Quitting (OCE)
: Im not sure if its because im too early, but mine revel grab bag does not open{{item:3070}}
i'm having the same problem, i think it's a bug
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: Patch 8.8 Notes
"Fixed a bug that was causing gemstones to drop 5% more often than intended." Nope, no bug there, better hot-fix that one back real quick {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: You have a point, but I'm pretty sure that the new system gives shards per level, and basically that means free champion every 2 levels.
i have every champ, had about 60-75% of available runes before the update including 3-4 extra rune pages. I've been on OCE since it's first week active and was on NA for a while before that. also, for those of us at 30 when this update hit, a tiny bit of BE shards per level (i kid you not, 220BE from hitting level 32/33) is pathetic, not only did we not get the full refund for our rune bought before the update was announced, but we got told that our loyalty is being shafted (anyone buying runes AFTER the changes were revealed, get full refund, but those of us who had to deal with season 3 and 4 get about 20% of our hard earned IP). this agitates me because RITO has created a game that can create psychological addiction in people and those who can't pull themselves away just keep paying RITO to pretty much tell us we are not worth their time. TL;DR : We are all in an abusive relationship with RITO Game.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Everyone: "boy i sure do wish Rito would give us urf!" RITO: "You heard it, they want the Poro King"
: "Alpha"
"Beta" They had time to work this stuff out up to this point. Alpha is an incomplete products being build and tested at the same time. Beta is for testing out a complete product that has not been bug tested, but for the most part works. in this case, it's not just that it does not work, it is non exsistant.
: Isn't {{champion:201}} the nicest champion?
but he punches innocent jungle monsters. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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