: Why cant 'I' play in that elo? How did i get the bronze account? that is a secret. *wink
You know whats worse then scripters, people that dump elo to get to bronze, and screw people like me who only have limited time to play and get leavers/afkers/and throwers in games especially promos.
: The problem with the ranked system is that it is full of people who really should not be playing ranked. Way back, some of the best players I felt I had played with were casual players. They played maybe only one or two champions but they played them really, really well and I was always surprised that they did not play ranked, because, in my mind, they would go really well. But when I see these people play ranked, play their games and end up in bronze, just like me I was shocked, I didn't get it. But now, much later I do get it. As good as they are they are not in the mindset for ranked play. Some are selfish, one track mind players who want to be the carry or not at all, some just want to see more numbers go up and down as the game dulls, some don't get why teamwork is needed if they are the only person who matters to them. The casual player who jumps into ranked and refuses to adjust the way they think about the game is where a lot of the shit comes from. BTW Riot are putting in a freebe promo win system for next season. People below Gold 2 will have no excuse now if they really can't stick to a division. I used to mind being bronze. Now I don't give a fuck. Why? Because I prefer to play this game casually. That doesn't mean I don't like to challenge myself, it is just I have more fun without the mind baggage that comes with losing in ranked. There are other things I am better at and keep getting better at.
So an update, I finished S3 season 5, preseason made it to Gold 5. New seasons starts, lose first 3 games, win next 6 lose last game so 6-4 win-loss, placed S3 New matchmaker is fantastic!
Talon12 (OCE)
: gold isnt average. its the rank you need for the skin because players average out around silver 4 and 5
They only average out around 4-5 because of where RIOT starts your base MMR/ELO.
Tele (OCE)
: **LEAGUE TIERS** * An extra tier at lower levels is a terrible idea. It doesn't fix anything anyway, if you add in a _"Copper Tier"_ now the Copper Tier players will feel bad. I would also think the toxicity towards Copper Tier would be disgusting, since they are literally lower than bronze. > Should Gold not be the average division? * It can be. It's up to the players, it's all based around MMR equation LOL uses. No one knows the exact equation (except Riot), and this is super hard to explain so I'll just show you proof. The majority of players in [EUW](http://www.lolsummoners.com/stats/euw) and almost for [KR](http://www.lolsummoners.com/stats/kr) are actually in** Silver - Gold** not **Bronze - Silver**. Riot doesn't control this because there is no limit to the number of people in each division (except Challenger). **LANE ROLES** * This is debatable, but I think carrying from supportive roles is balanced ATM. In bronze it might not be, but in higher elo it's not possible to carry without support. Which kind of makes the support the carry in a way. **LP SYSTEM** * Actually a good idea. I think it would be good if excess LP was given back after failing the promotional series. After all you did earn it. **QUE BALANCE** * The system judges players on skill (MMR) not experience or current position in their division. **This is fair.** With your system, people not in promotional series are more likely to get in game with bad players who are on the verge of demotion. Also in Platinum and higher there's just not enough players in promotional series to do this effectively, queue time would be hours. **ABUSING THE SYSTEM** * Riot is insanely good at finding elo boosters. There was a post on here complaining about elo boosters, when infact all of them had been punished already XD Looks like it's been taken down though. * Looking up your team-mates has been confirmed by Riot to be within the rules. You're handicapping yourself by not doing it as well. [This](http://oce.op.gg/) site is great for that. **LANGUAGE** * Not sure what you're trying to say here, but speaking/typing a different language is not a violation of any rules, nor is it considered refusing to communicate with team. Learn more about that [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player#h2q4). I hope that clears up what you needed. I swear Riot should employ me some day, all these essays... :D
I never said ad an extra division I include Challenger as one Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challenger Platinum players dont get fresh level 30's in promo games, and you have way less leavers and trolls so I think it balances out, as far as que times you dont need a preference for promos, only Bronze, Silver, Gold need it. Abusing the system - I do sometimes look at the stats of players in my game, but I am talking about only losing 2 lp for a dodge, it is not high enough. Language - Do any NA players have issues not being able to communicate with teamates in champ selection, as I said it was a note, not a request for change.
Talon12 (OCE)
: silver should be the average not gold
is 5 the average of 6?
Thergin (OCE)
: Ranked injustice
How do I add polls for the rest of the points? Maybe this should be moved to general discussion I didnt realise what GD stood for when posting this.
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