: That is one aspect of Sol I really like. You genuinely get compliments! On a number of occasions, someone has told me I am the best Sol they have ever seen, _(now I'm sure thats just down to them not having seen many Sol's in the first place, rather than me being good. But the sentiment is still nice!)_ There are very few champs left who people compliment you for playing well with. Many champs, especially champs like Zed or Yi, you're _expected_ to do well with, and if you don't end the game as 12/3 on Yi, your team rips into you. And to me that just doesn't seem fun. It's no secret, Sol is not an easy champ, and he comes with his fair share of frustration. As someone who is extremely critical of themselves, I often get very frustrated and demoralised when Sol just can't compete with other more mobile champs, and you get blitzed not because you did something wrong, but because their champ just so completely and utterly nullifies yours. But I still take it out on myself. But people recognise that, and when you _do_ do well, people know that to beat that Yasuo, you have had to put in 3x the work that other champs have to, and they complement you on it. There are very few greater feelings than that in league, _(at least for me)_. _______________________ But thats just my personality I guess, I'm an archer IRL, and I much prefer using the longbow _(just a stick and string)_, than a compound bow with all the scopes and stabilisers and all the rest. To me its the difference between Sol and Zed. You can either poke and hope with the longbow, and when you actually hit the target, someone buys you a beer! Or you can smash the target with a compound bow, and when you miss the bullseye once, you throw your bow on the floor and storm off in a huff. **Id rather win 1 in 5 games with Sol, and do a victory dance, than lose 1 in 5 games with Zed and have a cry about it.** Which is the great thing about league, they have a good variety of champs to suit different people's views of life. Which is why I hope they don't rework champs like Sol, just because the majority of people cant be bothered to put the effort in to play them. You need self esteem booster champs like Yi, for the people who feel the need to reassure themselves that they are good. And you need the underdog champs like Sol, for the people who don't give a crap and want that _'I really hope I hit the target'_ feel.
Yea i feel that 100% Ive only been playing sol for a few months now, and already putting in the effort to learn him has been so much fun and so rewarding. When i first picked him up my friends gave me shit because they thought he was shit because not many people play him, but now that ive been playing him for a bit they love when I pick sol, and its just feels so good to be able to do well on him and being able to roam and help your team is so rewarding as well
: It's awesome! I'd hate to be a Lee, Yasuo or Zed player, and not only have my champ played/banned _Every. Single. Game._ but also because of how often they are played, people **HATE** your champ. It'd be awful, you'd have absolutely zilch individuality, and also both look and feel like a terrible person just for playing the champ you want :P I'm happy for Sol to stay at the bottom of the pile thanks xD
That's very true, I've been a lee main for a long time and don't get to play him much and when I do I get a lot of hate because people just hate the champion. Whereas if I do good on sol people compliment me which is a nice change
: Good luck :P There aren't many of us Sol mains in the world xD
I know its quite sad
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