Alamo (OCE)
: When I play the donger i get 120 cs at 10 minutes or something
: I dont understand? Gentleman cho is the only other gentleman skin, all the others are not of those same theme. Archduke nasus is in costume for a party, Mad hatter Shaco is firstly Mad, and secondly, a Hatter (someone who makes hats), neither of which are very 'luxurious' Superb villain veigar is a bit more high society, but the purple outfit and gauntlet denote wealth and extravagance but not 'Class' he may certainly be aristocracy but not as refined as a gentleman, Gragas Esq is the same, the suit shows wealth and social standing but lacks the 'class' of gentlemen, not to mention that RIOT fits it into the mafia theme over the gentleman one, hence when they had their mafia skin sale, gragas Esq was included and named the 'boss' Also regarding your pricing: Superb villan Veigar: 975 Gragas Esq: 975 Mad Hatter Shaco: 520 Archduke Nasus: 750 Gentleman Cho: 1820 Gentleman Gnar: 975 many of the skins you mentioned are lower than 975 so why does Gnar get the disappointment? also not to mention that G Gnar is a higher quality skin than G Cho, despite the price difference, cho has a voice over but thats the only thing it has over the gnar skin, its messy and apart from blatant add ons like the pipe just stuck on his claw, the skin retains its normal colouration unlike gnar, also the gentleman theme seems to be for creating irony for already 'Uncivilised' champs.
"cho has a voice over but thats the only thing it has over the gnar skin" Please wash your mouth out, "Do you want some more cheese with your wine" has to be THE best voice-over in league.
: I get this in ARAMs quite often and then people complain and when I explain most the time they are like "Cool excuse, reported AFK" etc. Incase by some miracle a Developer read this; 4gb RAM, Intel core i5-2410M 64bit operating system. Do not understand why I would get such a weird bug with my specs and also I get 32 latency so it's not that.
It is nothing to do with your PC specs. It's connectivity/ISP etc.
: You have been disconnected for prolonged inactivity. The game will now exit.
It's obviously your connection in one way or another. I often get false firewall dialog boxes on loading and immediately re-log the client so i don't miss the first 1-2min of game. Just be vigilant and if you are not loading in the adequate time-frame, alt+f4 and re log. GG
: When to buy RoA
except for a handful of champs it is situational. Don't make it a 2nd/3rd/4th item, decide to build it first to use catalyst early lane.
: because ranked 5's mmr is different to soloq mmr.
^ This. I reckon every single ranked team landed fairly low ranked after provisionals because regardless of your individual solo Q ranks, your team is effectively B5 until proven to be better after you continue to win.. Unless of course you happened to get matched against highly ranked teams in provisionals you would be placed higher from 5 wins. Good luck angrymaori
: ***
I lelled a bit more. "I honestly love attempting to kill people" -Toughest Nerd 2015-
: ***
Lel. Get help son.
: My Ahri Cosplay Attempt
GigaPube (OCE)
: uberdanger would also like to fuck all of your underaged family members
Good thing I have none. But really, watch his AD Soraka vids.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Yep it's live! The settings are fairly conservative while it's still being tested and they will be ramped up more aggressively over time. It's being monitored by the PB team and players are getting picked up. It's super important that you report any negative behaviour you see in game. There were also a few threads over the weekend about it: No one has been willing to post their chat log from the report yet though.
These were a great read thanks. The tears are delicious.
: You don't have to leave him top though. Every time you killed him you could have been roaming and helping your team get back into the game. Instead you ignored them because "they weren't your problem" and, as a result, the game was an obvious loss. At least if you had tried to help out your team there would have been an increased chance for them to make a comeback and be useful. They made mistakes and so did you.
Heartvine. Your white-knight get on Ritos lap logic is cringeworthy. These punished guys don't need your insight mate. Move along.
Ritual (OCE)
: Soraka balance
"it does open the doors for ad Soraka which is horrible anyway" UberDanger would like a word with you.
Jink (OCE)
: Made it to Gold!
So the moral of the story is. Ahri's Chest.
: Am I a jerk for building carry as support?
This won't work regularly.. Play more games and wait until a decent jg smecks you.
Exhausted (OCE)
: tbh i coudlnt care less if the support gets the kill, it gives me free farm in the lane which turns into equal if not more gold then the kill is worth and experience to snowball.
: welcome to china
: want some people to play with
: Create a team-chat fucntion in loading screen.
Teehee. I see what you did there
: Yeah. Ignite is too small range for me to use without dying horribly cus I play {{champion:101}} . I've seen Ezreal with smite building runeglaive, so I don't get the problem here.
Ez building runeglaive is something entirely different to your SS choices. Trust me don't use TP in mid. It's the quickest to back into lane. Anything is better; ignite,heal,barrier..
: Master Yi vs Irelia
: Why are bottom ADCs always AD?
: Bug, please fix
LOL. Fantastic rekt btw, you should remove this post before the trolls take a shine to it..
: when to recall in lane?
wait, did you just say you use Teleport in Mid? oh dear
: Yeah thanks I did send one through the Help and Support, but yeah I cant draw >.< at all. But I was hoping they could compensate the difference since its a bundle and not one skin.
please post your MS paint picture here for us to enjoy. Ty.
: If you had mechanics, you wouldn't be B5 after 1800 wins if you had actual mechanics. Your point is null and void.
I dont play ranked seriously anymore. Only league for fun :)
: Obvs not for everyone thanks friend
Faraj (OCE)
: Suggestions For League
Pick order works fine thanks friend.
: That would certainly give an interesting twist to scrabble, I'll have to try it next time I play. Unfortunately no one likes to play scrabble with me because my vocabulary is too large, so it wont happen for some time.
But you won't be able to use the word "Penis" anymore. The highlight of every good game of scrabble. Furthermore, props to people actually knowing what scrabble is. Less twelvies than I thought.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: So people(not Summoners) like you can make the game stupid and ruin everyone life
Can "ruin everyone life" ? Oh dear, don't be so {{champion:104}}
: What the fuck is a "1 out"? If your meaning a 1v1, 1v1's don't mean shit.
kk Pumpkin. Forget the 1 out ordeal. Still, bronzies can be serious technicians.. I mean not to toot my own horn, but I've got somewhere around 1800 wins on my B5 account. Pretty sure I've got some mechanical swaggoh lel
Bookbash (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TouchMyKimchi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=AB3U4F17,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-06-29T11:06:32.622+0000) > > So if you played say.. Scrabble, you would remove the letter E because it's too stronk? The lotteries commission did this on those crossword instant scratchies.
: Learn a different ADC properly before you try to learn Vayne. EG. Draven, Graves, Jinx, Tristana. Fact is your bronze, meaning your mechanics are probably mediocre at best, and honestly, Vayne is all about mechanics. If you were an ADC main then picking up Vayne might make sense.
Mate, presuming bronzes are bad mechanically isn't cool. I've seen many rekt Plat in a 1 out.
: Aatrox or Vayne?
How do you only have enough for one champ. Play more sonny jim jams
Zorphiax (OCE)
: I kinda wanna ruin the fun if I understand his ult properly tahn goes there then his ally is released so tahn would died then ally would just back once he/she/it flashes or moves quickly out of the Fountain
Uhh nope. Yes Tahm will die, for allah. The ally won't have a chance to get out if you landed at the very back of the fountain.
Zenoaxes (OCE)
: I'm still trying to figure out whether this is an actual song or not. I've done about 5 mins of research and I haven't found anything :c.
I presume you are too young. "White Lines"
: The magic of having a premade team. Even in the event that I don't have a full five man premade, three or four still works well enough to give me first pick. So yeah, I will be banning every game.
So if you played say.. Scrabble, you would remove the letter E because it's too stronk?
: Why I Want Normal Draft Pick
How will that help? You assume you will be Banning every game or something? Lo-el
: Climb elo
That Diamond Shaco main knows his sht yo.
Dogeee (OCE)
: Grill looking for ranked partner C; currently silver 5 Dogeee
What kind of oil do you prefer? Rice Bran/Canola?
Zenoaxes (OCE)
: Ezreal Basic Attack looks Bland
yellow Liiiiiiines, floow maaah waaaay...
: So how the f*ck do I get Guisomoos rageblade as a viable item in any build?
: Ekko and his W
lel. Just try forget about using it for CC. I tend to only utilise for the op shield; timed right from a distance, E into it on activation and smeck some face without worrying about the counter. Also.. ARAM isn't a good ground for him too. edit- go in low and entice someone to duel you = profit
Jink (OCE)
: "I would love to vs Gragas or Sejuani today".
Wew. Another wall of text that no-one reads.
: gg surrender at 20 (ranked)
This is silly. There are times when you certainly know the game is GG. Having a penalty for saving 20-30min of your life is nonsense.
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: Pretty sure Tahm's Devour works similarly to Kalista's ult, the ally controls where they are going to be released. So if you wanna kill them in the fountain, you gotta suicide as well. ~ EDIT I didnt realise you said ult, my bad xD You just gotta hope they don't notice the destination for your ult :P
So do you mean your ally can exit/interrupt your ult? Once you Ult them, they don't have a choice I presumed.. Pretty much the only reason I played Dota 2 was to use IO (if that's the name) and do the same thing. League needs more troll champs.
: Too much armour pen/reduction
Your carries must have been sht.. When that happens go off-tank and get enough dmg yourselves
: Silver rengar jungle main, looking to diversify my champion pool in the jungle, any recommendations?
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