: Ranked updates now live
Dynamic queue sucks because of the amount of players smurfing to boost their friends. Ranked this year has been cancer. Every game is just a stomp. Low ranked players have virtually no effect on the game.
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: blerg, the post added the "," to the end of the link, try this: http://oce.lolesports.com/?mode=no-spoilers
Dude! That is perfect. *Bookmarked* Thank you so much!
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: Hey Thirtz, thanks for the feedback AND solutions! I'll present your solutions to the team for open discussion. PrometheusHD had written a post with similar concerns, so I've tried to get something in before the games on Monday. If you go to http://oce.lolesports.com/?mode=no-spoilers, the scores should be hidden for the duration of your visit. When you want the scores back, refresh your browser or hit 'http://oce.lolesports.com' again. This will be a super unofficial feature (and a bit rough) for now. I'll need to discuss with the rest of the team how this fits into our product roadmap, and what our long-term approach would be for this. If you come across other pain points, or have more great ideas to share, lemme know!
Really happy to help! Anything to help on improving my favorite game. The link you shared still shows all the scores though? The front page has yesterday's matches all over it.
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: The new esports website: what are your thoughts on it?
Ok so basically 2 things need to be changed. 1. The scoreboard needs to be hidden so you don't give away spoilers. 2. When you click the "Watch" button it shows you all 3 games (if it went to that) so you already know the results of the first two games before you have even watched them. This needs to be hidden as well. Solutions: 1. [Hide](http://imgur.com/DIvLagx) the score behind a "click to reveal" type thing. 2. Have 3 squares for the vods, even if the match was only 2 games. BUT [make the 3rd box hidden](http://imgur.com/TmafgJf) behind a "click to reveal" regardless of if there were 3 games or not. That way you need to physically click on it to see if there is a vod there to watch or not. I have attached a couple of visual references to show exactly what I mean. Forgive the shoddy quality. It was just a quick thing in paint to highlight the issues myself and others might be having. EDIT: Also, replicate something like this for the front page, too. You can't even go to the website without seeing the scores, immediately giving away the match results.
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: We think so too. We're working on a fix so that you actually log out when you, y'know, log out. Right now, the mobile status will go away after about a day (so don't worry, you're not stuck forever) but we know that's not what's expected.
Umm, nope. I uninstalled both the beta and the release versions of the app on my android phone because it was annoying my friends that I was perpetually "online" in their friends list but actually only in "mobile" mode. I uninstalled them 3 days ago and apparently I still appear in their list as "mobile". Please fix this. It's caused me to stop using the app. I totally understand where they are coming from, as I have about 3 people in my list always online (mobile) that I just do not want to see unless we are conversing. It really needs an extra filter in the client to hide "mobile" users or something.
: Oceania - Team Profiles
I'm interested in watching more OPL but have the same problem. I have no idea who they are talking about when I watch live or on youtube. I would really like to see some team lineups and info on the OPL teams. Also, an about page explaining how many rounds in each split and how the OPL league works would be handy. I took me forever just to work out what a "split" was. Currently we are in week 6, I believe. Week 6 of how many weeks total? How many weeks are there left before the teams enter playoffs? I wouldn't have a clue. How much of the season have a I missed? You get the point.


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