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: Bronze looking for a team
I main Support and Top Support - Bard,Karma,Leona,Braum,Thresh Top - Gnar-Malphite
: Club for bronze summoners.
Great idea, i would like to join :)
Jy3 (OCE)
: Duo Bronze
Add me Bronze 5 (Dropped to it last night) I use skype, discord, teamspeak
: Bronze looking to climb!
Ill play if you need me, i main Support and abit of Top lane if i ever get it XD dropped to Bronze 5 last night :/
: I'm also looking for an ADC to support or just anyone to duo with in general. I'm a former S2 that has had a terrible time this season 6 due to dynamic soloQ. Currently B3 but can for sure play on a higher level. I also got Curse, Raidcall, Discord and ... yes Skype. I'm on every evening till late. IGN: Kiryuuin Satsuki
I could duo with you, currently climbing out of B4 and main support
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Briolu (OCE)
: Fresh level 30 looking for people to play with
I would be happy to duo with you sometimes :) i too am still learning since being AFK from LoL for few months
Tila (OCE)
: Casual norms/ARAM, anyone?
Flagg19 (OCE)
: LFM Casual Games
I'll be glad to help you :) I still learning myself and have smurf around your level so dont have to worry about lvl 30 accounts :)
: Low level games and botting
Worse is when they're in ARAM -.-
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