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: Sin Gaming is here and ready to deliver the spiciest OPL team AMA of the season.
You guys seem to be one of the more fun teams, and have deliberately cultivated the "fun hooligans" of the OPL. How do you plan to continue to drive the success of Sin gaming LOL? Will you lose your fun edge as the performance requirements rise? I think not winning, but being competitive is fine, but how do you sustain a career? An org? Your fanbase? I saw your pickup by some management mob, please, please, please remain being SIN gaming!!
: Hello from Legacy Esports - Ask us Anything!
Whats the feeling (in a non BM way) to always placing second? Do you enjoy the normal week in, week out league enough to keep doing this? Will not going international finally break your will to keep going? How do you think other teams that never even get a sniff keep doing it? Is coming second all the time worst than coming 3rd -> 8th?
: Legacy eSports Q&A
Hey I get to go first! To any player really who wants to answer, but what mental disciplines do you try and commit to, as opposed to working on your physical skills or game knowledge? How do you control your rage? Frustration? Disappointment? Over confidence? How much of the game is mental at the OPL level?

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