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PurpIe (OCE)
: Where are your chat logs? Also, how are you so sure they haven't been punished for their behaviour? Did you send a report in ?
yea he was reported by the rest of the team cause I was in a 4 man and we all seemed to have a problem with him :/ cause he just talked shit to everyone
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Tomblade (OCE)
: Hi CsIsUseless, You should have received an email with a reform card that highlights the things in your chat messages that were deemed inappropriate. If you like, you could post up the chat logs in the thread and we can go through together on why certain things were not OK to say to another player.
please come have a chat with me cause what I said is about half of what people were saying to be but I got punished for it how is that fair? this is the second chat ban I have had for pretty much nothing its just sad...
: > [{quoted}](name=Easley,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=EixA1RJi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-23T13:17:06.699+0000) > > theres your problem right there my dude He still won tho and it's probably because Nami had colossus xD
also that's not harming anyone chat banned^ its sad cause they person I was against was telling me to kill myself and that seems to be perfectly fine to riot but I say im inting and I banned for it
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: git gud
ur bronze I don't get why u would even bother commenting
Talon12 (OCE)
: Youre mmr is just shit full stop, its not about shown mmr, its about hidden, and your hidden is crap. Youre hidden mmr is literally level with SIlver 2 so thats why youre with silver 2, youre mmr is 100 under what it should be, which is silver 2, not gold 5.
lol I just got off a 7-8 game winstreak in solo/duo my mmr couldn't have been that bad
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: Solo Q is not about how good your team is, it is about how good you are. If you are in bronze 1 you can carry those games yea? cause you are way better than your oppent and can extend leads and end game off of it. Right now, it isnt about inters in your games, you are at a 50/50 win rate because your skills lv is arround that "you cant hard carry, and are more dependen on team play to win". Just improve your game knowledge and you will climb out.
Its not that I cant hard carry its that my teammates wont let me carry, if u look at my match history about 80% of my games im positive doing everything that I can to win, I would about 60% of those games be able to carry if my team would let me, I play hyper carry champs and I would say im pretty good on them knowing how to play most of the matchups and what to build during them, yes I agree tho I do need to improve my game as there are things I can improve, at the moment im set to getting gold and then I will work harder on the things I need to thanks tho :)
: Forget about other members of your team and solely focus on your own play, you don't want to let others tilt you. If you get inters just report at end screen and don't queue up for about 5-10minutes to minimise risk of getting them again.
Its different people every time and reporting them doesn't do anything I had some friend that made a second account he inted to lvl 30 and about 100 ranked games before he got banned, im done reporting people it doesn't do anything.
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Star (OCE)
: FREE Coaching Sessions
hello star am i to late to get a coaching session or?
: This old inferior idea...
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: How to rank up in the 2017 season
this new patch has ruined the game for me i don't know about anyone else but the buffed champions are 2 op and there isn't enough bans to counter it
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