: I deserve distinguished member.
I got a pretty good laugh out of this
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: I tip my hat to anyone who plays {{champion:26}} , for he is one of my personal favourites.
200,000 mastery points on him :D I love him and his utility . not many people realise how strong he is because no one really plays him right. ty for the hat tip :P
: To deal with a fed Yasuo
I think you were in my recent games where my diamond mate Yasuo was fed and I made him unkillable and unescapable as the Zilean Support. XD
Rahmi (OCE)
2:28 BEST FLASH, Faker is proud.
: yasuo op
anyone with a built in crit gets insane sustain :/ and crazy and unfair dueling potential early :/{{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:114}}
Jink (OCE)
: Warlord's Bloodlust Hotfix incoming.
well they changed it so you can only proc it if u hit a champion now so no more ez lane sustain, but tryndamere {{champion:23}} still gets a massive advantage in lane phase dueling he can win a losing duel just cuz of that lucky crit that healed him and gave him 20% atk speed
: Define Nerf... Tryndamere
{{champion:122}} to bully him out at level 1 before he gets rage going and {{champion:75}} to fight him head on in the late game. once nasus gets 50 armor and ninja tabi he can fight him through his ulti and still have like half hp left.


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