Bunny (OCE)
: The problem with matchmaking is that it will pair people together expecting one person to carry. Example games where you have 4 members are on your team ranked silver 3-gold 5 and then have 1 person gold 2. The enemy team will have a similar match up but in most cases their gold 2 will be the mid and our gold 2 will be the support. What's the point in having a rank if it is not to represent your MMR so why shouldn't people go off peoples ranks. In my experience the gold 1 mid will outplay the silver 4 mid unless they have paid for a boost.
exactly! i dont mind playing against players higher than me BUT at least give me team mates similar rank also not a fucking bronze 3 against a gold 5 in the top lane that is just being destined to lose from the moment i logged in and queued
Ingénue (OCE)
: When playing ranked, don't compare other's ranks as it will only get you down. **Everyone has hidden matchmaking rating, and that is what matchmaking is based off**. It doesn't look at your actual rank. Some people have MMR that is much higher/lower than their division, which is why if you judge everything based off rank, you get a bit confused and angry. Dynamic queue also plays a part in this, and it messes with the MMR of your team a little bit and puts you against harder opponents. [While matchmaking is a little bit messy sometimes, it isn't preventing you from climbing. ](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/E5KPW5Qx-playing-like-a-god-but-still-cant-climb-part-1) The thing is, if you are looking to climb and better yourself, you really shouldn't be complaining when a challenge like this presents itself. Just think of it as a learning opportunity. How could you have done better?
its not a challenge its a complete stomp you cant fight super fed enemies if your just going even in your own lane because the enemy laner is just as evenly skilled as i am and good old gold 5 irelia is up 80 cs on my bronze 3 pantheon whos 20cs and 3 deaths then decides to afk and give up at 12minutes so then guess what my lanes done cause the fed irelia plus the talon im going even with is pushing my lane and my unranked jax with the 25% winrate in ranked out of 4 games had fed also man has the technology and the knowledge to fly to the moon walk on it and back yet they dont have the technology for a fair match up in a fucking video game.
Ingénue (OCE)
: Its ranked, it looks like the Jax's op.gg hasn't updated properly though
yeah op.gg hadn't updated jax's stats however during loading screen i had looked up his stats he had just got into playing ranked and had 4 ranked games 3 losses 1 win matchmaking decides yeah his mmr is high enough to play against gold somehow the worst thing is i got 5-5 in placements placed in silver 4 but according to op.gg my MMR rank was higher than anyone else in that elo so that explains why im getting matched against golds but why place me in silver if my "MMR" is that of a gold player retarded as fuck
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