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: > [{quoted}](name=Reverie Soul,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xfReKRIF,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-24T04:11:01.080+0000) > > I've just made it into Silver. Bronze 1 was quite hard to get out of at first, I had to adapt my play style to being more aggressive, dominating my lane, roaming, objectives etc. My champ pool was culled significantly, and playing one champ in particular, and I was feeling a lot more comfortable with my mechanics and was able to focus on how to adapt my game to win it. I was writing down mistakes as I made them and how to improve, and would practice new habits to counter them (eg: safer recalling, safer pathing if i got caught out). > > Playing safe and steady, or getting ahead and not roaming was less successful, as lanes would feed and bleed into my lane, and suddenly the game snowballs in the enemy teams favour. > > playing adc was less successful, for one i'm less familiar with the role, and second you have less influence on other lanes unless you win yours (which is difficult if your support misplays, or is just terrible). > > Would be interesting to see what happens if I were to climb further - would I still need to hard carry games, or could I sit back safe on a scaling champ and rely on them more? Probably less so - situational. Lots of other little things too - experience from playing games and establishing good habits (eg: I consistently ward, buy control wards, and have pretty good farm in comparison to others)
Glad to see you're climbing, dude. Keep your mentality positive and focus on how you can improve and you will surely climb further. Congratulations on getting out of bronze!
ionex (OCE)
: Honour Loot
I'm level 5 and got my first honour capsule yesterday. I used to get a few key fragments every so often, but it's all random. Sometimes you get lucky, most of the time you don't. We're supposed to be getting a similar amount of key fragments as we used to, but that doesn't seem to be happening for some people. Honestly, I do feel a little cheated. I've been level 5 for a week or 2 and still don't get many rewards. It's not necessarily difficult to level your honour. Since all you need to do is play the game and honour a player that isn't premade with you and you'll level up eventually. Even so, I used to get several key fragments every month with the old system. Now I'm lucky if I get 1 per week. Even the honour capsules don't seem rewarding. I have 2 other friends that are also level 5 and have only received 1 capsule.
Virtual (OCE)
: 14 day suspension
Telling someone to kill themselves or die by any means is a bannable offense. Whatever the reason for it, it is completely unacceptable and should result in at least a chat-restriction. If you are being flamed by anyone (your team or the enemy team) you should mute them. Everyone has bad games, but telling anyone to kill themselves can potentially be a trigger for any of the 9 other players in the game. Not to mention that fact that it is an automated system that checks the chat logs of the player that was reported in order to see if certain key words were said. It is an easily manipulated and very flawed system. You just happened to use one of the terms that results in a guaranteed ban/restriction.
Mega9102 (OCE)
: What is wrong with Riot, Im level 5 honor
Feelsbad. Level 5 honour and not a single capsule
Mini Bao (OCE)
: It is also very frustrating that people are playing champions that they don't know how to play in ranked; and they do not care that they are actually affecting the experience of other players on their team who is trying to climb. There should be a system that prevents players from playing champions that they are not familiar with, such as a quest that they have to play the champion in normal game and win the match 10 times before they can play it in ranked etc... I have to dodge a lot of the games because of that and I am the one that is being penalized for doing the right thing.
This is a good suggestion to fix this issue. I believe there are many problems surrounding ranked as far as players are concerned (trolls, smurfs, feeders, etc.), but the biggest issue with ranked is that there is no way to effectively and fairly stop these players from ruining other people's experiences. Players that enjoy playing off-meta picks can be in danger of being banned. Especially if they don't do well in a couple of their games. For example, I have been a Heimerdinger main for a very long time. He's not been a meta pick for years. I have been flamed and reported just because I picked a champion that many people believe is bad purely because he's not played often. Should I be banned for picking someone that's not meta? Am I trolling by picking him? It's a very difficult situation because Riot can't always tell when someone is playing something off-meta or when someone is trolling with their picks. That being said, reporting players in OCE isn't very effective a lot of the time. The automated system can only definitively ban a player for being toxic for multiple games in a short period of time. As far as dodging is concerned, although it has immediate disadvantages, it is more likely to be beneficial for you in the long run. Dodging doesn't reduce your MMR, whereas playing the game out and losing would. You only lose a maximum of 10LP from dodging, but you could be losing anywhere from 15-30LP from playing the game. A lot of high ELO players talk about how they would dodge games no matter how much LP they lost for it. I believe Pants Are Dragon once said that he would keep dodging games even if it demoted him down to bronze 5, because his MMR would still be challenger.
xReverie (OCE)
: Ranked Mentality and Improvement
I think you've come to some good conclusions, especially when you talk about dealing with smurfs, trolls, feeders, etc. Consistency is key to climbing. Play one good game and end up feeding because you're too cocky in the next and you'll go nowhere. I agree with many of your ideas. However, pointing out someone's mistake (particularly in low elo) will generally upset and/or aggravate the person you are criticizing. Even if that is not your intention. From my experience, people in bronze believe they deserve a significantly higher rank, and as a result, they do not take kindly to any form of criticism. I used to have this mentality back in season 4 (and a bit of season 5). I felt that anyone trying to help me out were either attacking me for my decisions or too stupid to understand what I was doing. As a result, I ignored everyone or flamed them. Needless to say, I was hardstuck low bronze. After changing my mentality and focusing on self-improvement, I climbed out of bronze and am currently gaining 25-30LP for wins in silver 5. I am still very bad at the game, especially when compared to people in higher elo. However, I love the idea of helping someone else out of a situation I found myself in not too long ago. If everyone can have this mentality and want to improve their skills, rather than blaming everything on everyone else, League would be a much less stressful and significantly better game because of it. One must also keep in mind that solo/duo is about getting 3-4 random people to work together. This can be frustrating when everyone wants to play some kind of carry champ and not many people want to allow themselves to get carried. For example, many people do not enjoy playing tanks. Some people prefer playing carry laners/junglers. If a team needs a frontline, but the last people to pick don't enjoy playing tanks, they most likely will not pick a tank or would underperform because they're playing something they're unfamiliar with. Another key thing is to not believe that a game is over just because you don't have a tank or don't have much CC or whatever the problem may be. Especially in low elo, anything can happen. I have lost many games against full AD comps because people on my team didn't understand that building armour will make their damage almost completely negligible. The last bit of advice I have is that you just keep on playing. The more you play, the more you consciously try to learn from every game, the more you will improve. Learning and applying what you learn in your next games is vital to climbing. As long as you remain in that mentality and don't tilt, you should just keep playing. Never play while tilted. You can fall into the trap of becoming overaggressive or just make mistakes in general because you're not focusing enough. I always have other activities for myself if I decide I'm too tilted to continue playing. I can do some push-ups, punch my punching bag, load up another game that isn't as frustrating and is generally something simple that can calm me down. Anything to get me out of that mindset and allow me to vent my frustration. My apologies for the wall of text, but I feel that you might appreciate it based on how much detail and effort you put into your post. Feel free to reply if you disagree with anything I've put forward
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
I'm a {{champion:74}} main. I was a little nervous about his most recent change (halving his base damage and doubling his AP scaling) because I enjoyed playing the split-push tank build of Zz'Rot and Banner of Command. Since his base damage was enough to scare off most people while he pushed like a monster. But once his rework came out, I fell in love with the champ all over again. It opened up so many new opportunities for me and allowed me to try new things that previously were not as viable. When a champ's kit is overloaded or doesn't allow for counterplay, there must be some change that Riot implements. Such as Darius' Q. On the flipside, Urgot and Galio (as examples) were very uncommon champs and both had below average winrates for most patches. Their kits were outdated and clunky. The majority of players considered them boring to play or they were just too far outside the meta to be considered decent picks. Champs are updated in order to make them more in-tune with the current meta and the directions in which the game has been going. They may be inconvenient for the minority of players, but they are convenient for the majority of players.
The whole point of legacy skins is that you get skins that are supposed to be rarer than normal skins. Some people like the prestige of having a rare skin. For example, I have The Magnificent Twisted Fate, and I also have Blood Moon. Now, I don't play TF often, but when I do, sometimes I prefer to use objectively the worse skin that is TMTF, but other times I prefer to use BMTF. It depends on whether I want to look at a pretty skin, or feel good about having a rarer skin. Some people feel good about having rare skins, some people don't. I don't understand why Riot put the legacy skins in the mega orbs instead of the great orbs because it's less actual value for people's money. Since the number of expensive and/or "good" skins that are legacy are very little. But they are marketing the mega orbs towards the people that want legacy skins instead of the chance to get generic and common skins.
: Trying to find a new main for my first/second account.
{{champion:74}} If you learn to play him and can position around your turrets properly (assuming you can land his e more times than you miss it), it's an easy win in lane phase. You just keep getting stronger as the game goes on, too.
El Vuur (OCE)
: Would you consider adding *ALL* champions to the practice tool, so we can try before we buy?
> [{quoted}](name=El Vuur,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=NV4duqt5,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-16T13:04:23.582+0000) > Would you consider adding *ALL* champions to the practice tool, so we can try before we buy? I did agree that it would be beneficial for more people and I do agree that it is different. Surely you see my point? The free rotation allows you to try a champ before you buy them. You may not be able to try ANY champ, but that's still the main purpose of the free rotation. By no means am i saying that this is a bad idea. Should they replace the free rotation with this, then I'm sure most people wouldn't notice a difference. However, implementing this at the same time as the free rotation seems redundant to me.
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El Vuur (OCE)
: The weekly rotations allow you to play a champ in PvP or bots
It allows you to try a champ before you buy them. Sure, you have to wait until they become available and that's inconvenient. However, why would anyone use the free rotation if they can try out any champ they want in the training mode? Say you're considering buying a champ. You have 6300 IP so you can buy anyone. You're not sure who you want to buy, so you look at who's free in the rotation. You get one week to try any of those champs and then it rotates and you get new champs to try. But if this existed, No one would need the free rotation except for new accounts that don't own many champs yet. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. In fact, it's beneficial for the majority of the community. What I'm saying is that there is already a feature in the game that (almost) accomplishes this.
: Afking = ok?
I'm not really sure what your point is. Are you complaining because you report people and they're not punished, whereas if you afk/leave a game and get punished it's unfair? Whatever the reason is, if you afk or leave a game, you should be punished. If your internet crashes (and it doesn't do it often), then that's just unlucky. Take the loss and move forward. If your internet is unreliable, don't play ranked. That's your own fault if you disconnect from games and get a ban. If people on your team are trolling and there is absolutely no way to win the game (2 afks and a feeder, for example), then you might as well just mess around and have fun in the game. Just take the loss. My point is, people are going to do what they feel is fun. Some people play ranked in order to climb, other people play ranked because they can. Some people find it fun to troll, others don't. However, there is absolutely no excuse to afk or feed in a game just because you're being flamed or not enjoying it anymore. If you're being flamed, mute whoever is flaming you. Most of the time, people will type '/muteall' at the beginning of the game so no one can say anything tilting to them. Again, I may have misunderstood your point, but my interpretation of what you were saying is that you feel it's justified to afk or leave a game because you're being flamed or your team is just toxic in general, but at the same time, it's not okay for anyone on your team to afk or leave a game. That's just hypocrisy.
bomb11 (EUNE)
: What's the point in placment matches? (Opinion)
I get what you mean, my dude. I played ranked for the first time in season 4, then didn't get placed in season 5. In season 6, I was placed in b5 even though I won 6 of my placement games. It's very frustrating, but it's just the way the system works. Overhauling the system would be very difficult and expensive for Riot. I doubt Riot would be willing to do much at the moment.
: Should I try to learn Zed and or Yasuo?
You probably won't get the opportunity to play either of them in ranked (depending on your elo). In most of my games, both Yas and Zed are banned almost every time. I'd recommend picking up champs that are strong and relatively uncommon. I picked up Heimerdinger a few years ago and have been playing him a lot. Especially after his rework. He's very, very strong and very uncommon. I think he has a 0.3% ban rate at the moment. You can still learn to play Yas and/or Zed, I just think you'll need other options because the opportunity to play either of them will be once in a blue moon.
Essembie (OCE)
: Zed
His ult always places him behind you. So {{champion:74}} (for example) just throws a grenade at his feet and his turrets do the rest. There's not much a Zed can do against it. Unless Zed is experienced enough against Heimerdinger. But then again, who is? I'm a Heimerdinger main, and Zed is a relatively easy matchup. The main problem is the rest of your team (particularly bot lane) not backing off when you ping MIA. However, I do agree that his kit is quite overloaded and his numbers could use some tweaking until Riot finds a suitable way to deal with him. The main issue with Zed is that he is very complicated. People learning to play him will most likely do terribly (unless they have a few good games or he just suits their playstyle) compared to high-level, experienced Zed players. I, for one, can't play Zed at all. I'm a terrible Zed player. I've seen many amazing Zed players that kick my ass, but I've also annihilated my fair share of Zeds. All I'm trying to say is that Zed takes a lot of time and effort in order to get right consistently. Riot wants to reward players that are willing to put in that time and effort by letting them get away with stuff that most other champs couldn't. While his ultimate certainly is strong, there is still counterplay (especially as any champ with cc that can just bait out his ult and use the cc when he becomes targetable again ({{champion:74}}, {{champion:1}}, {{champion:90}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:61}}, just to name a few). However, the same cannot be said about Fizz...
: Smurfs
When I was first learning to play, I would only play Vs. AI because I was too afraid of getting my ass handed to me by smurfs. This was around the time of {{champion:7}} being able to deal 3K damage in 0.5sec with 4 ROAs, a DFG, and Sorc Shoes. So it was a pretty terrifying time to learn to play. I also didn't have the privilege of having someone teach me to play the game. This has been an issue for years. Many of my friends were bullied out of the game by smurfs because people forget that everyone needed to learn how to play the game at some point. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done. Most of the time you just have to take it as a learning experience. Try to encourage your friend to understand why they got destroyed by the smurf (such as positioning errors, minion mechanics, mechanical mistakes, getting outplayed, etc.) instead of "Oh man, he's a smurf. Nothing you can do about that. This is a lost game" or anything of the like. As cheesy as it sounds, encouraging a positive mentality can help make the game seem better and really help a person's ability to improve at the game.
: Looking for duo - High Silver/Low Gold support main
I'm down. Currently S5, but about a month ago I was B3, so I've been climbing pretty decently considering I don't play ranked too often. I'm a Heimerdinger main, but I am able to play other people jungle, top, and mid to relatively decent standards. ADC is by far my worst role and I keep getting autofilled into it. Feelsbad. I use Flex queue to practice my off-roles because it's just flex and doesn't really mean anything. So I'm trying to get better at ADC. If you're down, we can play some games and help each other improve. Personally, I enjoy criticism if I feel it's deserved. How else is someone supposed to learn from their mistakes? I am always looking to improve and am able to take responsibility for my mistakes. My main problem is mechanical skill, but I'm pretty decent (for silver, at least) when it comes to shotcalling and macro play in general. So I feel like I could help you out with that stuff, if need be. https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=TimingOfLords That's my op.gg if you wanted to look.
: Haha yeah, I love when i get him in ARAM, my biggest issue is that he seems to really suck against anybody with good range and/or poke, who can destroy his turrets without even being in range.
That can be an issue. Luckily for me, that's not really an issue in toplane. The main problem you can face in toplane is people with too much sustain for you to bully effectively. For example, In this current patch, {{champion:75}} has become quite difficult to deal with because of the change to his ult and his e. Most people that are played top need to engage and have to dive into your turrets in order to get kills are usually really fun and relatively easy matchups unless you mess up. {{champion:92}} is a good example. If she gets ahead, she can dive into your turrets and not need to worry. If she's behind, she can't do anything at all.
: Recommend me a champ?
{{champion:74}} My personal favourite champ. Depending on your elo and the matchup, easy double kills if you get ganked. You can harass the shit out of most people in toplane all through the early game. Mid-game you get a decent power spike, and late-game you can one-shot all squishies if you build correctly. To summarise, harass early, relatively strong mid, very strong late. Doubt he'll get nerfed any time soon because no one really plays him. He never gets banned and most people have no idea how to verse him. I play him mid and top, but he's also a decent support. High damage + high skill ceiling + loads of fun = perfection.
: I am not an expert on game making but I just thought it would be a good idea if they even come up with something simple as an offline version separately for download. Like I mentioned, just enough to keep players practicing and keeping up with the game. Can be very basic and slowly improve it. Doesn't have to include everything that would make em do too much work and cost on it as most of us would be playing on the main one anyway. Just a basic simple training offline mode/version for people who wants to maintain skills or practice their last hitting/farming or even work on their champs while being away for work. Atleast this way, it would keep their consumers/players interested in the game rather than slowly quiting because they just cant climb or basically lose interest of lack of game time. Can be just a version where you only even have to verse the minion waves on ONE LANE hahaha something that would help me keep playing. I have spent quite a bit on this game easily $400 plus. Riot should be generous enough to give this a shot. I mean seriously, HOW MUCH WOULD THEY BE LOSING? Just a thought. NO I LIED, I NEED THIS HAHA Oh and another idea if they are ever considering to make it is to also give stats and feedback on your champ training progress, like what you lack, what you need to work on, your weaknesses and strengths, etc etc But I am just happy if I am able to maintain game time thats all.
I agree that it's a great idea. I would also love to see it introduced into the game. Even if it as simple as DOTA 2's offline/practice mode. However, the issue still remains that Riot would need to spend lots of time and money on this. Creating something similar to DOTA 2's (i.e. a single lane with minions, a tower, and a single enemy champion) would still take a very long time. I don't know if you're familiar with the system that League uses in order to store account details, but my understanding of it is that everything is server-side. Meaning that all the information in our accounts (the champions we own, the runes we own, our IP and RP, etc.) are stored in Riot's servers, rather than locally on our computers. In order for us to access our accounts and practice champs that we own, Riot would need to change this system. Which would take a significant amount of time. Although, Riot could allow certain champions to be usable in this practice mode. Similar to the system they have in place for people learning to play the game. Allowing people to practice on champions like Garen, Ashe, Nasus, etc. Champions that 90% of the playerbase own already. This way people don't get access to champions that they don't own (if they were to make every champion available), but also get a chance to practice and develop the skills you mentioned.
El Vuur (OCE)
: Would you consider adding *ALL* champions to the practice tool, so we can try before we buy?
I imagine it would be a very large project for Riot. Based on how the game runs (in order to enter the game, you sign into the server), if they were to introduce an "offline mode", either Riot would need to store everyone's profile information locally, or would need to completely overhaul their current system. No matter what, it would take time and money that Riot, I'm sure, would prefer to spend on other projects that affect more of the playerbase. Don't get me wrong, if Riot could introduce an "offline mode", it would be great. I just think it would take up too much of Riot's time. Much like the new client, which is a significantly smaller project than this, but it still took a long time to be released.
: assistance in who i should get
: Need To clime out of bronze and Cant find Anything good i main top so help?
I am definitely not biased or anything, but Heimerdinger is amazing. Especially in bronze. Very few people know how to play against him and even fewer have played him. He teaches you positioning and timing your skillshots. Not only that, but he is great for decision-making. I am a Heimerdinger main and (since his rework) have been climbing with ease. Obviously, bronze is difficult to climb out of unless you play champs that easily solo-carry games. You also need to improve macro play and have a decent understanding of all the champs in the game. Up until a few weeks ago, I had an 86% winrate in solo/duo queue. Although trolls and feeders ultimately lowered that winrate. I still maintain >50% winrate. Meaning that I am climbing. TL;DR Learn specific champs that teach you specific mechanics in the game. For example, Nasus for cs-ing, Heimerdinger for positioning, various junglers for macro play (generally tank junglers like Sejuani, Zac, Maokai, etc.), and improve your mechanical skill enough and you will climb. Play Heimerdinger
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: lol is that Shockblade {{champion:238}} next to Frozen {{champion:98}}
Looks like {{champion:119}} to the right and {{champion:38}} in the background slightly to the left


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