: They made a pretty cool trailer for the bloke, I'll give them that much.
Oh of course. Riot makes fantastic trailers. I absolutely love their style. It was just his kit that made me lol
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: Odyssey Contest: In Pursuit of Poetry
“What does the Ora tell you?” Lifeblood of the stars. Conduit of slingspace, Bridge to the outer rim. Fear, anguish. Hope, solace. It screams of oblivion, And weaps at creation. Dark stars blaze in shdows With singular purpose. *“Kill. Them. ALL.”* … *“What does the Ora tell you, Sona?”*
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Metablue (OCE)
: Nice story, I think you've done a lot of good things here - I especially like the way you've encapsulated Tahm's character. Of course, there's always room for improvement, so let me go through some of the things that I think could be worked on. Overall there are a bunch of small grammar errors that could be polished. A bunch of capital letters have escaped into the middle of your sentences, e.g. "To go now would mean no Stone and no Light for her people...". Stone and light don't need to be capitalized here. Your capitals should be reserved for the names of things, like Nami and Tahm Kench. I also found the sentence, "The Pearl for the Moonstone the Elders said. Simple." a little confusing as it almost comes across like the elders are saying it at that moment despite not being present. I think rewording this would make the story flow better. This all being said, for the most part your grammar is good so feel disheartened. As far as characters go I think you've done a great job at really capturing Tahm and Nami, in particular the sensory details you've used add a lot to how the reader percieves the characters. Tahm's hefty thud as he sat stood out to me as a particularly good detail. In this regard I'd say to go even further with your detail - describe the water flowing across Nami's skin as she ascends, the temperature as she leaves the water. Use detail to foreshadow Tahm's darker motives, maybe describe him smiling in a way that makes the reader a bit uncomfortable, such as pointing out his pointed teeth or how his maw seemed to swallow the small amount of light offered by the moon. Body language and sensory details are useful to help tell your story without explicitly stating what's going on, so experimenting with these could make your story even better. I enjoyed reading your piece, I love Nami and its always nice to see content about her. Keep up the good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for the feedback. All extremely useful. I've got a lot to think about. > This all being said, for the most part your grammar is good **so feel disheartened.** If you say so. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Haha. But yea. I was never good at english class at school. I'll work on my grammar and punctuation. Thanks again.
: Zoe! Should be an SG!
Oh. I read SG as Spirit Guard like Udyr. I guess Star Guardian is cute too.
: Updated Nunu
A lot of discussion has been around "oh he is too cute to be an angry monster", but just look at his design. A mouth big enough to bit a man in two, antlers so you know its gonna head-but hard and six limbs each with 3 claws that I'd imagine are pretty strong. That's one hell of a beast.
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oPuredo (OCE)
: Legal Trolling?
Examples Competitive trash talk: (Enemy interrupts you dancing or teleporting back to base) “How rude.” (Enemy tower dives you and loses the engage) “Greedy” (You die from a misplay) “That was silly.” Troll trash talk: (You nuke a squishy Mage as an assassain) “You are so sh*t” (Mentioning anyone rank after anything happens) “You bronze piece of ...” Choice of words is key.
: I have been permanently banned. I am a reformed League of Legends player.
Simple. Don’t engage with trolls. If they are a duo, or even a trio, if you stand up for yourself or defend an ally they will all report you. It’s not a mater of honour. It’s not like they are actually in your face on the street abusing you. It’s just a game. Let them be then report them after the match. In all my years of playing it has worked for me.
: Anivia Needs New Skins/ Reworked Skins
You might be interested in this little discussion. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/4sEbYwPF-champion-riganimation-anivia-the-cryo-phoenix
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: KDA plays a lot smaller role than CS and Vision, as well as average damage scores and average gold income. It's all well can good to be 100/0, but if you only dealt 100 damage (literally ksing all those kills), then you'd still only get an A. Also, those 3 deaths could have been spaced out over 40 minutes or over 3 minutes.
Exactly this. People are to focused on KDA. There are many other factors that lead to an S: Dmg dealt Healing done Wards placed Wards killed Objectives participated in taking Total objectives taken Amount shielded Total CS Total gold Then you can look at KDA. Leaning more towards the Assists.
papi (OCE)
: wot
> [{quoted}](name=papi,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=wxu9iQ5A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-22T08:23:13.210+0000) > > wot yup
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: Have anyone known when the new star guardians skins going to be released?
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: Star Guardians
Cabbages (OCE)
: Swain is due for another skin! For fun, who has idea's?
Swain is scheduled after Eve for a full VGU. Like Urgot and Sion this will be his "new skin". I personally would like to see a void skin.
: Make AR URF Permanent pls
_Here's an idea for a cool new game mode they should make permanent. We could call it Dominion or something. Two teams face off in an arena to get kills and capture up to 5 nodes. These would give a trickle of points. The first team to reach 100 points wins._ Everyone is entitled to like other things.
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: A suggestion for Yasuo's updated wall
What if his wind wall wasn't even a wall and instead a slash? I suggested this not long ago. Got flamed, insulted, downvoted and buried into obluvion for my heretical treason. I suggested that it was a slash that would destroy a projectile. So Yasuo players would use it to slash skill shots out of the air at just the right moment. This would make destroying projectiles a skill to get the timing right. To early and the move would wiff.
PurpIe (OCE)
: Hey there, As a Janna main (400k+ points) I feel the 'narrow' gale would make it much harder to peel off primary engagers like Zac or lee q. Like the picture above appears to be a VERY narrow howling gale. To which I don't think I'd be able to get a knock up on a champ, not to mention the hitbox might not even hit some of the smaller/bigger champs. Are you also suggesting that it continues to have its increased knock up duration the longer you charge it? Also if we are to nerf Janna ( I don't want her to get nerfed :( ) BUT... her shield is kinda a 'spamable' kinda ability so the focus should be there or her passive should have more impact/be changed. Keeping her Q for disengages IMO is crucial to her kit.
I understand that the narrow would be hard to hit. What if the full charge was exactly as her Q is right now? But at the start of the charge it is a short, wide small knock up and becomes the spell it is now.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: This is a personal opinion but I will enjoy the star guardian map way more than the butchers bridge, that was just a reskin this is co op PVE! I loved these kinda games back in the old Warcraft 3 custom map days. You can read more about butchers bridge here - http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/02/ask-riot-where-is-butchers-bridge/ ** Are you guys ever going to bring back the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map?** This one is a bit more complex than it seems at first glance. It might look like just an asset swap for the art (take one thing out, drop another thing in), but there’s actually some underlying level scripts, foundation work, etc. that was forked from regular ARAM. This means that Butcher’s Bridge is a unique beast from the code’s point-of-view, even if it looks the same from a player point-of-view. Bringing it to parity with today’s ARAM (allowing it to be switched on) would require a non-trivial amount of work, and while we’d love to do that, we have to weigh it against the other stuff we’re currently working on, like new game modes and Practice Tool. This isn’t to say Butcher’s Bridge will never return, just that we’re currently more focused on other development priorities.
But what I don't understand is how will the Star Guardian maps and modes differ from the Butchers Bridge? If it is a technical nightmare to add the ARAM map to rotation then how much more difficult would it be to add whole extended SG modes? Or does it ultimatly come down to Riot saying "We'll get around to it one day, but right now look at this new dooby!" I feel like I want to start a petition poll, but fear that it will just get downvoted into oblivion and buried in a matter of minutes like all my constructive posts.
Reminds me of that time when Riot released like 6 champions in one month. Good times.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I am so keen to play this mode. and normally I play ranked only.
Remember Butchers Bridge? Awesome new content shoved under the rug? Same thing will happen to this Star Guardian stuff. Not gonna build any attachment to it like I did during Burning Tides. Sigh... How I miss the Bridge.
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: How to avoid trolls, works 100%
I only play 1 or 2 games during Monday to Thursday between 10am and 2pm. Best way to avoid 90% or trolls. I do play, however, if I have my friends on. That way we take up 3 of the 5 memebers so its all good.
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: Issue with ATM machine
> Issue with _Automatic Teller Machine_ machine.
Essembie (OCE)
: Look at statistical analysis of your account and develop your skill on the one you win most with.
> [{quoted}](name=Essembie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AmqjGyrR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-01T20:07:47.037+0000) > > Look at statistical analysis of your account and develop your skill on the one you win most with. OR you could just play the champion based on theme and character. Like boobies? I recommend Ahri or even Miss Fortune. Like to be evil? Why not Veiger or Darius? Find a character that you like the theme of.
: Can we get draft pick on Norms?
Isnt flex just the draft pick of oce? Thats what ive been treating flex like.
: Gankplank and MF they are couple. I think League rework them so they can partner up with each other{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}. And nice ass drawing lol!
It could create some cool off meta play. Also, cheers on the booty.
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: Really? I didn't know that Feelsbad :(
I didn't get any gems. 3 orbs 3 skins. Weird.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheHobbits,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=9A3EEyE0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-26T07:47:04.355+0000) > > A long time ago I had a concept for a Yordle trio champion. They were a tank, mage and Fighter. They used a stance based mechanic. I'll see if I can find it. > > But back to you. Good art work. Im getting a little bit of Draven/Kled attitude on the top one and a kind of Darius seriousness to the tank. Dude a trio would be sick, switching between forms like udyr would make for some sick character design I just think it would be a bit much balance wise
Yea. I had it something like after you switch your auto attack gained an effect. You could also re-activate the ability again for a small ability. They were all about switching on the fly. Their passive was when standing still long enough they would stand on each-others shoulders and gain bonus view range.
: Twin Yordle champion design
A long time ago I had a concept for a Yordle trio champion. They were a tank, mage and Fighter. They used a stance based mechanic. I'll see if I can find it. But back to you. Good art work. Im getting a little bit of Draven/Kled attitude on the top one and a kind of Darius seriousness to the tank.
: Wait... How do you turn Orbs into Skins? Also, does anyone know what the Victory Emblem does? It's just sitting in my Loot.
The orbs have a chance at dropping legacy skins. I got these three in the 3 I opened. As for the Emblem I'm not sure. Maybe if we win it turns into something?
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: league of leagends yasuo pentakill (lol edit)
I really liked the editing. Especially the little inrto. Good work. You were, however, playing Yasuo so its not really that impressive when you get a penta.
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HeartVine (OCE)
: > It should ***science*** all his ultS {{champion:74}} For science!
I was on my phone when I replied. It made me laugh more than it should have. So much auto correct.
Bipolar (OCE)
: If Swain uses Zhonya's his ult should turn off.
When Morgana ultra the zhonya it should cancel it cos it's op. When Teemo ultra the zhonyas it's op. It should science all his ultS. How dare he not take damage while I do. When mord ultra the zhonyas his ult should stop cos he shouldn't be able to hurt while not being hurt. riot plez fix.
: Skin Concept - Doc Brown Zilean and Marty McFly Ekko
I love how I made the same thread but mine got buried because I'm from OCE. Anyway best idea ever! The both need these. Also when Zilean uses speed up on himself he leaves two flame trails.
: no, you have to wait til you start to lose a fight or are almost dead to ult. Unless you are using it for the damage.
I didn't think so, but funny if he could.
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