: People like you, are the reason why they keep doing this shit. When will everybody learn, they won't do what doesn't attract money!! It is your fault, nothing more, nothing less. I bet you also pre-order games too, lol.
: 1. no they don't. Telling people to kill themselves is an automatic 14 day ban. Why do you need to "defend yourself" against trolls and angry idiots online... just mute and report. You really think they care what you have to say? 2. Scaling champs can scale even when behind yes. That's why its important to capitalise when they are weak and not let them farm back into the game. I agree sometimes they take too long to balance certain champions but they are never going to balance the game, its literally impossible to try and make all 143 champions both viable and not over powered 3. yeh. they get the balancing wrong on a lot of champs. But Riots policy seems to be, better to start too strong and nerf then too weak and buff.4. Don't know why. 4. Riot have this idea that a "most efficient" build is boring and that each game you should customise your build to the matchup and game. A nice idea, but all sweaty gamers will always find the most efficient and most consistent way to play and build and do that, so its an effort in futility in my eyes. But changing items every 18 months keeps people in jobs and can make the game somewhat interesting to go and fin5. d the "best build" again. 5. Similar, not the same. NOTE: If you don't like the game, just leave. no one is making you stay.
yi is not balanced, he's an assassin and as one shouldn't be able to 1v5 and burn down tanks, which he does, he's the only assassin that still does. Zed used to be able to burst tanks, but they nerfed him, I guess that's why yi is no 4 on the highest win rate champs atm, he's broken I believe. Fizz isn't that good if he doesn't get fed, yi still is if he just farms for 20 mins. I agree that scaling should happen, but not to the point of an assassin being able to 1v5 and burn down tanks.
: remove oracles from aram
I don't think it has the intelligence to form an opinion enough to be toxic, I guess you could report it for player behaviour?
TankerInc (OCE)
: Riot OCE is dead?!
I like the players banned that are being banned, its not hard not to get banned. You can rage as much as me and still have max honor, you've only got yourself to blame. Its not dead, you can get a game within 7 mins in draft, ranked, blind and aram any time of day, the flex ranked is the only one that might not pop. Becides Dota 2 you won't find a 'less dead' moba. I mean even Paladins you can't even get a pvp match. I've been playing obsessively since 2014 and besides it being toxic its still a great game, a different plot every time which is what makes it so re-playable, and you won't go against the same group of champs every game cause they have like 140. So besides people crying about bans that they deserved, and the constant rage for people making mistakes its a good game. I wouldn't say its fun, its say its stressful problem solving with some mechanical skill, that looks total awesome. So in true OCE passion please rage at me and tell me why you shouldn't have been banned for telling someone to go kill them selfs, and all the chat leading up to it and after, and how it the lobby after you isulted there mother, and all the other matches you weren't nice so the reports racked up, I guess that just how some people deal with presure in life. They crumble into being the victim of life, instead of owning there own stuff. To be honest, at least they haven't added an auto coms like dota 2, and they really need a mute all button, instead of going to the hard effort of clicking on every player to mute them. I guess if you can't handle stress go play a dating sim or something you win every time is those games!
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: Recall and Restore
so when is the skin that we buy to help fund them going to come out?
Ninox (OCE)
: Past season rank now shows on your banner instead of your border, so when you flip the loading screen tiles you'll see your banner with your past season rank, as well as those of your teammates (you can't see enemy ranks). It also still shows on your profile. So it does still show on the loading screen, just not 'front page'.
should be front page, people shouldn't have to search to see my glory, lol
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Ninox (OCE)
: https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotSapMagic/status/1088570277502414849
Thanks for the info, its nice to know its being fixed at some point =)
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: NichBoy joins the OPL team!
need more females, but if you want a hipster looking dude then go for it
Hot Pope (OCE)
: There should be an incentive to stay in games after your team has an AFK player
I like the idea, but what might happen is people will afk more often saying 'well you get more rewards if I leave' as the mentally
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Katariná (OCE)
: I think Kat is in a stable place, she is easily countered. I say she is stable but that is to justify myself one tricking her. Sexy plays and sexy music, I'm going to have to use the music for one of my videos if you don't mind! Will sub fam
Of course feel free to use the music, its royalty free, you'll find of ton of stuff at [http://freemusicarchive.org] . Cheers for checking out the vid =)
broche96 (OCE)
: 'we feel katarina is in a stable place right now' -Rito 2k17... {{champion:48}}
She's difficult because of the low life level (like LeBlanc) and being melee, but rewarding, easy to counter pick, and a bit reliant on tanks to distract players to create opportunities. But when it all clicks together she can hard carry a match.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Cosplay Spotlight - Gabbu
Nice work on the cosplay, it also helps because your cute =)
: OCE Youtubers
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: Hey i'm new to YouTube and would like to get your guys feedback and what u guys think of my videos:)
Ask a question in the video for them to respond to in the comments eg. "Do you think talon is op and why?" And respond to everyone of there comments [http://www.youtube.com/SentienceLOL] thats me if you want to see how I do it, I've gotten 381 subs in 8 months, which I'm quite proud of =)
Myxthio (OCE)
: Small Youtube Channel with good quality League vids along with other games!
Your friends are funny, but you play the victim "of blah blah" to much in your commentary which evokes a negative response towards your from the viewer, also if you want more exposure get an EU and NA account to lvl 6 playing bots because of the ping then you can post on there forums, I've gotten 381 subs in the last 8 months partly because of that its [http://www.youtube.com/SentienceLOL] if you want to see what I'm about. Good Luck with the process and don't give up =)
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
The only problem I have with riot is the points system in ranked, I get 13 points for a win and lose 21 points for a loss, which isn't FAIR, it should be even points so if I'm over 50% win rate I can climb. Not the 66% win rate for a gain of 5 points of the climb. I know this comment will be ignored by riot, but looking at the highest win rate champs at 56% (broken) I still can't climb, so its not just needed my skill level to be higher, but higher but a ton just to get out of bronze 5. Have you wondered riot why there are the most players in bronze 5? You don't let us have a fair points chance to climb. I know the reply from most people will be elitist "bronze scrub stop crying" but I truly believe the points are an issue. PLZ DON'T IGNORE and FIX.
: Thank you so much for this post! I used to use Yurixys skins years ago and have missed them a lot! Will be good to have them back again :D
A friend asked me how to make skins and I couldn't tell him fast enough without going right into it, so I thought I'd make a video, thx for the support =)
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: NBN! NBN! Flipping Abbott government should've done the job properly.
: Please make this Cloud Zac skin Riot
make it yourself, they got tons of skins at leaguecraft.com that would have stuff like this =)
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: Nice work man, that flay at the end which stopped Shyvana ult was so lit. Keep up the good work man and would love keep seeing it. Woohoo! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
thanks man, I love your chatting style so positive, cheers for the compliment on the skills makes me feel good =)
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: Patch 6.14 notes
you forgot to fix the bug where if people honor you it tells you, atm it doesnt show very much once you get out of the after game screen, I know this cause 'a player that honored you wants to play with you' happens, but I didnt know. it only shows when I check the counts of honors that it went up
: Cool video, nice game play and I like the song choices.
thx buddy, apresiated =)
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: State of the Game with Meddler, Zirene and more
as a sup main, I think too do the gold catch up, just buff the gold you get for someone else killing a minion etc so we can build what we want at the same time as the other players. And cause only sups build those items it will keep it's distinctiveness.
: State of the Game with Meddler, Zirene and more
what about items that buff when you shield and heal, theres only 1 which is attack speed if I remember correctly?
: thx, really appreciated that you checked it out
must admit I did intentionally feed a couple times, lel
: jesus, you didnt even hyperlink it man. at least show *some* effort.
lel, some effort, I'll try to hyperlink it now, thx =)
: Ha, thats a lot of videos to check out, but I went and had a look. I really liked your "Common ways to die" video - that's entertaining!
thx, really appreciated that you checked it out
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: Dynamic queue and the future of League
I got a suggestion for high tier players on que times: why dont you have 3 roles they pick instead of the 'fill' roll they would get with the long que time? P.S I'm glad your not bring back solo queue cause now as a solo player I can be matched with team orientated tactics which means I win more than the old solo queue 'team deathmatch' =)
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
Tier 2 runes are useless at lvl 30 ranked, your not doing better, your just making us have the same grind as we always have, and giving the sub lvl 20's a deal. Would a challenger/master/diamond play with tier 2 runes cause they were cheaper, no. So why do you think the rest of ranked would. Hasn't changed a thing with viable rune setups, you just backed out and sprinkled some bs on top.
: VR only works as a first person viewing perspective. There are already some side scrolling platformers and they are just terrible. Honestly though I'm not too interested in these "VR" toys, I'm more interested in tech that directly connects the human brain to computers, that's where real VR will take off.
And then downloading our consciousness into the computer to become immortal!
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: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
Give twitch a buff, hes like mf as in burst poke (weaker than mf), slow (weaker than mf), speed, and ult (weaker again), all this talk of adc's and they leave poor twitch in the gutter (pun totally intended), I mean honestly what am I going to do with like 6 pure damage?? even stacked nothing in comparison to an mf switch target. Or the fun monsters they reworked among the adc's. If there going to make him about poison and being homeless then 'really' make it!
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