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Valkyn7AA (OCE)
: I actually really liked it man, nice to see some more OCE players making content, keep it up.
Cheers man, it'll be hard to try and make a name when there's already a million other league youtubers out there but it's worth a shot haha
: No problem man, are you going to do a summoners rift one next or do more ARAMs?
Depends on whether or not I can find some people to have in my videos if not I'll do a few more ARAMs until I can find some people.
Mr4Eva (OCE)
: That's not a bad idea, I've done both and I definitely found it easier as a group because you can just kinda chill and steal other people's funny moments for your video. But yeah not a bad call to try recording with others while starting up
Yeah it's easier to make jokes and laugh and stuff spontaneously in a group rather than actually trying to sit there and think of jokes to put into a video I think.
GigaPube (OCE)
: music is annoying. i like it but it seems unfitting. especially since you're winning a aram.....against varus......teemo.....AND DARIUS.......WOT????? plz lord let me never be on the same team as those feeders lyk oh em gee
Yeah I don't understand how either haha
Ernest (OCE)
: First I think the music was a bit too loud but maybe that's just me. I'm not really experienced with making videos, my friend has but he isnt uploading very frequently. I reckon that if you wanna get better, watch how other people do things (make sure not to steal anything ofc) and just adapt it to suit your own style, and don't forget to keep posting, a regular schedule helps as well. Again I'm just giving tip on how I think you should, and it's not {{champion:86}} teed ;)
Yeah I've been watching other peoples stuff for a while and I know what types of videos I want to be making in the future but thanks for checking it out anyway man :)
Mr4Eva (OCE)
: Instant problem i can see visually is the blurry black bars on the sides of the video. Music audio level was far louder than the gameplay, which can be okay at times, for this video I think the gameplay audio for the announcer was necessary so it didn't seem to work that well. Other than that there isn't much to criticise, the videos simple and is just gameplay so it's not particularly entertaining or original. To explain what I mean, it's not like a funny gameplay video, or a video with interesting tutorials or soothing post commmentary or a live comm, it's simply a spectator mode with music. One thing I will compliment is that your thumbnail isn't too awful. However there is room for improvement, the text is thin and rather difficult to read. best advice I can give you is be more interesting and innovative perhaps in the videos you create. After all there's thousands of other gameplays of zyra penta kills out there :P -- (btw I've also done league youtube for a while so you can add me oce if you wanted to record with me and potentially collab) (source: ) (might actually learn something off my channel XD )
Thanks for the pointers man, I really didn't want to have to have music in the background to begin with but I'm slightly too awkward to do a solo commentary at the moment so I was waiting to find a group or at least 1 or 2 other people and do live commentaries and what not.
: Ahh you're the same guy from before, once again not bad man, I've gotta say I'm more looking forward to the live commentary videos that you want to make. Oh and a penta in a 3v5 nice man ;)
Haha yeah man same as before, trying to upload a few videos to start with to hopefully get people interested, thanks for taking the time to watch and comment again
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: Just saying, although you don't have to but you can set the abilities on smart-cast so u don't have to mark where to put the abilities and the mouse just does it straight away. I used to hate it but then after quite some time, it was really helpful. :)
Yeah I've thought about it for a while but I find I like to hover my abilities for a while before I use them sometimes, I know I'll eventually have to swap to progress as a player though
: thumbnail is good
: I actually enjoyed it it had a nice feel to it I subscribed and look forward to seeing the commentary videos, we need more OCE youtubers :)
Cheers man, it means a lot :)
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Over Haul (OCE)
: New Item "Phase boots:
Or you could just have it as a boot enchantment
: 0 days = <24 hours.
: Incentives to play more
I think this was the point of them introducing the champion mastery system
: Act III....where you at?
I'm assuming we're waiting on 'Murica
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: Read post... I can add you guys if you keen to join norms. I might have to talk to team or do a first come first serve or even a draw to see who gets in the team (rank 5's).
Send me a request man
PokerFace (OCE)
: ***
Not trying to be rude just offering some constructive criticism, you just need to work on you proportions e.g eyes, neck
: OPL Finals Fan Art Contest Results
: LOL. Fantastic rekt btw, you should remove this post before the trolls take a shine to it..
Yeah but I'm hoping someone will actually see it and do something about it.
Deakín (EUW)
: Do you have TeamSpeak?
Deakín (EUW)
: Recruitment for LoL community (EUW/OCE)
Entrako (OCE)
: Tuff luck :l edit: I just tested this and it actually works, i feel for ya man :l stupid how some people will do anything to make you fu** up in ranked...
Yeah it's bullshit, was insanely pissed
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: Nice idea.. but what about if one team just gets ganged up on??? kinda unfair then hah
I'm sure it'll be which ever team is in the lead will get ganged up on
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: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
We all know hextech Janna has the best cleavage in game so imagine her in a bikini

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