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: Looking for other beginners.
Hey I'm always down for some normals if you are keen 😊
: LF team Bronze-Diamond+
Hey I'm also looking to climb out of bronze. Haven't got coms but I main mid and top but I can semi sup and jungle enough not to feed. Mostly looking for a positive team. Getting tired of flamers and trolls.
: LF a Team to Join, or People to Duo with in Ranked
I'm also looking for people to climb out of ranked with. Placed B2 and fell to B5 through afk and trolls. Main mid and top Feel free to add me.
Burgasmic (OCE)
: Bronze 4 dou
Yo I'll played ranked anytime I'm on. Currently trying to climb out of elo hell 😊
Hey I'm also looking for a couple poeple to play so e ranked with. Placed in B2 with a friend that flamed hard. Mostly looking g for positive poeple to learn and climb with.


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