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: ***
lmao mystic llama got called out and cant provide a link xD
: the new client is so bad
yep and nothing will change
: OCE Servers
It sucks cause I need to get my honour level up for end of season rewards but I can't even grind :'(
: Alright thanks dude
I guess what I said was wrong, I'm not trying to get un-banned quickly but from 5000 + games my attitude is generally good, 14 days just for 1 word is unreal. I just wish riot cared a little more, they only make billions of dollars and just shit on most their players.
Outis (OCE)
: yes you now get suspended and banned for saying a word like f a g g o t or kys even once.
: dont use words like %%%got or poof, more so grow up you immature brat, it mite not seem like much at your pathetic teenage life, but youll get no where if you don't fix your vocabulary, i get you grew up in a shrub but keep your racist remarks to yourself, have a read at this hopefully you understand, every word has a history or meaning,
Why are you flaming me because you're upset I used a bad word in a joking way with someone who seemed to be okay with it? Never flamed, like I had said in my statement, their player was aware we were joking with each other as he flamed me aswell. Secondly, I don't need to mute someone if we aren't being toxic towards each other. Thirdly, I was premade with 3 people who I talked to when referring to the gank. And fourthly, no one was tilted. The only tilted person here is you. My argument was that I believed I deserved 20 chat restrictions because of what I said and was curious as to why it had jumped straight up to 2 weeks ban instantly. Calling me an immature brat, saying pathetic teenage life, not being able to spell while using the word vocabulary and even trying to say I grew up in a shrub. Incredible. So you don't flame in game you're just all pretend and fake but save the salt for outside of the game for people who have genuine concerns about the game? Not your average brand troll inting to teemo top because he wont build magic resist? Yeah, you're level 14 or something right? I've played 5000ish games, and you were upset because no one would accept your advise? Well you have so much more to learn and I wish you good luck. xD P.s Learn to spell if you're going to use the word vocabulary. {{champion:17}}
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