: OPL: Competitive Ruling - Aladoric
What kind of negative behaviour? I feel like it's important to know if he was instagating the negative behaviour or just reacting to the endless amount of summoners that are just playing to make people who enjoy the game on a competitive level lives hell. (My 2 cents). The effort shouldn't be in "educating" it should be harsher bans targeting ranked players trolling for fun not the players abusing the individual for ruining the experience for 9 other players.
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: [RECRUITING] [DIA/PLAT] RKLe5 Gaming eSports Team
Hey I understand I'm way lower than the Asking elo (G4).. but I do skrim a lot with high plat/diamond players so I'm familiar with the elo difference if that means anything :/.. just looking to improve as a player and am trying to find a 5 man team to take it more seriously. Any advise is wanted
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