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: Think of it this way: That bug where killing a minion with Zed Q would kill and give you gold for every single minion alive on the map was extremely fun. For the person playing Zed. It wasn't fun for anyone else though. Sure there are lots of people who won't abuse it and make the game unfun for everyone else, but there are also enough people who would, to ruin it for everyone. ___ URF was much the same. URF (in whatever form it takes) *isn't and can never be a balanced game-mode*, and that's really not the point. Within hours of the game-mode going up, we were seeing the same 5-6 champions *Every. Single. Game.* But why don't we just play whatever we want and let them play that way? Well, you can't, because the enemy team has picked from that small selection of extra OP and picking anything else will see you steamrolled over, losing your game in 10 minutes or less. Is ARURF exactly what we want? No. If ARURF the best compromise to allow people to enjoy the game-mode without a small percentage of players ruining it for everyone else? Yes. Sure you may not get to play exactly the champion you want, but there are very few champions who *aren't* some degree of crazy fun in URF. Given that we also get rerolls, and they don't have to permaban champions like Sona, I'd say they're doing the best with what they've got. Also, Riot doesn't *have* to bring URF back in any form. They have absolutely no obligation to do it, and it costs them money to update a game-mode that also doesn't *make* any (directly at least). ARURF is still the same core experience, and if the alternative is nothing at all, because regular URF just isn't healthy or sustainable, which would you prefer?
You might want to rethink the way you phrase your words, you attack me in the last sentence however it doesn't matter. Riot will never listen to their fan base and I get that everyone picks the same champ but just introduce bans, why is it up to Riot to decide what fans think, fans complained alot less about regular urf than they do arurf, wonder why that may be?
Ninox (OCE)
: It's up on PBE but not ready to ship to live yet. They've stated it will be this year, but haven't given a definite when. >When URF indeed. We aren’t quite ready to say the exact patch, but you can expect ARURF in some form by the end of this year, with some minor adjustments we think you’ll like.
Man i love not listening to the community, we didn't ask for ARURF we asked for URF, yet they keep changing it to what they think we'll like instead of asking us.
: Patch 9.14 notes
They removed the core essence of Aatrox character, just for balance changes.
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: Before he was a click to win champ. Now he requires a bit of skill/finesse. I think this is an improvement. The Aatrox just before this update was super nerfed anyway; his undying only worked with a full bloodpool. That was a winning element that got cut out. Now he has some nice moves. Good job riot.
you say the aatrox before was super nerfed, even if that was true i wouldn't care you don't understand how demoralizing it is to have one of your favourite champs dissapear into a monster that cant be recognized
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: Second time being banned, and i get a perm,
If you really feel like you don't deserve it personally ticket riot you might be able to sort something out
yCarr (OCE)
I feel like calling your team autistic is a bit on the harsh side, people have bad games. you wouldn't like it if you were having a bad game and you were called autistic and I personally have gotten banned so I know how annoying it can be and how angry it makes you. All the advice i can give you is try and ticket riot support if they don't do anything about it, you will just have to live with the ban
: There are still bots in aram so unless they are gone this shit ain’t gonna be fixed
Here's the thing they were no bot they were talking to us like a real person and with insults I don't think a bot would use
: ban review
To me it just looks like you kept insulting him the same thing happened to me but its just not worth it just report them in the end
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: While it sucks, I think it is fair in a way. The toxicity gets worse around the end of the season, so while it's nice to be able to say _"but they were doing it too!!!1!!1!"_ it kind of just makes all the hard work you put in pointless. Don't stoop to their levels. The mute function exists for a reason. Anyway, as far as not getting any of the end of the season rewards, well... Riot aren't going to reward people for being toxic. It's good you understand why you were banned (most don't), but it's probably just a lesson for the future.
The thing is in my ban report muting people is apparently toxic
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: Talon Maîns club
ive recently been playing alot of talon but im no main :/
he was probably just tilted and he might not have played since the support item update


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