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Nijel (OCE)
: A Login Queue!?
only had this when i was playing league in korean server 2 years ago.
: What do i build in this situation?
it will be great to get randuins and frozen heart against master yi, decreasing attack speed by 30% with both items. also, it will be great to use most of team's cc onto yi, since he is really weak against cc like ww ult, thresh q, etc. just ask team to focus yi and it won't be a problem.
Nijel (OCE)
: Nijiiyo's Bday Bash Stream (feat. mad loot)
haaaaaaaaapy haaaaaaaaaapy birthday my Friend! hope you have a great day, and stream! <3 {{champion:115}}
Ton Chan (OCE)
: 9 RP for mystery skin to my friend :(
I guess i'll just have to leave my 481 rp.. not good at doing anything {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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bollockz (OCE)
: Pacific Peninsula - Join the team!
Hai. im Ton chan (call Ton, jceum in twitch) I'm keen to do twitch administrator for this good community. and i will try my best to run our twitch stream nicely. :)
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Ton Chan

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