: I mean i can't speak for now, because honestly i'm too lazy to go check, but last i checked, botting scripts hadn't been updated in YEARS. And it's not like it'd be hard for you guys to go and get the script, so that you can go ahead and ban anything that acts like it.
Hey jasonwazza, > I mean i can't speak for now, because honestly i'm too lazy to go check, but last i checked, botting scripts hadn't been updated in YEARS. One of the reasons why you may not see any bot script updates around the internet is probably because individuals/organisations who are mass levelling accounts, are doing it to sell the said accounts, and not to distribute code. >And it's not like it'd be hard for you guys to go and get the script Not sure if they would give us their code even if we asked real nicely. It would also be (hilariously) unwise for them to share their code around freely on the internet via forums/websites etc as like you said, we'd crack them and their bots would no longer work! Just a thought!
: First what i want you to do is reread the main post, and the Rioter post before you read anymore of this. Now, remember that riot posts are PR'd the fuck up, they don't get to just post like you do, hey that's why your a volunteer here in the first place, because rioters can't just speak up whenever they like. >It was your behaviour as a whole that resulted in your permaban, though it was the reports by players in your last game that tipped you over the edge. Let's first go over this bit, looking at the chat log we can see, and the fact that the rioter didn't post anything else, tells me that it's accurate, because remember all rioters correct this shit. The rest of this post being about the automated no-no words, means it was done by the bot, or else why mention it? So given the main post again, he posted that 2 of the players mentioned that their friend got banned unjustly, meaning they don't agree with banning for just saying kys, and given NONE of the chat is in all chat, it's also fair to say, that enemy team reports aren't a thing. That means at most 2 players reported this guy. Going back to our previous fight, that's not a majority, hell ask the team, and we'd get at best a split vote on whether or not to ban him (since again, 2 clearly don't mind the saying of that). But going back to the fact that it was a bot ban, this is fairly clear, as the only thing that comes up as aggressive at all, is the kys stuff early in the game, and even then, only if your a bot reading it, because again, the bot doesn't care for context. So that is why i refuse all this "it's not keywords" bullshit, because it clearly is, why else would this ban have happened? Back again to the riot post, the main thing that gets said is you've had prior bad behaviour, almost nothing gets said about the game posted, why? because the game posted wasn't bad enough, they damn well know that, and that's why it's PR'd to be all "look at your previous behaviour" Remember this is a company that had one of the tips for the game being "90% of players don't get banned again after being banned once" so of course they have to hold firm and pretend their shitty bot is actually doing things, it's all about PRing and pretending they are banning toxic players, when again, it's clearly not the case. As for your whole "why wouldn't people say something?" That's because we can't have proof, only riot can have the proof we would need, and they wouldn't show it, they'd only show the stats they want to show, as they have shown in the past, hell they refused to even tell us how much they donated to a charity because of "privacy reasons" A lot of riots stats are deliberately shown as a PR move, just like any other company, they only show you the stats they want you to see. But hey why should i bother, you have your head lodged too far up riot's ass to see anything clearly. Especially since you said this line. >If the automated system only functioned on keywords you wouldn't see people not saying 'bad words' getting banned, and people who say 'bad words' but aren't abusive not getting banned. But hey, what do I know right? Good to know your learning your PR speech, but are still yet to be brushed up on anything that shows proof, you can say this all you want but you can't prove it, lets go back to that old stat i brought up, the 90% don't reoffend, ever wonder why i found that stat funny? Because what it really proved is that 90% of the players that offended once, found a way around a shitty bot that doesn't actually know how to track context. But hey, it's totally not keywords, and there is no one toxic in league of legends at all right? Can't get your head out of riots ass long enough to get you to realize that can i?
Hey JasonWazza, You're drawing a lot of assumptions based on incomplete information. >So given the main post again, he posted that 2 of the players mentioned that their friend got banned unjustly, meaning they don't agree with banning for just saying kys, and given NONE of the chat is in all chat, it's also fair to say, that enemy team reports aren't a thing. Actually, most of the chat was in ALL chat - the transcript you saw simply did not show it. The Janna and Tristana mentioned in OP's post was actually on the enemy team. >Back again to the riot post, the main thing that gets said is you've had prior bad behaviour, almost nothing gets said about the game posted, why? because the game posted wasn't bad enough, they damn well know that, and that's why it's PR'd to be all "look at your previous behaviour" Personally as a League player myself, I would have reported OP for using that phrase because it's something I don't want to see when I'm playing. More importantly, the players in that match had that same view regardless of "banter" context and felt the need to report OP for it. While I can't comment on the exact details of how the automated system works (as in, the literal logic it uses), I can say that your interpretation of it is not quite right. It's not so much that the system scans games for words, but rather Player Reports, bring games for review. Had no one reported OP for saying "KYS", the system would not have actioned anything. It is because players in that match felt - even with so called "banter" context - that what OP said was unacceptable and reported it, that the system then took action. This is how it was intended to work - you, the players as a collective, decide what is acceptable or not. The idea is that the person(s) in the best position to make a judgement on behaviour, are the players in that specific game. I am by no means saying this is a perfect system - far from it - but definitely something that is continually being iterated and improved upon.
: Can I get confirmation by a real person on this permaban?
Hi Shes my Princess, As mentioned before in other similar threads, most permabans are not the result of a single instance of negative behaviour. I had a look through your account and in the last 12 months, you have received 5 (6 including this perma) punishments for negative behaviour. Every time you recieve a punishment, your account gets escalated and based on your record, you were on very thin ice already after 3 chat restrictions and 2 time bans. It was your behaviour as a whole that resulted in your permaban, though it was the reports by players in your last game that tipped you over the edge. I would also like to note that the assumption that Riot has a list of god-level "no-no" terms is not entirely correct. The automated system is populated based on reports by other players and the community as a whole has deemed (through their reports) that some things are not acceptable. Hope that gives you and others enough context!
Haarry (OCE)
: 14 Day Suspension
Hi Haarry! The chatlog that gets presented to you should be what trigger your suspension. I've taken a look at the logs myself and unless there was some mistake with what is being presented to you, I would not consider any of what you said "lack lustre". If you are concerned there was a mistake, feel free to share the log you were presented here for review.
: can you post every chat log ive been reported in leading up to my ban?
Hi Bright Dusty, You would have received emails with the logs each time you were punished for you to review. For your particular case, I suggest you reach out to support.riotgames.com and submit a ticket if you want to discuss your ban any further as the number of punishments you've received is quite extensive.
: Banned without warning/mute and there was no discriminating evidence provided in the in game logs?
Hi Karma x Sivir, I've had a quick look through your chatlogs - I'm not sure if you were sent the correct logs as it is very clear on my end where your negative behaviour was. Would you be open to sharing what you were sent in your ban email so we can discuss? Otherwise with your permission I will share the logs that I have.
Virtual (OCE)
: 14 day suspension
Hi Virtual, It's good to see that you recognise that you made a mistep during the game by falling to provocation. In saying that, you must remember that you are judged on your own merits and not the actions of other players. You have had 3 chat restrictions prior to this suspension which should have told you that your behaviour was escalating and not improving. Do not be frustrated if you think other players are not being punished - while the report system does not always tell you someone has been banned, it could be the case that their behaviour is ON ITS WAY to resulting in a punishment. If you see someone in game who is a total a**hole, chances are they are headed towards punishment. You may not be there to see it happen, but trust that if their behaviour doesn't improve, they will head there - just like you yourself are experiencing now. Take this suspension as time to reflect - don't fall for provocation by negative players. It does not help you have fun or win the game, so why interact with it?
jaggapuss (OCE)
: i just meant like after playing since season 1 never getting banned doesnt that show enough i mean common look at what the game has come to now you can barley play a game between 9 and 730 without having 2 trolls in every game
> [{quoted}](name=jaggapuss,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=HUy7UwI5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-07T21:26:46.357+0000) > > i just meant like after playing since season 1 never getting banned doesnt that show enough Hey Jaggapuss, I had a look into your account and I would like to clarify that this time-ban didn't just happen out of nowhere. You have been CHAT RESTRICTED 4 times prior (2 times this year) - these restrictions are warnings to you that your behaviour is getting worse and would eventually result in a BAN. I checked out your chatlogs. If you want to discuss your ban any further, feel free to share the logs that were sent to you - or with your permission I will post it up. I understand that in the heat of the moment, it can feel like you are simply retaliating - but having read through with the context of the chat, it's not hard to see why you were punished. While the enemy Master Yi seemed salty towards you (I assume without looking at the game timeline that you killed him?), there was no reason for you to escalate. This may have been an instance where 2 players who both have negative tendancies met in chat and triggered each other to blow up. Let this tempban help you reflect on your own behaviour in these situations - do you NEED to talk smack at another player? Or can you just let them be salty and dominate them through your game performance?
ROX Kuro (OCE)
: Banning
Hi there! I've taken a look at your chat logs (the most recent offending ones that triggered your permanent ban will have been emailed to you) and I'm not sure what your confusion with your ban is. If they were not emailed to you, I am happy to share them here with your permission. In those games, you grieved and berated your team mates including the use of racially derogatory terms as well as other things that the community has deemed (through reports made with the automated system), absolutely unacceptable. Because of that behaviour, you were permanently banned. > I haven't started to flame, and never trolled you always banned mine only. It's important to remember that whether or not you start the negative behaviour, you will be judged purely on your own merits. Just because someone else was mean, does not give you a free-pass to abuse other players. Likewise, the player who started the behaviour will be judged on their own accord with the appropriate actions being taken REGARDLESS of what happens to you. > [{quoted}](name=iLLz,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=91wuIrOE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-05T02:47:32.893+0000) > > for most games when I see a post like this I think yea whatever but I'm currently chat banned because I called out period jokes as being sexist so youre probs right I also took the liberty to have a look through your chatlogs as well. You say that you were chat banned because you called out another players sexist jokes, but forgetting everything else that you said prior to that as well as your general behaviour. It can be very easy in the heat of the moment to not realise what you have been saying or how it looks from another perspective. Overall your behaviour does not seem too bad - we all have those moments of course - so take this chat restriction as a warning (which it is) that you're starting to show signs of moving into the red zone. __ I hope this adds a bit of extra context for both the OP, and others reading through!
: Revoke Ban, Feel As It Was Unfair
Hi Pulsefire Dolan! As others have mentioned, you should have received an email with the specific chat lines that triggered your ban. If you did not, with your permission I am able to share the logs here with you as a means of discussing why the behaviour was unacceptable in League. To clarify, it was not a single instance (the game you are referring to in your OP) that resulted in your perma-ban. You have previously been banned for consistent, moderate to high levels of negative and unsportsmanlike behaviour, including - what I gathered from skimming the chatlogs - intention to tilt or grieve players on your own team for amusement. > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=Lx6YuUuo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-22T12:17:39.610+0000) > > Yeah as severe as it is, unfortunately in this game you have to be a little bitch and put up with anything anyone says to you, even if it's a death threat. I've personally found the best way to deal with a toxic player in-game is to do the coveted, "Mute them" method. A lot of players also do ping-spam on you and you can mute that too! Once you've done that, just forget about them and play the game. Having a typing contest with someone in-game does not necessarily make you less of "a little bitch". Taking the high road and being mature tho? Badassss!
KaynMid (OCE)
: The issue with fail rates is to know the true fail rate the system must be able to tell when a false positive has occurred and alert you to that fact. Otherwise your "failrate" is actually the percentage of players who came to the boards pissed off about their ban and turned out to be right. Further more for that "failrate" to be accurate a riot employee would have to hand review every single complaint made on the forums about a ban. Basically what im saying is your low failrate stat isnt accurate because it only takes into account the data you do have, and not the data you dont have. You arent factoring in the number of people who get punished then just frankly dont give a shit, or dont go through the forums. I am one of those false positives fyi, i had a 2 week suspension in the early part of last year that was triggered due to the dynamic ip on my modem changing my ip in the middle of games due to random outages of my net, this made one of the automatic systems flag me as either A) an account sharer, B) an account hacker or C) something else ip related that im not yet aware of. I contacted support and had the suspension lifted after explaining it to them. My false punishment would never have been included into your "failrate" because i never went whinging on the boards about it, i went through the correct mediums to get it handled the fastest (mostly because i have zero trust in the staff moderating these boards, for instance remember soviet and toxic, after 2 years whinging here and getting no results i went to support, got them permabanned in under 24 hours, that is the efficiency of the riot staff on the OCE boards compared to the NA staff who handled my report, and now that i think about it also handled my false ban) I know from first hand experience that the system doesnt work. I also know through logical deduction that the system shouldnt work. Basically you are using the logical fallacy of "well i dont see the false positives so that must mean they dont exist" Further more saying "reports only dont work if they are false" is frankly retarded, if i report someone because they stole one of my teammates lanes, decided to berate them everytime they fuck up by telling them they played that well, then ctrl+3 spam while our nexus is going down (a real example btw) and they dont get punished, thats not my report being bad, thats the system handling my report poorly. See the difference, you put more trust in the system than you do in the people feeding the system data, as such the system gets a faux pas whenever it fucks up allowing toxicity in the community to breed like rabbits, because for every 4-5 people trolling or being toxic that just dont know how to avoid the system, theres one person doing it in some weird way riot hand even thought of that the system cant catch due to that, and because no one in the fucking riot staff will listen to anyone about the flaws in their system it never gets rectified to catch that type of behavior. Like the example i gave earlier? lets break down what the system would have to be able to look for to punish that player. It would have to be looking for champ select chat stating that the two players swapped lanes, then when it doesnt find that and sees that the top laner is in the same lane as the mid laner flag that (and even then that would only work in ranked where roles are predetermined before the game starts) It would have to be looking at in game chat of that player and every time it sees that player talk it would have to analyse every play that happened within a few seconds of that message being sent to find the specific player he is talking about and determine if that "good job" was congratulatory or inflammatory (an impossible task fyi as you are missing context data like which player it should be looking for, or if that player's death was actually a bait etc etc, not to mention the system resources that would be expended running a simulation of the game for every chat instance in every report due to the fact that you cant know weather or not this type of behaviour was actually occuring ahead of time so you either have to not do this check at all (the option riot chose) or do this check for every report (the option riot wont choose because its too resource intensive, and i agree with them there, but its also why i believe the report system shouldnt exist in its current form in the first place)) It would then have to look at the behavior of the player in question towards the end of the game and judge if he made actual attempts to stop the loss (again an impossible task because without context data i guarantee you half the playerbase would be banned if you implemented an end of game effort check due to the number of players who sit in the fountain while the enemy team ends, which is different from antagonistic behavior like dancing around the fountain while the nexus dies knowing full well it will piss your team off, an automatic system cant tell the difference between someone being antagonistic and someone just behaving as per normal if the actual tangible behavior is the same with the difference being in the context) ^ and that logical breakdown right there of what checks would be required to ban that report is why the automatic system doesnt work, because with a human audit that player would be banned tootsuite, because the one advantage humans have over automatic systems, is that they can see data that they arent specifically looking for, aka contextual data.
> because i have zero trust in the staff moderating these boards, for instance remember soviet and toxic, after 2 years whinging here and getting no results i went to support, got them permabanned in under 24 hours, **that is the efficiency of the riot staff on the OCE boards compared to the NA staff who handled my report** Hey man, in most cases of negative behaviour, the best course of action is always going to be report them in the post game lobby. Even if you feel the system is not yet bullet proof, every report on negative behaviour adds to our data which lets us improve the system - the system is not fixed it is continually changing all the time. For the case you mentioned here however, that was one that required special attention and ultimately lead to some changes to the system (I cannot divulge details on this).. I also want to clarify that it was OCE Rioters (myself and Riot Gehirn) who handled that case (I replied to your ticket) and not someone from NA. We were made aware of this special case through the boards - so your assumptions were a little off... we are listening :P! You may see a lot of people posting about being banned, or posting up about encountering toxic behaviour and see no response from OCE Rioters - thus assuming that nothing is happening. Most of the time, we look into it and find that the systems we have in place are working correctly and no action is required. As some have mentioned, OPs tend to warp their posts or potentially have incorrect perceptions of their own, and other player's behaviours. I have personally read through chatlogs for games where players are saying they were abused (and ended up getting punished themselves) and found that they were in fact the abuser to innocent players - but not realizing it in the heat of the moment. I'm sorry that you had such a negative experience in the past with that case that's left a bad sting - it really struck a chord with me at the time which is why I personally took on the task of making sure that the appropriate actions were taken (I'm actually not a Player Support staff... I'm a designer!). I hope that the extra context this response provides can start to earn back some trust from yourself and other players in Oceania and we can strive for a more sportsmanlike community together!
: please come have a chat with me cause what I said is about half of what people were saying to be but I got punished for it how is that fair? this is the second chat ban I have had for pretty much nothing its just sad... https://discord.gg/sFkrwn
It's important to remember that you are not judged on the behaviour of other players in your game - it is only your own behaviour that can impact whether you receive punishments or not. While another player may also have verbally abused in the game, it does not exempt **you **from being punished for **your **actions. > this is the second chat ban I have had for pretty much nothing As suggested before, you can post your chatlogs up (or I can do it for you with your permission) and we can discuss specifically which parts of your conduct were not sportsmanlike or acceptable in our community. If you are uncomfortable with posting your chatlogs into the thread, that should tell you all you need to know as to why you are receiving repeated punishments.
: Chat Restricted for litterly nothing
Hi CsIsUseless, You should have received an email with a reform card that highlights the things in your chat messages that were deemed inappropriate. If you like, you could post up the chat logs in the thread and we can go through together on why certain things were not OK to say to another player.
Main Line (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomblade,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=zO7tAHQ8,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-12T09:03:33.010+0000) > > If you continue that behaviour, you will keep leveling up to level 3 etc. Is anyone level 3+ yet? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Considering Honour has only released for a relatively short time, it's unlikely someone will be Level 3 already. The point of honour is to reward players who exhibit consistent sportsmanlike behaviour - and that literally takes time. If it was super easy (get Honoured 3 games in a row or something), it would mean nothing. You genuinely have to be a good pal to level up - which is the point!
: maybe its not locked in but is it possible to max to it at this point
Absolutely! Being Level 1 isn't a forever thing - anyone can improve themselves and reach the pinnacle honour eventually.
: well like I said I'm not all that interested in the ban or why it happened this thread is about whether honor is going to be a mass grind to get honor back up like it has been so far because asking me not to be toxic is like asking a gay person to be straight its immoral and causes a lot of pain I don't want to continue to put myself through that if its not worth it
As long as you are a sportsmanlike/honourable player, your Honour level will move up and eventually return back to Level 2. If you continue that behaviour, you will keep leveling up to level 3 etc. Being at Level 1 does not lock you in there!
: I hadn't received an email at all and clicking on the chat restriction notification didn't do anything just a hover message saying unsportsmanlike conduct
In that case, with your permission, I can post the chat logs in this thread for you to review.
: random question about honor
Hi Jigglejigglwoosh! One of the common misconceptions is that honour is about grinding or "collecting" points to level up. The honour system is not about that. Just because you received 75+ honours, doesn't mean anything if you have been reported for a tonne of negative behaviour. There's no fixed amount of honours you need to receive in order to go up a rank. The only intended way to rank up is to genuinely be a good person in the game - not about points, not about score but just about being a sportsmanlike person all the time. > no idea what that is about I usually stay positive though am a heavy supporter of 3/1 is agree to ff In terms of your chat restriction, did you receive chatlogs regarding which games you were punished for? If you did, you could share it in the thread and we can go through why the exhibited behaviour was considered negative. If it's something you don't want to share publically, that's totally cool - but that should give you some sort of answer right there. > I'm at level one should I just throw out all that bs and go full rage at the assholes who are ruining the game (lane stealers, feeders, and idiots) because I'm otherwise fully stuffed for honor now anyways right ? or is there a realistic way with limited play time to get the level up Consistent and regular positive behaviour is the only way to bring your honour level back up. Don't focus on trying to level up honour so much - if you have sportsmanlike behaviour, your honour will naturally fix itself up.
: Riot Art
Hey Time Criminal! Lord Sesshomaru is right! Though the art team uses a variety of tools, Photoshop is a core when it comes to splash art. You would definitely need a drawing tablet or something though unless you are a GOD with a mouse :P You can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube by other artists just search up "digital painting" to get started. If you've already got some drawing skills, you will definitely pick it up faster. If you're new to illustration, my advice is to invest more time into pencil+paper first. Beyond that, most of (if not all) the animated splash arts for login screens/screensavers etc are made with Adobe AfterEffects. If you want to learn about that, search "AfterEffects puppet" in Youtube. :)
Norin (OCE)
: **Howdy Riot!** I love naming things, so I am going to make a GIANT list but the first four are going to be my TOP Four, and they will have explanations. **My male names are;** _RUMBLE_ - I really love the champion, but I also think it suits a Tazzy Devil. It'd be awesome if we had a mascot named Rumble. _GHIN_ - I know Jhin is spelt, Jhin. But the devil needs it's own name, so we spice it up with a G. I reckon naming a Tasmanian Devil after someone who kills people for theatrical reasoning, is a sound and sane idea. **My female names are ;** _FIO_ - Because our female devil longs for a worthy opponent. _GERALDINE_ - This is an exception it's technically two names if you get a male tazzy devil we could call it Gerald :D. I've always loved these names, I don't know why I like them/ **Now for the second highest four.** __INKY, BLINKY, PINKY, and CLYDE__ - I know you're only getting two but if we named Tazzy devils after one of the pioneering video games Pac-Man... I think we could all agree that we'd be pleased. **AND THE REST** SULLY AND FRED GEMIMA AND GNAR AVOX THE RULER OF EARTH and CELENE THE PRETTIEST FLOWER ADAM AND EVE ADAM AND STEVE KHA AND RENGAR MECHWOLF THE DESTROYER ( One of them has to be called Mechwolf the Destroyer now... seriously Riot don't give us ideas. ) ALVIN AND SIMON FREYA AND SIRIUS SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY AUGUST AND SUMMER WINTER AND AUTUMN MURKY AND GRAY ALBERT AND EINSTEIN THE BEGINNING AND THE END ( This would be oddly weird and cool. Not really names more like there titles. ) BEGINNING AND END RYZE AND TRYNDAMERE (Like tatman said, but I don't think we need to?) SPINDAMERE (That's more like it.) HI FYZE (Im so horrible.) LUCIFER (For obvious reasons.) MICHAEL (Religion is comedic gold.) **ELIESE** _This is spelled differently and also mentioned for a personal reason. MY past partner was named Eliese and played League of Legends with me, we both had shitty PC's and I still do. They only run League at 60FPS When they feel like it's a good day. Anyways, we lasted 1 year and a half and the reason her name is here is because she passed away a while ago about 2 years now, and I loved her dearly so, she gets paid homage whenever I recall names. Hers is beautiful and befitting of any lovely mascot._ LUCAS and that's all I have guys!
These are all really cool suggestions! Because the list is so big, it's hard to see which ones are getting the most upvotes. If everyone can voice-off specifically which names they like the best from this comment, that will help the super-awesome-totally-legit-Ocean-Week-committee pick the shortlist.
: riot please what happend my account got banend for no reason.
Hi mum is moist, You should have received chat logs with your ban. Feel free to share the in-game text here and we can go through it together and explain why the behaviour was not acceptable.
: what is wrong with braum at the moment?
Maybe try the cheesy Braum top :D http://i.imgur.com/EqFdt13.jpg (Full disclosure: I went 1/5 in the next game :P)
: No MIA, or Boy who cried wolf?
This is just my personal opinion as a lowly Silver/bronze player: I would say no.1. Don't spam your pings because it's very annoying for your teammates and moves the focus away from the match, to the frustration coming across in your ping-spam. It hurts team morale more than the guy who complains "WTF NO MIAS" because let's be honest, the rest of the team (and yourself) know it's their own damn fault for not warding/map awareness etc. In saying that, I feel that sending pings/signals to your teammates effectively is part of being a good team player. I try to track jungler appearances, lane ganks - even when it isn't my lane. When I see them on the mini map and notice danger for my top laner, I ping it - even when I'm eg: botlane. Blaming your teammate "WTF MAYTE NO MIA NOOB" is pretty ironic because not being able to read your lane/mini map/wards is actually, a misplay on the that individual's part. They are the noob at that moment. Being pinged a potential MIA should be seen as more a courtesy (yes it helps a lot, but shouldn't be expected at least not in soloQ) and if you get ganked, that's on you. Just like when players get solo-killed by their laner and say "WTF JUNGLER YOU USELESS" as you're 3/0 taking bot turret and get dragon and rotate to mid and get that turret too.... I've had people say "WTF NO MIA" even though I have pinged the MIA. And I tell them to read the chat (because it says "X signals that enemies are missing") and they've responded with more anger and things like "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW YOU WERE PINGING ME??????" lol! I guess some players are just angry in general and desperately looking for someone/something else to blame.
: Well he did finally end up helping (Just) but for fucks sake he is incompetent. When someone submits a support ticket, read it. This is rule 1, riot support doesn't follow this rule. Rule 2 should be stop Ctrl+Cing and Ctrl+Ving the whole fucking document when the user needs one line and gives you exact fucking details on what he needs (what i did, i got back a wall of text that while it held the answer, almost got skipped entirely because the majority of it didn't apply to me.) Rule 3: work out the issue first, then try and fix it, don't first try and fix an issue that isn't had (what originally started with this ticket was the support trying to get me to "fix my connection" which had nothing to do with the issue, because lol 40-60 ping)
Hey man, Let me preface that I'm not a support tech but I looked through the ticket today. While I think your frustrations are valid (our stuff should just work!), I have to note that the support staff were genuinely trying to figure out the root cause of your issue. You might not think that it was/is your connection but when trying to diagnose a problem, sometimes its best to rule-out the most obvious reasons. Yes it's tedious and tiresome especially when you want to just crush some peeps in-game but sometimes that's just what you need - if you want to fix something properly. Having 40-60ms ping does not mean there's no issue with your connection. Maybe there's something blocking the connection to the patching server which then bugs out the client (again, not a tech here just thinking outloud). Regardless, I guess you wanted a band-aid fix - which i 100% would too - but support wanted to try and figure out the underlying problem so you don't run into it again later. Hoping the issue doesnt come back tho! GL :)
: Riot support.
That sounds pretty frustrating - I have Telstra at home so I can totally empathise with the feeling of being sent around a circle #savage. Can you share the support ticket number so we can review what happened?
: Almost 12 months into a false ban.
Hi Limiter Removal, I've been following your post and the discussion that has been happening in this thread. I want to assure you and other players that while it is rare that a mistake is made in terms of a permanent ban, they do happen - and we make every effort possible to rectify the situation for the affected player as fast and openly as possible. In saying that, we spent a good hour this morning re-investigating your case and found that there has been no mistake - your permanent ban was correct. **The Elobooster that boosted/promoted your account to Silver 5 at the end of season 2015 (hence the stripping of your rewards) was using scripts/third party software (which led to the account's permaban)**. The ban of your account happened along with the ban of other related accounts to that booster (both his and other boostee accounts) which were also found to be using scripts/third party software. Hopefully that sheds enough light on the situation!
: Watch how this housewife goes from Janna to Fizz in once simple trick. :P
I guess she changed her mind about the bleached look :O
lalaki00 (OCE)
: Ranked Game Lobby Screen Looks Downgraded
Hey OP, As the client that you're using is still an ALPHA, there are a lot of things that are still being worked on and not implemented, and that includes visual polish (so animations and details). I LOVE that type of stuff so just like you, keen beans for it to finally all get in there!
: is this what i think it means :D?
hey proMINscuous! Yep that's right. This season we introduced Promo Helper. Check out this Season 2016 page: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/ranked-improvements.html Scroll down to Promo helper :)
Olee (OCE)
: Has anyone, ever, so far in Season 6, gotten their first pref in Ranked? Is it actually possible?
A majority of my games I get my first pref (bot) - but I tend to play with +1 or +2 friendos. I put Bot/Mid.
eX Men (OCE)
: Am I the only one who remembers items through icons instead of item names?
{{item:3036}} "The red arrow one with the health killing thing". Yep. That's how I remember items :P
: I would really like to see the full art of Ocean Week Fizz
Hey Everythingllbeok! I worked on the Fizz icon and I have to disappoint you by saying that there is no splash-art beyond what is in the icon T.T When we create the icons, we work on the small square canvas directly (so it's not a crop or anything). The intention is to keep laser focused on considering the icon's context (small and square) when painting.
: League themed twitter banners I recently made.
Oooo really dig these! Only feedback I would have is for PABU's one. Fiora's arm is covering the bend in the U so at a glance I'm not sure whether it says PABU or PABII. You could probably push fiora out to the right a bit more. Make sure that a little bit of the U bend is visible and you'll be sweet! I'd also not wrap her arm around the letter because it's kind of breaking the flow of the image - she's charging towards the left and engaging her in the same space/world as the letter physically means I'm now trying to relate those 2 things in my brain (and all of a sudden it doesn't make sense!). I suggest just having her on a layer above the letters instead.
: > [{quoted}](name=Roguestoney,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=K4HKfEEJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-29T20:53:41.172+0000) > > I personally love the new sweeping trinket. It's amazing except for the fact that it's almost useless against stealth champs. Sure, after a delay you can see where they are but if you're someone that needs to target them then you're screwed. For clearing wards its wonderful but otherwise yeah nah.
I've always pre-trinketed before doing an all-in on a vayne/talon so I didn't even notice there was a change/delay? The reveal-stealth component follows you after activated and as zed, even half the duration is enough to do all your buttons. No real reason to be scanning AFTER you ult. Only time would be if you were caught out and had to defensively ult but then you should be punished for that.
Lilja (OCE)
: Promo helper
Hey Yamaxandau, > As it stands it is harder to get through a 3-game series (**3 of 4** games, and the first has to be a win) than a 5-game series (**4 of 6** with the first being a win. With the promo helper, there are no additional games being added to the series itself - you simply start your series with a free-win. To my personal understanding, the promo helper works like this: Scenario A. If you lose a series (eg: O X X), the next time you climb back to 100lp and enter the series, you will begin it with a free-win. IE: you will start your series O - - Effectively, you only need to win 1 game out of 2 instead of 2 out of 3 (making the win stat required for the promo go from 66% to 50%). Scenario B. If you demote (eg: me going from S2 to S5...rip), then you will get a free-win every promo series you play UNTIL you get back to your season high-point after which you will not get any more promo-win-credits until you fullfil Scenario A.
Edday (OCE)
: I Found A Random Icon
It's the positive player icon! It means you haven't been restricted or banned. More info here :) http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/positive-play-icon-unlocked
Vendra (OCE)
: I'd like to know who drew all this. Sincerely an enthralled art student.{{summoner:1}}
Hey Vendra, I believe it was one of our illustrators Mitch who did the artwork. You can check out his twitter here: https://twitter.com/radioblur :)
og1764 (OCE)
: Icon Quality
hey og1764! I'm assuming you're referring to the jaggedness? I agree it's a bit poop! I can assure you that the jaggedness isn't in the asset itself (I put it together). From my understanding as a designer, it's to do with the way the client sizes the icons down - it's not applying any anti-aliazing. Basically, when it crunches things into different sizes, it's not smoothing out the inbetweens. The reason that some icons (like the Absolute icon) looks worse than others is due to the design itself - some colours/shapes lend themselves to look worse than others when there is no AA. Sorry I can't provide any action items/solutions as I'm not involved with the client but I totaaaally feel the pain. One day... one day it will be fixed ><
: Im done
Hey OP, I've added your account in-game. Feel free to accept whenever if you want to chat or add me via your main any time.
meercat (OCE)
: not showing up in the store on sale -_-
Hey Meercat, We made a mistake with the date in the article. The sale starts midnight tonight! Sorry D:
czR (OCE)
: rengar tattoo
That's badassss dude!
: What are your bans now?
Nidalee is on my ban list. I once suggested it as a ban and one of our team mates was like "lol what you noobs shes only being played lots because of her new skin". Many "..." were shared amongst the team. I tried nidalee for the first time ever and she seems extremely broken. I don't even need items. Boots and I'm good to go.
: I had rice for breakfast for 10 years straight. Must've been because i'm Asian.
What happened on the 11th year? Did you become a different ethnicity?
: I know, this is statistically impossible. If I AFK every single game, chances are I get better results than this. Now I sign up for a game with the mindset of starting a genocide.
Noooo please don't do any of the things. I know how frustrating it can be to be playing in a rating that you feel is lower than where you should be but be honest with yourself - if you really are better than all these players you're being matched with, shouldn't you destroy them? I recently went on a really bad tilt after losing the chance to win my promo games due to an AFK (ADC "Oh %%%% I have to go out" @ 1:22) and a DC (38 minute Tryndamere who was our only hope) one after the other (cliche I know) and I really needed to try and find a better way of dealing with playing League. Not just ranked, but LEAGUE. I read and watched some stuff from high elo players on the net talking about tilting and mindset in lower elo games. One thing that stuck out to me was that you can NEVER blame your team mates. Not because it hurts morale and reduces your chance of winning (which it does), but because it actually, isn't really their fault. Solo Q is just that, a SOLO game. There are team components to it but the fact is, game after game, the only consistent factor is you. I lost like 7 games in a row or something and I guarantee you that I was the problem in all those games as I tilted. At the time I blamed my team mates but if I was honest to myself, I just played like %%%%. I offered nothing to my team. How does this relate to your situation in Bronze 5 as a prior silver player? I'm assuming the frustration youre having comes from having "bad team mates" who don't know how to play the game. Think of this as a puzzle - your %%%%ty team mates are part of the puzzle. You are playing a bot game with Inters on the other side and beginner on yours and it's your responsibility as the BETTER PLAYER, to lead them to victory. THAT's, how you win games in solo Q.
: 3 friends in ranked
Had this happen last season. It was pretty late at night and we were so excited haha. Initially we were put on opposing sides (we knew because of the bans that were rolling out) and we banned our friend out. The game dodged though and we re-queued and ended up on the same team!
: Chocolate for breakfast
I once had Up&Go for breakfast for 8 months straight. Every single day. I do not recommend.
Ragged (OCE)
: OPL Summoner icons
Hey Ragged, there's another post about this same thing here: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/qmwNGkbA-oce-summoner-icons Maybe if we make enough noise Rito will hear us > .. <
Fog (OCE)
: This is great. Now you can tell your mum to cook dinner just as she starts a ranked game!
"No I can't pause this you kno..... Oh. Oh how I've been wrong my child."
: This rank system is inadequate to measure my power level
I chuckled at your post with the DBZ reference ^_^ I hope you get back into Silver man! Believe!
: You've probably been with lots of duo bots who just haven't mentioned it. However, the ones who make out they are entitled to bot lane are generally the ones you know about, and they generally yell at people who want a bot lane position. The duo bots who make a big deal out of being a duo-queued bot lane and get toxic are the ones who you generally know about, and toxic players ruin games.
These are my thoughts exactly!
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