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Ingénue (OCE)
: As a thresh, #1 would be landing your hook. Easiest way to do this, is to know all about [trading stance]( (it helps when you play any other champion as well). A TL;DR of this would be "When trying to land any kind of skill shot watch your creeps + wait for the enemy to last hit them. They may move randomly in lane, but will always go for last hits, which makes them predictable. This takes some timing to get right, and knowledge of the enemy's range to know where they'll stop to auto." Keeping in mind, just because you could hook someone doesn't mean you should. what is your mana/health like? What about your ADC? where is your jg? Where is their jg? item/exp advantage? The list goes on. Being aware of all these factors and having a sound knowledge of cooldowns for most botlane champions goes a long way in being a good support. Also check out some [high elo thresh tips ]( well as g[eneral support tips. ]( When it comes to people flaming you, just ignore them. As someone who practically feeds their way to level 6 mastery (and is a support main), I know it can be pretty hard to do this and having someone in lane with you to see you constantly screw up (who then decides to be a ♥ ♥ ♥ and start /all chat flaming you) definitely doesn't make it any easier. Just know that eventually with enough practice you will start seeing the results you want. You will know your matchups and how far you can push your champion with your skill. You know your ability more than your ADC and more than your team. Just because they are telling you to do something, doesn't mean you should if you think it won't go well. Risk taking in some cases is good, but too many can easily throw a game. > Would starting a new account to learn in a more positive environment help? Starting a new account for a more "positive" environment will likely not help, as most people down there are smurfs and will rage at you anyway. A more efficient way of learning is to play in a 5man with some friends (hit up the [team board]( or [join a club]( if you need to).
Just a quick question: What would you recommend to to do when ahead? I normally just ward up & stand behind the opposing minion wave. Could I do more to put the team ahead as well without forsaking my adc? And thanks for the tips! They were very helpful though I'll need a lot more practice to execute them well :p
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: possibly the best champion teaser video ever?
Noticed some noises when warding a brush. wonder if they have anything to do with this WWop
: A conversation about autofill
Faker once said that you're not good at league unless you can play all roles. Autofill definitely makes that a necessity
: What could you do to a champion that would completely destroy it
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
: when you are very lucky xD
: Snowdown Ending Soon
So where was the special announcement? all i see advertising
Haarry (OCE)
: Babysitting
> [{quoted}](name=Haarry,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=XbQzmyMA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-02T15:02:28.997+0000) I talk to the person one on one on how its not gg politely not getting angry at them but saying how we can win and how there loss in lane wont play a large role. disagreeing with someone is enough to set them off. that is not being "supportive" especially if they're pissed at how horrible their team is or how they failed their last play. something like "bad luck", "we can still win" etc isn't going to make them feel any better; that's stuff you save for teammates who are actually trying to win/get better/are supportive themselves
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: I use a Razer Naga, all my abilities/items/etc are bound to the buttons on the side of the mouse with ALT/SHIFT/CTRL being used for modifiers. This frees up a hand to use the arrow keys to move the screen.
: Snowball Champs are having fun at the expense of others ?
I've always believed Yasuo was balanced. Beating him is pretty easy if you know how to Though the irritating thing is that down here in bronze, games go on long enough for them to just farm their way from 0/5 to 13/5. Especially since I'm trying to pick up support now, there's absolutely nothing I can do other than hope our team's yas, outfarms/roams theirs which is pretty much a 50/50 chance of having an incredibly dull game It's just too much for an uncoordinated team to take care of
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: Idk, I watched the vid and I don't see bugs as they seem to work just fine. Or is the posted video not related to the subject of this thread? And if so, then idk, I haven't seen cases of bugs in Yasuo's ulti (even when Yasuo is like in every game these days) however.
> [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=K2TEQq7t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-26T11:10:27.351+0000) > > Idk, I watched the vid and I don't see bugs as they seem to work just fine. > > Or is the posted video not related to the subject of this thread? > > And if so, then idk, I haven't seen cases of bugs in Yasuo's ulti (even when Yasuo is like in every game these days) however. the yas stood there as opposed to blinking onto the elise. maybe it was just lag
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: Two phenomena I've noticed after coming back to the game from my break...
blashblah (OCE)
: Need Help [Yasuo]
You can't really fight him 1v1 late game, sort of like a fiora, unless you're vayne and can just walk around his wall. - pop his shield at the end of his dash - bad yasuos will wind wall just an auto - hit whoever's closest unless your team has him locked down then you can use your kit on him - dodge his whirlwind adcs with no mobility will have no chance against him. so no, there is not a tactic or cheese
: What do you AUs think of roo meat?
I had a pizza with it a while back. Not much fat & a bit chewy. About ethics, sometimes I feel that it's better that we harvest them rather than leaving them out to foxes, dingoes, koalas, etc which would cause a greater amount of physical pain
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Bunjii (OCE)
: Players to help me get to gold this season currently Bronze 4
Pick an op meta champ if you're just going for this season
Arkangyle (OCE)
: League during school holidays
yes, but it's not that much worse
: The Christmas spirit is SO real
Bought 2 candies thinking i could fork out 10k ip for that icon. I demand a refund >:c
CreamPuff (OCE)
: is riot still giving 400 RP free for beginners
New players get an extra normal hextech chest on top of the garenashe beginner pack?
: I need a rly OP champ for solo Q in low elo, Which 4800ip champ do you prefer?
Trundle is the most easily op out of those 5 though you should still play whichever you have fun with/fits your playstyle
: Am i really a Dick?
imo, it doesn't seem like you were trying to help and he definitely isn't trying to improve. and no, you're not a dick, he's not a dick you're probably just two frustrated guys
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: Unfair and unreasonable match-making
Where did you hear that the game was "fun and enjoyable"? You sure it wasn't a marketing gimmick?
: Just hit 30, looking for chill people to play with
Tele (OCE)
: This is a bug BTW, **Riot** is looking to fix it by at least the next patch. More info [here](
thanks for clearing things up!
Brucey (OCE)
: Jayce is so bae rn
Played first non-aram game as Jayce last week (and it was ranked) Pretty much did the best in the whole game (must be op) his w with adc build almost gives draven dps
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Gnarchos (OCE)
: I play this game too much.
mf, jhin & ezreal would be good for ranked gnar, yas, vayne & thresh would be good if you want to keep sticking to them you're pretty amazing...i struggle to even get 1 champ to lvl 5 ._.
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Nijel (OCE)
: I'll go ahead and be the first to address the elephant in the room : ) What makes you say that SKT will come third in group B? Most people would put them either first (based on their past performance to put it lightly) or second after Cloud 9 (like our very own [Rusty]( did). What have you heard about the Flash Wolves that the rest of us haven't? Spill the beans friend!
No beans, but I'll share my simple mindset. I feel that SKT relies on Faker as their MVP to set up plays for their jungler/rest of team though not having that synergy wtih Blank that he hand with Bengi whose gameplay revolved around his team's capabilities rather than individual plays. So I'm taking a wild gamble for Flash Wolves, who have one of the oldest rosters, to snowball their way to first place(though unlikely)seeing how none of the teams are the most organised in this year's pool.
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: Star Guardian Lulu (Skin Concept Work In Progress) FAN ART!
: Personally i thought URF was great when it was yearly, but turned crap with the rotating game mode because a meta appeared. With ARURF this doesn't occur, and while it's not always the best, it's better than being forced against teams with only OP picks, when your trying to dick around and have fun.
well said {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
cjan64 (OCE)
i just got{{champion:157}} . no i didnt pussy out despite having 2 rerolls. I played him LIKE A MAN 0/10 and i went tank and was 5 seconds more useful bc that's how much longer i survived and his ult has a shorter cooldown than gettin 3 q's off -.-
: Backstabbers in league of legends
like that time when i gifted someone bc i thought they were a good guy and they turned out to be a total asshole and repeatedly spammed me asking for more before trying to scam me with a curse voice beta code that's worth absolutely nothing :P
: What do you do in LeaverBuster?
play on my other acc xD
: Somebody already took the name "Jhin Bot"? :(
whenever i see jhin i think jhingle bells. yea i'm wierd
: Yay, a cool skin for a champ you probably do not know or even play for that matter but know you're gonna try to main her and fail, than get cyber bullied for how bad you are then make another post about cyberbullying then someone tells you to suck it up and you do and hey, now your not maining that champ anymore. So tired of this, a friend of mine got the same thing and now after a few days of playing Riven on and off and he barely has a 40% winrate on her and doesn't even have an even KDA overall over 10+ games
hilarious. made my day
: I get that feel, I've been getting a ton of lucky picks in AR URF but hardly any key fragments
it's just so easy to get chests with aram & rgm nowadays
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: Is Aram really random?
Im not sure but there might be something to balance out the teams all i know is that there's a higher chance of getting champs on free week
: What champion should a noob like me get?
play a champ that wrecks people and get called a noob :D
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