Auryx (OCE)
: fiddlesticks too spooky
yes fiddlesticks spook
TSM Swish (OCE)
: Hey man, can you stream over Twitch? That's probably a good way to practice to a live audience! With that, have a YouTube account ready to upload to - you might grow a following, and at the very worst it'll be useful for benchmarking how far you go on the journey...what changes and improvements (if any) you make and stuff like that. With anything, practice will definitely help. I don't mean to do anyone a dis-service but there's a Heroes of the Storm shoutcaster with a similar name to mine and while he's not a bad commentator or streamer I don't really rate his ability to engage the audience when there's a game in progress. if you want to have a look at him.
I don't have a good enough internet to stream over twitch, but I have been looking into it. Definitely gonna make a YT channel though. Thanks!
: You can absolutely reply here with questions, can't promise I'll have a timely response as I'm operating out of another region entirely now!
Thanks :) So I really want to know, in the massive fast-paced 5 on 5 teamfights with so much going on, how do you know which part to be yelling about and casting? Because when this happens I just get confused and just cast the first thing I see happening. -- Thanks, Time Criminal
: You should be looking at E-Sports events or smaller tournaments and apply to cast for them or ask them if they want a caster. There are a few small OCE LoL tournaments that stream on twitch and could probably use some extra help. Places like Throwdown TV or Cybergamer or Gamestah or many other smaller Communities that hold LoL tournaments on twitch. Just put your hand up and see who needs the help.
: Hey mate, Rusty here! I work on the LPL in China and have worked on the OPL before so perhaps I'm able to offer an insight you may find valuable! lets jump in: > I've seen people say that you should get a degree in sports analysis, and I've seen other things saying a bunch of major casters have degrees in completely different things. To address this part first, you don't need a degree in anything to be a Shoutcaster, no form of pre-requisite studies are strictly necessary by any means. I studied Primary Teaching as an example. Now, for the bulk of the post to answer your main question. > I've been practicing shoutcasting over other pro games, but I don't know how to go any further than that. Shoutcasting is an art form and so much like many other arts it's subjective as to what is perceived as good or bad, the reason I bring this up is because if you want to take it further than you currently have you need to be perceived as good by those you are trying to attract to your craft! My advice for this is to look, learn and listen from the currently existing assets at your disposal, the current global Shoutcasting teams. Shoutcasting over pro games is a great place to start! You can practice in your bedroom over Soloq, over your friends games and ask them for feedback on your calls of their plays, my personal favourite method is to cast over pro games, and then listen to what the pro shoutcasters said to compare and contrast points to learn about what they are saying and how they are saying it. This is all for the craft itself, and speaking of craft, here is a video Riot Games Oceania released regarding the craft of Shoutcasting and a bunch of things that go into it. This is a pretty comprehensive video so I would recommend giving it a listen! Past improving the craft of Shoutcasting (ask my anything you'd like and I'll try to answer it if you need) your questions were more directed to how do I become a Shoutcaster somewhere big. First of all, practice your bum off until you're good enough! Secondly, create a portoflio of all of your best works! if you are going to apply for the role of Shoutcaster anywhere in the world, you'll need to compile a list of what if effectively "reasons they should hire me" into a document, just like any art would work! If there are job openings in regions you'll usually find them on the Riot hiring websites, I don't have the link handy but a quick google will find that one. If there aren't opening seen but you want to get your name out there, try reaching out to other Shoutcasters for feedback! Prove you've done all of the above work and that you're committed and it's very hard for any of us to say no to helping you out with a feedback session of VOD review. **Think of Shoutcasting like you would hiring an artist to draw you, you'll search for someone and only the most known will come up first, but they will have recommendations if they are busy and that is usually where you will start! From there if you've proven yourself then the jobs may come, but it's a small industry so note that there's no such thing as a promise! Just hard work and commitment.** Lastly, work hard but be humble. We've all worked hard to be where we are and we can only hope that if you're trying to make it to the top, we'll find a mutual respect for the efforts you put in, just as much as you would us! _Note: This is for LoL Shoutcasting from my perspective and opinions, not general Esports shoutcasting advice as per your post though there undoubtedly is crossovers_ Hope this help. Fire away if I've missed anything or if you have any extra questions!
Hi Rusty! Thanks for the response :) I'll try and do what you've said and keep working on it, and maybe someday I'll cast with you :P If I have any questions at some point can I just leave a new response to this comment? --- Thanks, Time Criminal
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: Next weekend
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gimble (OCE)
: Anyone place higher this season?
It depends on your MMR they said if some people had higher MMR they'd gain a rank or two but it's uncommon. On a side note, I finished the season Silver 5 with 57 LP xD
: Well, i fit all the criteria so i'll leave a message to find out more details and i'll also put my league ign here just in case ^.^ IGN: KystaTheKing
Your IGN is your name that you post with :P
: Can we get an increase in ward placement range?
Yeah like I main bot lane and if you see there's a Blitzcrank or Braum pushed up in the bush of course you want a ward there but you will get so close placing it that you can't Dodge anyway
: Can We Have Hide And Seek Back Please
What do you mean by hide and seek? It sounds interesting
Wolves (OCE)
: Looking for People interested in Climbing to Challenger
Hi I'm a bronze 5 yasuo main but it's just my noob teammates stopping me from being challenger I'll carry u ez
Over Haul (OCE)
: The most useless item league of legends
After reading what ohmwrecker is I now plan to take it into my hybrid Sion build
: Well, as a 1 trick thresh (400k+) i find that playing him with strange builds (ie. Top full ad/tank, AP Supp, Mid AP/Hybrid. or ADC) improves the fun factor, plus ruining a yasuo/lee/ali/leo's day amuses me to no end (regardless of position) But changing it up often helps, i play a fair amount of mid/top as well, so if i get bored of him, i swap out for other champs (i have mastery 3+ on EVERY champ, and every supp (across multiple accounts) at Mastery 7
When I was a Sion main I would take him top with rejuvenation beads and then build into GLP. Go full hybrid like that. It was awesome and nobody knew how to play against it.
: Funny Things From 'Year in Review'
Most killed by Lee Killed most Lee Highest loss rate against aurelion 100 percent Highest win rate against fiora at like 75
: My opinion on the new changes
I've wanted to write a post like this for a while, thanks for doing it :)
: If you want to play in Korean or Chinese then go to the Chinese or Korean Servers. The client might be able to handle it, but I remember there was a definite reason that those two in particular weren't enabled. (something to do with the characters i think...) Also may serve as a way to discourage Chinese/ Korean smurfs from coming to OCE. (idk)
Yeah I've been trying to get the Korean client and run it as OCE, but I don't think I can have the Korean and main at the same time.
: Not those games you see on, it's the most recent game that wont load.
Then whats the point of linking OP.GG :P
: Banned
On his OP.GG doesn't look like he's inting as Darius
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: For a Query about 5 EPIC MYSTERY SKINS!!!
Can you let us know what they do, because I'd be curious to know :)
: You would got four because you start with two.
: GJ Riot You're Doomed us all
The title says GJ riot you're doomed us all
: It's strike Like Bowling
"Quick! Use your Spirituality Telepathic Ray of Kinetic Energy!" XD
: Walter Horton Octavius, The Spherical Wizard
Seems cool, but maybe rename some of the abilities. Ricochet Roulette, cool. Spiritually Telepathic Ray of Kinetic Energy? Not so much :P
: I like the idea. New Caledonia is closer to New Zealand than Australia is, and they speak French. I guess the Cook Islands and Samoa would count, and their spoken languages?
Samoa is Samoan (duh :P) and Cook Islands is Rarotongan. That's from Google so it might not be completely accurate...
Olee (OCE)
: Soraka Janna and Malphite
We already got Program Soraka and Mecha Malphite
: Good luck with this thread because nothing will come of it. You're on a server with people that report people in complete seriousness because they're not speaking English. You can't expect these people to understand that in a game where thinking is key, not wasting ten minutes per game typing a language you don't know fluently is a deal breaker. They also don't understand that some people don't have English keyboards and typing English characters takes longer. This server is a joke, you'll get used to it. Kids hiding behind people not speaking English when they lose because they're hardstuck silver trash.
I didn't think anything would come of it, and I know people report people because they don't speak English. I was just hoping that maybe some people that felt the same as me could comment, and maybe a Rioter could notice, and maybe we could get more languages than just English, or at least an easy way to add more languages that aren't English. I know this is a lot of maybes, but it is possible.
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Olee (OCE)
: I can actually predict the future
Woaaah. So which skins are the project Hunter skins?
Olee (OCE)
: Project Irelia Project Vi Project Yasuo Project Vayne Project Leona?
3 years later and Project Leona exists
: touché... But luckily we all know Yasuo cant read.
: Check my other comment to Nightjar.
Yeah I think cheesyleeks summed it up pretty nicely.
Ryestorm (OCE)
: Let me try again "Ahh my eyes are bleeding!" Did I get it?
That made me laugh out loud for a solid minute
: Nerf THIS, Not THAT!
I think we all know singed is the hardest champion to master ;)
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: Have you tried reaching out to a teacher? :) The answer is always no if you never ask.
Do you know what you would need to start a club, because I asked a teacher and they said they would probably try next year, but they didn't know what making one would entail ----- Thanks :)
: If you need to report someone in a situation where the post-game lobby report isn't an option, your best option is to submit a ticket to [Support](, including any relevant evidence (screenshots, videos etc). They will forward the ticket to the Player Behaviour team who will then review the case and *should* take appropriate action. From what I understand, there's no "time limit" on players being punished for behaviour, though it may be more difficult to address the situation the more time passes, and I may be wrong on that (I'll see if I can get confirmation).
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: Choose the Next Illaoi Skin
: I'm a Trashuo main. Pls no rost
Yasuo tips and tricks: 1) E - Q the enemy laner and get the awesome knockup. 2) Realize you dashed under their tower and die
: not sure what you even think is toxic about any of this but sure accept you wrong given criticism
Wuks (OCE)
: Just to provide a bit more context before we go into the details of voting: > Pro players from around the globe will be placed in regional teams based on your votes to compete against All-Star teams from other regions. Along with regular 5v5 games, ASE will feature some fun game modes and a 1v1 tournament, putting pros in unique situations to really test their skills for your personal enjoyment. As for voting on who gets to go to All-Stars: > You get to decide! And you're not just voting for players in your own region, either. You can vote on pros to represent all of the competing regions in each of the five positions. You can also vote on as many, or as few, positions as you want. But you can't change your vote once it's submitted, so remember, no take-backsies. > Once the rosters are decided, the pros will then be placed into either Team Fire or Team Ice and the two teams will compete against one another throughout ASE. Both Team Fire and Team Ice will be comprised of three regional teams. When does all of this open, though? > Mark your calendars because voting opens on November 6 and runs until November 10 at 11:59 PM PT Hopefully that answers all of your questions!
: AEST i can play from 5~-8~depending on the work load
Cool I can play from about 4 aest and play one or two game, I'll give you an add tomorrow :)
: Show Us Your Replays Contest - Winners!
Are we gonna get to see the shoutcasted replays here?
: 1st place gets the G903 gaming mouse, 2nd place gets the G703 ;)
: The only time i've ever been able to stomp on Ahri
I didn't realise it was on until Friday :P
: Kalista Main, (Unranked) Looking for a support main to push with & chill with (Duo)
I'm a Rakan main, would be happy to add you and play some later today. What timezone are you in?
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