LeBIob (OCE)
: This is only fun if you have friends :*(
But! But! But the Brawlers can be your friends!! Look at the friendly Ironbacks!!
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: Oh and I almost forgot You're welcome :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The reason I am B2 is that I was placed bronze last season when I hadn't played a lot of league and then riot made it so you are 100% going to be placed lower than your previous ranking so ya know... Also, it isn't the golds I have an issue with, I usually beat them personally, it is the low level accounts on my team that annoy me because they just feed the enemy and I can't exactly carry as a support main. Finally, just so you know mate, the average league play is bronze. Over 40% of the league player base is bronze, so learn your facts before you spit nonsense
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theminiom (OCE)
: Is acension viable for the matchmade Pvp quest?
Yes, it is if you are still wondering
: June Early Sales: 23.6.17 - 27.6.17
One skin and chromas? I am disappointed
: Until next Snowdown
Finally... I like poro king, but a bit sick of it... P.S First xD
: can you do{{champion:35}} sale or release a legacy skin for shaco ?
Do you know what legacy skins are?


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