meercat (OCE)
: Should Fiora be removed From LOL?
what do you mean she is really really Balance Champ she only Faceroll when ahead, when she behind she pretty much useless cause she cant really build tank and the nerf she got coming it next patch she will be even more balance. and ONLY a good fiora to made that champ broken anyway the timing with your W and the way you hit the Vial. talking about removing a REAL Broken is Master YI, easy to play easy to get cheese
: What do Riot base their nerfs and buffs on?
They only seem to nerf Champ that Riot people dont play much so the champ might be too OP for they liking or they not going nerf the OP champ cause they got 50% win rate Eg Talon only shrine for a few patch got Nerf, Grave only got 1 nerf still OP as hell, Zed havent been nerf, Master Yi Hello ?????????? no nerf. and they Nerf champ that dont need a nerf or rework champ that dont need rework eg shen and its funny how they said shen kit is boring Talking about boring look at Annie just 1 combo to win game or Farmer Nasus Stacking Q all dayz
: If you like one piece...
Rylia (OCE)
: Whats this?
LOL that is never happen to me JUST UNLUCKY MAN
Olee (OCE)
: Can we just please delete Akali lmao
Lol she will get nerf soon cause Riot dont like people Play different build on the champ they made to be a Mage Eg. Tank fizz, AD fizz, Tank ekko, Ap yi, Tank Kha kiz. they all got nerf so just wait a few patch
Ferno (OCE)
: Who is the most underplayed but extremely op champion
{{champion:90}} if you call a Space Cancer
Saythes (OCE)
: I'm sick of this riot...
Not Allow Name and shaming it's exactly what ballshit about this game so we cant warn people about those toxic or troll and they not going to do anything about them either
: Enough Riot, your plan didn't go as planned
How do you even know they are Premade mate? if you got soo much time to find out /or guess that they are premade why dont spent the time your OWN league game playz If they have 4 people in your lane its mean the other 2 lane its free for your team taken
: Gold has more noobs than silver/bronze
yeah Few dayz ago i vsing a Jinx she was sliver 3 or 4. But I was shock that she didnt miss any in lane for the silver player even i push her under tower still farm under tower fine
: Guide: How to be TOXIC/TROLL/AFK and get away with it!
Coool thank for the guide time to get me revenge People watch out for my smurf on the rift
Peever (OCE)
: LF ADC main (gold+).
Peever My Best friend carry me
: Gold 4 top/jg looking for dynamic que
what Happen duo with Sensei J?
: Cyber bullying
How Hard is it to Play with * GROUP OF FRIENDS* and mute everyone on the other team in RANK that why *Riot the Retard* make this Dynamic que for the people who think they getting bully, no troll, AFKer, or even feeder and try to create a friendly environment for you. Is literally impossible to get bully with this system. i dont get why people still complain even they went out of the way to made the noob friendly system for you. easy get boosted with this system just abuse it as much as you can. Or you are one of those solo que warrior and you bitching about getting bully and your team is bad they feed or people afk. You are much better to quit the game and play something else not a stressful as this game help you live longer
IgnyteL (OCE)
Im not saying im Faker Level but sometime i dont get how did people never in Bronze in the first place if you Ok at the game.
Rioter Comments
: this might sound stupid but hell with it
what about Draven the Crown he ride Unicycle and throw bowling pins ?????????????
Essembie (OCE)
: Break time
I reckon in Low elo skill not a important as Luck if you got a good team even feed your ass off you still going to win but if you run in a bad team even you 1 v4ing people you still going to lose because your bad luck
: Progression within the ranked system is frustrating but a brilliant marketing strategy
Want to climb stop playing Jhin no matter how fed you are he is one of those champ cant carry if your team full of retard. Play something like Yi or Riven that can almost 1 v 5 when they fed.
: Bigger Penalties for dodging and failing to lock in
So you saying you to have a bigger penalties for dodging or falling lock in. Are you srs, dodging in solo que happen all the time and sometime people dodge for good reason. *eg you got a support teemo will you dodge? * Got a toxic player started flaming before the game even started will you dodge? you got a Bad team comp you know even you play the game you know you going to lose will you Dodge? Or do you rather LOL auto pick on champion for the guy falling to lock in even tho he going to afk in game for like 5 mins or so. Here give you the inside why Dodging can be good.
Olee (OCE)
: Has anyone, ever, so far in Season 6, gotten their first pref in Ranked? Is it actually possible?
: Best way to earn IP?
Buy IP boost or try to drag your first win of the day game long as possible.
: Riot I need an answer now please!
To be fair i got no problem with bit of shit talking in game or even troll a bit. But you know some people go far and beyond to the level of toxicity. If i got least 1 of those toxic people in my game when i not playing with my friends. it make me wonder did riot even ban anyone. Force me and most of the player had to play with 4 friends to avoid people like that on my team. i dont really care about the toxic player on the other team the only they could do is tell me go kill myself which i could just mute them.
Murasama (OCE)
: Disappointing New Yasuo Skin
why some Blood Moon skin is fking Pink in game.
: I've started following the Player Behaviour Guidelines and the results are hilarious
Sorry to tell you this. Keep Dreaming they will never get ban.
: Whats everyone doing for Valentines?
: A guide of silver
You know in Low elo solo que, every time you que its like fipping a coins its 50/50 you get good teammate or bad and toxic as fk teammate. so just relax and enjoy the Game its OCE Toxic people will always in the game, every game got aleast 1 toxic player just mute the toxic and enjoy the game. Even they feed aleast focus on raping your laner, and have fun XD. and report them after.
IgnyteL (OCE)
: Lux needs nerf srsly
Lux not really a OP champ beside her super short cds ult. and she only OP when you facing a Lux that hit every skill shot which rarely happen in low elo but if that happen which mean you unlucky.
behagus (OCE)
: I need friends!
You should start to play rank learn alot more play rank then Normal is fun can have your pref Role, and you feel good when you win,
: Riot, either remove Duskblade or bring back DFG
Riots only care about the Pro which the 5% or less the rest of th People they dont really give a dam like the shen rework they didnt even ask us anything they just do it anyway.
: Rito condoning trolling behaviour this season
Its OCE deal with it. its more fun to accept they not going to fix it, i think they only ban people if they are very very toxic, i just leave the 1 timer or the part time toxic around. Because they Cbf deal with it lol.
: Permanent Bans in LoL (A Free to Play game)
Man back in the days i was never Toxic or salty but got to say i was a troll even then when i WOW i never see any like Toxic player even i troll from time to time and we talk shit to each other and that it we just joke and laugh it off and that was it that was in the PVP, in PVE maybe people are little bit toxic they just trash talk you how bad you are but never like in league basically tell you to go kill yourself or feed in games just because they dont like you. When i got bored on WOW i came to league at the start i really enjoy the game. but when i got to 30 start playing rank its whole diff game i dont found fun any more cause people start feeding or AFK in game just because the other guys piss them off or they didnt get their Role if someone start doing bad people will start saying shit worst then what i ever heard on wow in BGS. I never have cross my mind to report anyone on WOW but man on league every 3-4 game i played i have to report someone. Not because they said toxic stuff to me ( toxic words to me they mean nothing after all is a just a game people love to talk shit ) but to AFK or Feed games and make other people cant have fun maybe the other team enjoy a free win. I dont really mind the other team have a free win long as they report the toxic feeder or AFKer afterward but sometime just sometime the other team support the Toxic member on my team and said the no going to report him but you. That is the thing make Leagues unfun atm i do not think the report system do enough because of that. one or 2 time toxic game they not going to check.
Eue (OCE)
: Should League Add An AP QSS item?
So you want a AP Qss item on the AP Chamption (eg. Leblanc) let say she was 10/1/0 on the first 20 mins of the game and let say her team is bunch of noob and your Team only got 1 hard CC for Leblanc that can kill her which is WW ult. So now if you think about it now i got you a example. Do you srsly still think AP Qss was a good idea?
: ***
Well if you count a 15 sec waiting for a item is AFK. OK mate and why you call me a piece of shit, did i do anything wrong. This is why OCE soo toxic.
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Brooska (OCE)
: Obviously if Jax is banned every game he needs a nerf.
Are you srsly think Jax is OP, Jax is no OP is the 1 fking Item that is still Broken as hell that make Jax OP Is Rageblade{{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} this Broken as hell item make him OP. Lack of CC comp vsing Jax, Rip them, Non burst Champ vsing a Jax 1v1 Rip them.
: The Rank que Fear
If you start losing 2 game + stop playing rank do something else beside league flashing your mind up and come back start flash again. listen to music while you play rank is not a bad idea help you focus and every game after take 5 mins break think what did you do wrong or what can you do better and that game. Hopefully my advice can help you do better
Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.2 is live!
I found the Bug on Rework Shen which when you play him in lane he get Dumped on every Match up anyway to bring the Old Shen back which got no bugs?{{champion:98}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}}
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IGoaLevy (OCE)
: Make grevious wounds stronger
Why do you they remove {{item:3123}} before because its tooo strong. and Mundo is not that strong he only strong when he ahead and he is weak vsing 3{{summoner:14}} with the hard CC team. Darius is avg champ he only OP when some dumbass Bronze feed him kills
: Im moving from Japan to Australia. I wonder what your league community is.
We got a lot of smart mouth people here and a lot of Non-Australian playing late night till early morning
: An unhealthy obsession!
For your third point Lord you just jealous no one call you faker when you get a kill or called you Madlife when you get a hook dont get mad son{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: OCE Language Barriers: An unsolvable issue?
I am Asian i don't know what sb mean until i searched on the internet lol
: Helping bronze players improve.
Soooo depressed to watch even for a Sliver scrub like me
Fitzky (OCE)
This is too real to be real. As of Riot make is this . Is too detail for Riot, they dont care about the game as long as they make money.
: Looking for friends
Who need friends these dayz
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