Tonylxh (OCE)
: - Currently Gold 5 - Mid Main, can play some support and jungle if role is really needed but would need more practice. - Zed, Yasuo, Annie, Zoe. Can play galio, veigar, lux, morgana, fizz, twisted fate, vlad & xerath. Willing to learn more champs if required but the first 4 are my best. IGN: Tonylxh
: Yo, are you still looking for players my man?
Depends on what role you play, we'll talk on LoL.
TSM Bengi (OCE)
: jg main peaked at gold 1, but have followed competitive since season 2, could climb if i wasn't so damn lazy. main jg but can fill adc. main jg are nidalee, lee, zac, sej, j4 and can pick up anything else if needed in game is TSM Bengi.
: Hi I'm interested in playing. i have a little bit of tournament experience having played in the truth gaming invitational. 1. Rank: Currently Gold 3 (and climbing) 2. Main role/roles: I main ADC but also play jg and mid really well if required. 3. Main champ(s): MY main ADC's are Tristana, Miss Fortune, but can also play ezreal sivir and kogmaw and a high level. MY jg champs Are Nidalee, Khazix , J4, Sejuana, vi and Diana. My mids are Ahri, lux, Zed, Dianna. Add me in game if interested. my ingame name is ii deceived ii
Brewski63 (OCE)
: I'm keen to join. Currently like S2 (haven't played much since promos, but was G3 last season). Mid and support are my main roles. Mid; Malzahar or Brand are my mains however my pool isn't that limited. Support; Janna, Raka and Lulu. IGN: Brewski63
I've added you on LoL, we can chat there :) Also to anyone else still reading this post, I am still looking for more team members!
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d3viant (OCE)
: lf jg and supp plat+
Are you interested in joining a tournament team? I (The Twin Spirits) added you on League, If you’re interested accept my request and make sure you message me.

The Twin Spirits

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