60 ping with the NBN, let alone a standard internet connection. I understand that I should be able to read the opponent's actions etc etc but it just hurts when your opponent uses Zhonya's while you spam a point and click on them, yet THEY hit you with an ability and you die... EDIT: Typing is hard ._.
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KazKaz (OCE)
: Age: 16 Role: mid Top 3 picks: Kat main, Orianna, Zed Comms: Yes Time zone: AEST Avaliability: week day nights, weekends IGN: WQLFY Thanks
tried to add you several times but it will not work..?
: Age: 18 Role: top/support Top 3 picks for top: {{champion:24}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} top 3 picks for support: {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} commutation ([Y]/N): team speech, Skype availability: after school most days, Wednesdays all day, weekends Note: 9 time out of 10 i'm free but just give me a few days notice for games IGN : DuSt235
willing to play meta picks for top lane?
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Jolteon (OCE)
: no bundle? :( aww... and where is Raka's Horn???!?!
she doesn't always have her horn
: Gold 1 Support main LFT
Kid's a nerd but recommend/10
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Gerkin444 (OCE)
: Dont u hate it when people try 2 promote there utube on other websites and by the way check out my youtube 2 watch some nice montages.
just stop, you're embarrassing yourself

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