: Hey there, i am currently only level 23, but am very passionate about league, and take pride in turning around games that appear to be lost. I main support and am trying to branch out into the other roles, with Mid being my preferred alternative. my username, Noodle of Power I'm keen, as i am also tired of toxic players and afk farmers, and the like. I look forward to hearing from you :D
Feel free to add me. My girlfriend is around your level now as well so looking to have a few more players that can learn with her
MadTree (OCE)
: the required champion pool size would have to change to 20 if 4 more bans come in.
: Nice just what we need more of the champs we play getting banned. say Camille, Yasuo, fizz, riven and jayce (I don't play jayce) all get banned from the enemy then your team bans maybe jinx, caitlyn, illoai, zed and blitzcrank. well Gawd i can't play camille, yasuo, fizz, riven, jinx or zed anymore so R.I.P. {{champion:164}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:53}}
In some ways I think that it is unfortunate that in ranked you might end up in a situation where all the champs you normally play have been banned. However I like the idea that at a Pro level they can have a greater pool of champs play in games making it more interesting to watch and that at a lower level of ranked we can have games where we have less of the champs that stomp because poorer players can't counter their few weaknesses. As a Bard main I usually like to ban Lux as she is strong mid and is a massive counter to my play style when she is a support. If I get a ban like everyone else in my team then assuming the other players also ban champs that counter their own chosen champ then I get to have a ban anyway. In order to play ranked you need a pool of 16 champs and I think being able to play more than 2 or 3 of them is important
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BrySkuxx (OCE)
: LF Flex partner to duo with. B-S
I'd be keen. Been playing for about 3 years now and have only recently got back into ranked after at least a season away to work on my game skills. KDA is ok I guess, but it is my map awareness and clutch plays that I find to be most useful in any game I play. Biggest annoyances; ADC that won't just hug tower and farm up when behind (get caught out in jungle or forget to wave clear minions waves in our lanes) MID assassins that go all in even in fights a potato would know they can't win
: So you enjoy collecting tampons for 40 minutes? Each to their own
The chimes do a few things for me. Allows me to roam faster. Mostly have enough mana throughout the game. Gain experience even outside of combat. I try to use them to create a pathway to objectives etc. To be honest the biggest factor is the movement speed bonus as I don't like to mooch about too long.
: gold is just as bad as bronze is, and plat is just as bad as gold is. Pretty sure things start to clear up mid diamond.
18 games in and still at 50% win rate at 80 LP hoping I can continue to do better. First two games with a DUO partner and they were both wins with team-mates that weren't that great. Hoping I can find a few more competent players to team up with
: Just so you know the worst ELO is bronze, but in saying that it doesnt get much better until gold, or so ive been told, silver last season was the same for me as a jungler, you cant do anything right, keep your head up and focus on improving your game. at the end of the day its just a game, you arent a pro player, and nothing you do in game effects anything bar a little icon next to you profile. If theyre so good, theyd carry, theyd win, they wouldnt be B5 and they sure a fuck would know better then to flame the instant people do something wrong
: Looking For Duo partner
Dude I may only appear to be a Bronze 5, but here are some of my games to help you decide whether I am worth adding to your list; http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/159678825/201021950?tab=overview http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/159698649/201021950?tab=overview Those last two were with an ok ADC Jinx as a DUO partner Here is a guide I made of my build and those that have inspired me to get better; http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/FNuHJdeO-bard-main-in-bronze-5-with-the-hopes-of-rising-builds-and-those-that-inspire-my-future-barding
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Haarry (OCE)
: Babysitting
It's Solo Queue and most players are whimps and can't handle the possibility that they need to earn a win. They think wins will fall into their laps
Gesteppie (OCE)
: Admittedly in all my years of playing, making a bunch of friends and stick playing with them is the best way to play this game. Don't go solo unless you've got the hardened mind for it.
Thanks for the advice. I like to think of myself as a decent player. I mean I only play a few champs well, but I can consistently do what I would consider to be a decent job of playing to win. I really like long games so haven't really focused my runes/masteries around early game which is something I am trying to address now, but the thing I really struggle with is the frequency of games where my team mates play poorly. I mean no logical reason for there actions just blindly going in to team fights and exposing our towers to damage. Pushing deep with no ward cover. Not using their trinkets. Having poor cs skills that I even as a bard can beat
: Low elo (Bronze-Low Gold) free coaching
Really keen on some coaching and good on you for helping others out
Haarry (OCE)
: Babysitting
Duo with me. I ain't no quitter
: Mate if you want a game where people don't easily give up then League is the wrong game to be playing. The sooner you accept the game for what it is (and I'm sure you will soon realise exactly what it is) the better off you will be.
So much like Dunky and the reasons he gave, I should quit? But I like the gameplay and the champs and hell the backstories are interesting as well. Should I invest more time in finding people to DUO and flex queue with rather than just focusing on how I can do better in a game where 4 other people with emotional dysfunctions affect the outcome
: well I can't comment on anything above gold, but I can assure you it happens in it just as much as it does in bronze. The only difference between bronze and gold is that people in bronze know they suck, gold players also suck but think they are challenger material. Everything is everyone elses fault regardless on how they played out the situation. The blame game is amazingly strong. Sorry to burst your bubble and any hopes of getting out of that shithole towards something better.
I don't even care about my rank. I just want to be able to play with people who aren't so willing to give up. If there was a clan that helped set up DUO team mates and Flex Queue friends with people who weren't going to flake out at the first sign that things weren't 100% in their favour I would happily join. I am not even remotely interested in playing at the top level I just feel like there should be a place for those who aren't hardcore enough to play in the top leagues, but are at least competent enough and patient enough to play the game until the end and do so with the intention to get better rather than win every game. I'm a decent Bard, not the best, but I have a level of skill that would suggest I can tangle with some pretty good players and come out on top. In a team game that makes it hard to quantify whether I could play at a much higher level, but I will not know unless I play in a game full of golds. I am also a swimming coach whose job revolves around swimmers in my squads being well aware that they are not the best because it is listed at every competition they go to. Because they are not the best we actively look to encourage individual goals and skills that they can work towards which will enable them to improve their own personal bests.
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: looking to coach a bronze player who wishes to get better at the game.
I'd be keen. Played a few seasons ago and went from Bronze 1 after 4 wins in my promos. This pre-season won 5 out of 10 in promos and ended up in Bronze 5. I know I have a lot to learn, but ending up in the lowest possible rank and having to so frequently play in games where I can end up like this; http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/159535475/201021950?tab=overview Or worse like this; http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/158123352/201021950?tab=overview Honestly, how did I end up in Bronze 5 when I can play a game with the most kills, least deaths, most assists, most damage to the enemy champs, most gold, most wards etc. as a {{champion:432}} support
: Just work on getting some ranks man and work on fixing the issues that most bronze players have if you add me i can help you out finished Plat last season not high but high enough to help you out
I'd be interested in learning a few things. I've been playing a jack of all trades style for so long now I am used to being able to carry as {{champion:432}} or even go games with {{champion:427}} where I can single-handedly turn games around, but really I'm just looking for team-mates I can rely on more consistently
: Looking for team/friends to play league with
I'm keen. Just won 50% of my promos only to get Bronze 5 and looking to play with people that at least know a few key game winning strategies that don't involve rolling your face over a keyboard and hoping that works
bnertAlI (OCE)
: Looking for some casual people to play league with
Won 50% of my promo games only to be placed in B5 so looking for team-mates that aren't the bottom of the barrel
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: I usually have about a 55% (Ish) winrate. I'm still doing my provisionals and stuff, will have to see what the future holds. ZZ-rots only good if the enemy has one, or they have a split pusher. (Most of the time it isn't actually bad) Drop it behind a tower or infront of an inhibitor and group with your team.
I go for a hybrid build with Bard most games and although it may not be LCS like I find that I can help carry games I end up in with less than the best ADC/carries. Most if not all items provide CDR, movement, armour, MR, HP or some form of damage/Active/Passive to help my team out. I find that even when my team is hopelessly behind I can help keep a game going or at the very least hold my ground or not die. I guess my main issue is that Bard relies so heavily on team mates to get kills/assists and I can only save my team mates so many times in a given moment. I am finding that unless I have a team mate lane feeding intentionally I can provide quite alot of assistance and I buy my items in an order that provides income, sustain, CDR, movement, armour and MR mostly in that order. I'm hoping now that I am playing ranked again I can find some people to play with a bit more regularly and even get skype up and running to communicate clearly what my intentions are in game (which given my play-making and death avoidance preference kind of rely on people heading my warnings or pings for assistance) {{item:3301}} {{item:2031}} {{item:3361}} {{item:3096}} {{item:2033}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2302}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3114}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} What I don't quite know how to do is rank up using a main champ that can't carry through steam rolling. If I luck out and have a strong ADC I can destroy games with them, but a lot of games I'm finding I have team mates that are too rigid in their gameplay, don't watch the mini map or are too willing to give up when only a few kills down. I have on accasion absolutely stomped with {{champion:28}} {{champion:120}} , but I mostly like the style of {{champion:432}} and {{champion:427}} who are a bit more play making and supportive. It is a little frustrating that even in higher ranks that arguements are still so petty and counterproductive.
: Who dropped the most off placements?
The whole ranked system confuses me. Two seasons ago I ended up in Bronze 4 after a long decent from Bronze 1 where I came achingly close to Silver 5. I think hell I've improved and go into my promos with a significant overall improvement in my playing ability and despite some truly terrible team mates I managed to make it to 5 wins out of 10 and end up in Bronze 5 lol If I'm roughly a middle of the road player I don't mind the rank too much, but when you have to win 50% of your games to get to the lowest rank possible what the hell do you have to do to get higher?
: Gold and plat isn't much better dude, trust me. In fact I would argue that they are worse.
What kind of win rate do you have? I would think I'm a pretty good support with the ability to carry a game (decent map control with {{item:3512}} )and yet with 5 wins out of 10 in my promos I am now in Bronze 5
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Légs (OCE)
: How did you get your first pentakill ?
With a tanky jungle Bard after stealing Baron! http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/V3toE2gA-bard-pentakill
: As much as in it unfortunate about 4v5's it happens to everyone. I've had quite a lot in my day, and now (Recently) I cant even play league not untill 1AM as I have 3 other housemates forever downloading. So I don't wanna be that afk/Dc'ed person. Ive even watched/Spectated a lot of games where someone goes afk/dc. Most of the time, its not intentional. Like right now there is a storm outside my window which is causing the lights to flicker. Of course some people do stupid things. Like playing while a storm is out. Or playing while the bandwidth is being all used up. Or a black/Brown out happens. Once a few months ago, a farmer accidentally broke (He cut/damaged) A very important cable, which caused my entire town to go without internet for 2 days. ----------- The best thing I recommend doing, is after the game. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. And hug them. Or if you live with your parents (I dont know your life) Hug your mum. I do this all the time to one of my housemates, when ever I have a shit/bad game. Its gotten to the point when she knows when Ive had a bad game and is ready for it XD. ----------- Some 4 v 5's can be won (Even tho its difficult) And that's only 1 game out of the 1000 games you've probably already played or going to play.
Things is I'm wondering whether I just play my console games. When league is working as intended I relish the opportunity to completely dominate other players with my more aggressive builds of Bard the caretaker, but when my job requires me to work split shifts and the only time I have to play are in two hour blocks and 2 out of every 3 games has an afk player in it I just think to myself it is worth my time? At the moment the answer to that question is no it is not worth my time and RIOT needs to know that. Maybe this game has a few more years left in it, but when the competition is so fierce they need to wake up and smell the roses because if I was a halfway decent player I would be wondering whether the math was on my side rather than the skill level I can play at because most games are pure trash and don't even give you the opportunity to play as the developers intended
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Wumachine (OCE)
: you stacked armor against a team with only 1 ad, this must be bronze 5 or something if they couldn't win that
The fact that I even managed a Pentakill with Bard would suggest their team just wasn't very good, but I understand the build criticism. Given the time I played this game, after midnight, the majority of the players could have been half asleep. If I wasn't kind of building against what I thought would be my main threat, Jinx I was in a bit of a build tunnel where I was just thinking about Thornmail and the enemy auto attacks. If I'd had my time again I would have gone with a Banshee's Veil Instead of Sunfire Cape as my final item for the MR and the spell shield. Which would have meant roughly 285 Armour to 165 MR. Or if I was really trying to maintain the balance I could have gone Zz Rot to keep Point Runner and gone Spirit Visage instead of Banshee's to keep my CDR at max reduction. What do you think Wumachine? The thing I'm unsure about is the stats on the damage I took which suggests a roughly even split between physical and magic damage. Though I am unsure as to whether this is before or after my defences are factored in.
Tearsong (OCE)
: Data on Bard's passive stacks - MEEPS!
Speaking of Bard being underpowered :p http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/V3toE2gA-bard-pentakill
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: Good Names for a Vladimir Main?
: I'm in silver currently but my fight and successful journey to gold last season was extremely hard with afker's. Winning 2 and losing 2 in my series for gold only to have the 5th game a afk mid. I agree something should be done but would be hard to accomplish I think on a whole the easiest thing to implement would be if you afk from ranked 3 times in a month your banned for 2 months from playing ranked. that would allow for some unexpected afk like emergencies or computer/network failure. That's my thought
Add that to the list of punishments that should be considered. I just disconnected from a game just then (not entirely sure why, but reset my modem and computer) and it counted as me leaving a game. The only punishment I got was to have a few LP taken for the loss (the game was lost very early on anyway due to feeders) and an extended queue time for duo's and team games. Not really a hefty punishment Not being a douche, when it became clear there was something wrong with my connection I stopped trying to enter games and ruin them for everyone else
: Currently the game punishes the whole team for 1 player leaving/afk. This produces toxicity in the lower levels of Bronze I doubt RIOT even cares, i mean how long have we waited for tribunal? When people get fed up with the toxicity and stop paying, then RIOT will take actions. Money talks etc.
You'd think something this simple to fix would help encourage more players and hence more revenue. It's a shame it takes people leaving a game for someone to recognize that maybe they should address these issues. Hell it might also encourage a better game experience overall and not just in ranked. As it stands I can just keep practicing and maybe this might be a good time to build a team of 5 people I know won't leave for no reason
: so, whenever we want to not lose lp we just afk?
No that would reward bad behaviour. Something to consider would be having AFK'ers lose more LP whilst the others in the team maintain their LP when a team mate goes AFK or disconnects. Not sure how hard this would be to implement, but would help to reduce the consequences for the rest of the team when they are unlucky enough to have one person who throws a game by leaving. Not sure it would be as easy to deal with intentional feeders, but Tha is why I suggest a fix to AFK'ers and disconnecters. I figure the system would be able to automatically register if someone is standing at the fountain for most of the game or not being in game at all. Thanks for asking for clarification. The title wouldn't quite fit the point I wanted to make
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