: Patch 6.8 notes
Still no fix for Jinx's Q not switching back to minigun during combat? Cmon guys, this is getting ridiculous! Q, Q, Q, Q, Q! F* IT! R!
iPatch (OCE)
: {{champion:2}} is too op!
I actually second this. When I saw that it wasn't a nerf, I was astounded. He can have a hard time in lane, which is probably why I don't see many, but nine out of ten Olafs that I do see can pentacarry.
Shiney (OCE)
: Always seems weird buying a champion with RP Its all about the Skins, anyone else agree?
As someone who has only two champions left to unlock.. Yes, I agree; it seems like a waste of money to not have ground for IP in the past.
: Okay can i have a answer as why my name isnt there i had at least 30 points and i sign up and did it before the challenges where over. Thank you :D {{champion:53}} {{summoner:30}}
30 points for the ocean week with the crab, or the year prior? These names are for the previous year.
: So I just checked and my name isn't on there. I know for a fact that I had over 50 points because my friends and I played almost non-stop during ocean week. Could someone kindly have a look into why i'm not apart of the list?
Which ocean week? This is for the year before the one with the crab.
: Find your name on the reef!
Oh it's fun searching the list for names that should probably be banned for inappropriate.. So many.
azzaboyy (OCE)
: I just spent the entire time searching for mine and my friends names (great thing we were all there!) to realize i could just press ctrl F and type my name (or others) and see if it's there. TL;DR CTRL F and type in you're name then smack enter INSTEAD of looking and wasting 5 mins and bursting you're eyeballs.
It's alphabetical, it should not be that hard even without the search box.
: Hi, Just wondering when you're going to stop replying to idiots who can't read? TL;DR NOOBS: THE REEF IS FOR OW15 (WHICH YOU PROBS DIDNT PLAY) THE WALL IS FOR OW16 AND IT AIN'T READY YET! Srsly tho seph, stop wasting valuable keystrokes, make them READ!
: Find your name on the reef!
> OMG THIS IS SO UNFAIR MY NAME ISNT THERE AND IM 9999999% SURE I EARNED 300000POINTS TOWARD IT RITO PLZ I CRI SO HARD11!!1!!!1!!!on11e!one!!elevenone!! -Every bronze on OCE > -sigh- -Sephyre
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Wait, is this technically racist? We're not all 18 year old bogans, down here.
: Looking at the map... Found out that a river runs through Canberra to the ocean (where all rivers go) so techinally your wrong but kinda right. Not counted not near the ocean... Hope I spot him. {{champion:105}}
TIL rivers are part of the ocean.
: yep I think they nerfed sated on ranged champs so they could release kindred as she would be a beast with it but now she wont so now I can go teemo jg
Tho if you ever went sated on a teemo jg, you'd still be upset because he can no longer on-hit-carry.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Email from Riot in Portuguese - 14th October 2015
Todos granizo rei dos perdedores ! Edit: portuguese AoE2 reference is hard :(
Aegwymor (OCE)
: **[But you can have all runes all champs and all skins, how? I know how and maybe you know now too!](https://www.facebook.com/952265458117476/videos/1067334036610617/)**
Fake, but it's not like 8kRP is enough to buy everything anyway, lol.
ahdahello (OCE)
: **[If you play on OCE server and you haven't seen this yet you miss out!](https://www.facebook.com/952265458117476/videos/1067334036610617/)**
People still fall for these mobile scams?
: Instant feedback powers up
I cant help but say it; some people deserve to be told off in-game. The mute buttons exist to allow players to stifle verbally toxic players. The question is, what can we do about the griefers who run around taking every bit of farm you try for then feed your lane opponents? Bans issued after being reported is a step in the right direction (though I've still not heard of anyone near me whom has received punishment for ANYTHING), but what do we do about it on the spot? A vote dodge in the champ select lobby and/or a vote-kick in-game (considering both teams' opinions) would be grand; for some behaviours, replacing them with a bot is better than letting them continue.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Its dha ma in disguise
Already confirmed that this is not the case. Refer to the DhaMa concept page for details on the hype-train-wreck.
Firstly, you cant apologize for swearing when you can easily backspace those words before posting. No forgiveness there (and I hope you get punished for thinking you'd get some). Secondly, it was probably made clear in the terms and conditions that you are not to divulge your information to anyone else, as you are the sole person responsible for your account. Sharing account details is never permitted on any platform, and in almost every circumstance where a malicious user ends up on the account, the owner of the account must take the blame.
Rioter Comments
: Wolf Buff Request.
What it does is create an orb which then moves to enemy champions in the jungle in question. The "on my way" ping is relevant because the orb is letting you know it is moving to somewhere. It's easy to tell it's not from a player because it doesn't have a player icon waypointing to it.
: The HUD update hits live
I like that Riot are working on modernizing the UI unlike competing games, but there's still too much bulk around the screen: the minimap has unnecessary things attached to it, which scale with the minimap size, not with the UI slider, and the center panel also has a lot of blank space between things. Don't even get me started on the store; it's so unnecessarily FAT. When I first saw the concepts, I commented saying I think that having a champ icon is really old-fashioned. Honestly, if you don't know what champ you're playing, you should just alt-f4. Requiring it on the HUD to jump to your champ, implying you don't use the bound key to do so, is simply announcing that you're using inferior methods. When scaling down the UI, the character stats icons are almost unreadable. This won't be a problem once we learn what's where and can just glance at it, but why was the panel completely replaced by this stupid little pop-out thing. I just think it feels like it was tacked on as an afterthought. I could go on and detail every little thing that I think could be improved but most of that would be fixed if they just made the entire UI modular, allowing players to drag, drop and resize things on the HUD - They obviously already have the basics of this implemented, as you can do all that to the chat. I don't know why this update wasn't held off until we could see something like that. ...But seriously, wtf with the store page?
: thats not true his to friendly to his own kind (Gromp)
: HUD Update
{{summoner:31}} IMO, the minimap area is too chunky. Team icons could be stacked vertically beside the minimap to free up the side of the screen. The timer and ping shouldn't be there at all, put them somewhere else, entirely - up the top, or visible only when viewing scores. Remove the opaque background from the CS/KDA widget to stop it taking up so much space, maybe even make the champ icon square and put them above or below that to keep the center element symmetrical. ..Do we even need a champ icon for ourselves? I'm pretty sure _most_ players know who they're playing as. Why not just put it on the 'character info' page and put the character stats in its place? Nostalgia is not a good reason to not change things for the better. **TLDR**; I think the new one's an improvement, but could be better.
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
: THERE TO OP CHANGE {{champion:114}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:122}}
: Rune Combiner & T1/T2 Runes
Just ditch T1/2 runes entirely. Allow defensive or utility ones to be purchased at level 10 or 15. Limit the number of flat AD/AP runes that can be socketed according to player level, giving them their first at level 20 and allowing only level 30 accounts to play with full offensive builds.


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