: You say that the system isn't working. Everyone always does. But no one ever has any proof of this. Mostly because the system has never been turned off, so they have no idea how bad it would be without it. I think you would find that in the absence of the player behaviour systems, the game would be a hell of a lot worse. People expect Riot to 'fix' the problem. But they don't realise that the problem isn't something that can be 'fixed'. League of Legends is both **anonymous** and **highly competitive**. In any aspect of life, if you have just 1 of the above categories, you will have toxic behaviour, and league has an excess of both. There will always be people who display unsportsmanlike behaviour, that is just a fact. **There is no solution to that.** The best Riot can do, is weed out the worst people, in such a way that doesn't disadvantage ordinary players. A Tribunal can't do that, a Tribunal isn't impartial. Players want vengeance not justice, a tribunal is just an avenue for players to punish other players. Even you yourself say how 'glorious' it was seeing the popup saying your enemies have been punished for crossing you. That feeling is no less than vengeance. They ruined your game and now they're gone! Justice has been served! Justice? No. Personal gratification? Yes. Justice is blind. So is an impartial system. An impartial automated system doesnt operate with the prejudices of a Tribunal, it treats everyone equally and without the vengeance players want to inflict on each other. Yes it lets a few players off the hook that would otherwise have been punished, but it means that innocent players don't fall victim to the prejudices of others.
You don't need "Proof" we aren't in a court hearing trying to prove guilt of something specific. There is plenty of evidence the system does not work... Go play the game, ur guaranteed to have over the top trolls very soon. Compare the community in lol games to other online games. You will notice lol is far worse than most. I mean come on, saying "there's no proof" is just silly, its pretty damn self evident and everyone knows it. That is why everyone says so. Also, you want proof, and say "everyone always" says the system does not work. That would be stating that everyone agrees the issue is there, and is witness to the issue. Witnesses in such a large number would serve as the proof you need. Anyway, moving on from that pointless aspect of your comment, You say there is an issue with feeling glorious when someone is punished for being outright abusive toward you. If you wanna be all lawyer like, this also is an important part of "justice". If you ever sit in on a trial of say an armed robbery charge, the victim wanting that person to be locked up is a large part of the decision to lock them up or not. What the community wants as a whole also weighs heavily on the decision. Would you say the victim would feel good when that person is punished for abusing them? Sure. Does that mean the system is impartial? No not really. It works. Again, pretty pointless argument there. You can nit pick at the wording in what I said, sure that's fine, but the substance of what I'm saying is true, and most people agree with it. Yes, a tribunal would allow players to punish other players.... But not the players who you reported yourself obviously. It takes the automated aspect out of the picture which causes people to get banned for unfair reasons, and it puts a number of humans (just like a jury) in the decision making chair, and if there isn't unanimous agreement, no punishment is passed. That is fair, and it works. An automated system that banns people based on an algorithm is not going to be effective with a MORAL issue.
: Camille
Typical Riot. Another marketing strategy people are being suckered in to. First: Release a champ who is broken OP beyond belief Second: Wait for everyone to buy the champ and their skins because people think "oh yes Ima get easy wins!" Third: Once everyone has bought the champ, and bought skins for it, RIOT says "oh we're sorry, we had no idea they would be so op when we released them (does anyone believe that crap??) We'll nerf her now. One year later: Nerf them to the ground till its so under-powered it forces people to buy a new champ. And the cycle continues...
: Ocean Week Community Goal
How about doing something about the troll/rage-flame players plaguing OCE?
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: Personally I can't fault anyone for not surrendering. if I had my way, there wouldn't even be a surrender button. Too many people don't know how to play into a losing game! and that ruins a lot more games than when someone doesn't want to surrender. Yes there will always be 1 person who only plays for the mission, and makes poor tactical choices because of it. But that's no different than chasing lvl 7's. We have all been in the position where we put our personal score over the good of the team to get that 1 last token. lvl 7's have been out for a while now and the game hasn't shut down yet. This isn't a fair test either, we are in the middle of one of the bigger league events of the year, there are 5x more missions than would be normal, and the missions contribute directly to the event's progress. So theres always going to be more mission hype in this type of event. Also, no one is going to farm missions in ranked with no intent of winning. _(not to mention you cant even get 4 people in a group in solo queue.)_ If you care so little about ranked that you'd put a couple of mission points above winning, you're just not going to play ranked in the first place! So I think encountering this kind of behaviour in ranked would be so rare it probably isn't even worth considering. ________ You also have to consider the long time players, people who play 4+ games every day, and have done for years and years. It gets to a point where you start thinking _"Why do I actually play?"_ you've got all your champs to lvl 7, theres nothing left to strive for. Having little side-missions is a nice boost to these players, it adds a bit more purpose to their games. I think the missions are good. Personally I've haven't seen any players throw away games to complete missions, but i have seen lots of enjoyment from people trying to earn rewards and try champs they wouldn't usually play. and the missions are not intense enough to impact games too much. Normal missions are like "Get 5 kills in the next 12 hours." Well.... you don't even need to try for that, most champs get that in a single game, not to mention you could just play ARAM if you are that desperate. I see where you are coming from, but I personally don't think it'll be a problem.
I dislike the whole "You won't find this issue in ranked, so who cares" attitude a lot of people have toward issues that come up. Its not like normal games don't matter. It matters to me that people try even in normal games. I don't play ranked, because I have no interest in putting in heaps of effort to earn a score, just to have it taken down by a raging couple of flaming trolls who can't get along (that DOES happen in ranked as you are climbing). Its not worth the stress. What I'm saying, is normal games matter too. Just because they don't count toward your public score, doesn't mean it should not matter if people put in less effort to teamwork. I think surrendering is a great option, because it allows a team to restart a fresh game in cases such as when you have gone 0/40 and its an obvious loss, and two of your lanes are flaming, and one has gone afk because of the flaming etc. Or if someone leaves, then comes back, then leaves, then comes back, then leaves. so you can't recall the game because its not picked up as a leaver. I get all the positive aspects of missions, and I was quite excited about that too, but its super super frustrating when I get players who are just like "lol idc, I'm just getting my mission. gg".
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