: OPL Split 2 Skin Giveaway!
*Already has skin* *Crying inside*
: Want to watch a replay from 8.1 that I have downloaded...?
If you already downloaded it it should be in your documents on your PC (Documents>Leagueoflegends>replays) However, if you only saved the replay, then sadly there is no way to view it because it isn't a standard video file, so only the League client can read it..... I've had issues with this in the past as well...
: ***
I completely disagree, I had the same issue as mentioned above, I was placed B3 my first ranked season a few years ago, and because of Riot's system, I was forced to get placed lower for a few years in succession
: [RUNES] My idea for Triumph balancing
EDIT: Realised I didn't take into account base AD for scaling, so might need to lower the base healing amounts at early levels :)
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Galio is usually a Mid/Top/Support champion, so idk why he was filtered as a jgler. Regardless you would most likely go the tank jg item, or the ap one if you want to try ap galio. If you've played League long enough it should be easy to figure out what each champion needs to build.
I know Galio's usual roles, I have level 7 on him :) I also knew what to build, I jsut found it funny that they put him in the jungle category but don't recommend a jungle item
: I don't see Galio being suited as a jungler.
Neither do I lol, I just tried it because he was filtered in haha
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: Syndra beats him, her E cooldown is shorter than his jump, so overall she can get away other than that shen can just block his autos forever, he doesn't need to be banned since he has counters, you just need to rely on the RNG gods to get what you need
That is two champs however, when he hard counters about 50% of the champs
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LeBIob (OCE)
: This is only fun if you have friends :*(
But! But! But the Brawlers can be your friends!! Look at the friendly Ironbacks!!
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: Oh and I almost forgot You're welcome :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The reason I am B2 is that I was placed bronze last season when I hadn't played a lot of league and then riot made it so you are 100% going to be placed lower than your previous ranking so ya know... Also, it isn't the golds I have an issue with, I usually beat them personally, it is the low level accounts on my team that annoy me because they just feed the enemy and I can't exactly carry as a support main. Finally, just so you know mate, the average league play is bronze. Over 40% of the league player base is bronze, so learn your facts before you spit nonsense
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theminiom (OCE)
: Is acension viable for the matchmade Pvp quest?
Yes, it is if you are still wondering
: June Early Sales: 23.6.17 - 27.6.17
One skin and chromas? I am disappointed
: Until next Snowdown
Finally... I like poro king, but a bit sick of it... P.S First xD
: can you do{{champion:35}} sale or release a legacy skin for shaco ?
Do you know what legacy skins are?


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