Acqume (OCE)
: LF 2 more players for clash - any position, we're silvers
pandawolf (OCE)
: LF 3 more players for clash
: Looking for clash peps, gold. Add me
hey man im willing to join for adc :)
Faari (OCE)
: Client freezing in champ select with accept/decline match overlay stuck
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Tridênt (OCE)
: Hookerino
Known (OCE)
: Ideas of names for a Thresh main?
: Watch Riot PAX panels LIVE this weekend
{{champion:86}} teed win for SKT last week..
: Lower priority queue SHOULD decay
I hate low priority as much as I hate 12-yo Teemo players. {{champion:17}} {{item:3089}}
: Signing Up For Alpha And Not Gettting In
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Tridênt (OCE)
: Add me. I am Riven main - Top laner{{champion:92}} .
Also, subscribe to me on YT - LeagueOfRaymondd .
: Looking for top laner
Add me. I am Riven main - Top laner{{champion:92}} .
Tridênt (OCE)
: Riot Points!
Riot should also give away free champs to summoners who have played an un-owned champ more than 10 times, or so.
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DocSratch (OCE)
: when do early sales start {{champion:62}}
It says that it would start next month. So much for 'July' sales...
: July sales schedule
They should make a Lamborghini {{champion:33}} so when he rolls around, he is in a Lamborghini. LOL


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