: Anyone looking for mid laner main
we arent that high either and we are looking for a mid laner for our team, since our current one is unable to play right now, if interested add me in game
Olee (OCE)
: If Nasus is getting out of control, then your solo laners and your jungler are all doing it wrong. Lissandra Mid is short ranged and has super long cooldowns, still quite vulnerable to bursty %%%%%es. Lissandra top on the other hand, IS a little bit strong although all in champions like Riv, Panth, Renekton, Irelia, Jax, Tryn etc can still out trade and kill her early. Irelia's stun goes from 1 to 2 seconds... It's seriously not that long. Irelia, has her powerspikes and they are VERY noticeable and big, but she does have counters, like everyone else and she definitely has counterplay. OP Champions IMPO are champions that are as strong as Irelia and stuff, but have NO counterplay. {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:80}}
if you are saying panth has no counters use vladimir
: creating a ranked team
hi everyone, just an update to this we are now looking for a jungler after a reshuffle
: Hey, i'm silver 5 last season and would like to join if you're at least of the ages 17-18. I play mainly top but am able to play other roles.
i can answer for me and our mid we are both over 20, not sure on our support he only joined recently and top is a role we need so ill add you when i get home
: sup man- im silver 2 and would love to join :)
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slaya (OCE)
: yo add me: slaya
just sent friend request
slaya (OCE)
: Ranked team
me and a guy i duo with are creating a team, we are looking for a support along with a top and ADC if you are interested


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