Tomo7182 (OCE)
: New rune idea: Quintessence of tenacity
You woudn't get much from the rune if they did bring it back or it'd be the dodge scenario all over again. Like could you imagine irellia with 5 per Quint + her passive + the masteries like a 2 second stun would translate into a 0.1 second stun on her in a teamfight. Not to mention you'd really only rune those Runes on Tanks or Bruisers it'd just be better to bring in an item with tenacity on it. I hate the DMG reduction on Phantom dancer it should be like 15% tenacity rather than 12% dmg reduction
EzeBlood (OCE)
: He has a 76.4% Win Rate. With a kit that's so 'underpowered' as his, this shouldn't be a thing, surely? He's sleeper OP for anyone who knows how to play him properly and capitalise upon opportunities.
From what i can determine from the Data his overall win rate is 47.47% with the player base average games on him being 70 odd. On the Oceanic server he has a 46% win rate, No one is saying he's useless he's just mediocre at best in the hands of his average player. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there is an Aatrox main with 400+ games on a 70% win rate. But him being Over or underpowered is irrelevant thats not what the thread is discussing. His Kit dosen't reflect a being who is as ancient as war itself the point i was getting at my above post is that Aatrox should thrive the longer he is in battle instead of being harshly countered Mid-Late game as he's burst isn't high enough and he lacks the tools to stick to conventional carries and toplaners. His Cheese-style early game with Huge burst and tower diving capabilities can break a game open don't get me wrong i just wish he had a Kit that reflected his personality and was more functional is all. Possibly taking a page from Tryndamere (the tryndamere we know today was created by aatrox) Darius or Jax. The longer these champs are in battle the more lethal they are. Tryndamere's fury Ramping up his Dmg and Crit chance, Huge DPS increase to darius with up to 200 AD and 6 stacks of bleed and jax who gains tons of attackspeed a 3 strike DPS increase. Aatrox just gains Sustain every 3rd strike or Dmg the longer he is in battle with more attackspeed in his passive but the sad thing is the rest of his Kit dosen't have enough Raw power for you to get away with just using the healing part of his W but if you don't you'll die far to quickly, the intended purpose of this was aatrox was supposed to stay @ 50% health unless CC'd and nuked down but with Executioners and Morello's but such easy buys he dosen't get a chance it's all or nothing and judging by the data it's nothing a little to often.
: Can i fall from silver 5 to Bronze 1
You can Demote to Bronze 1 from Silver 5. You need to have the MMR of a Bronze 5 to do it however, there is no safe period but if you're FRESH silver V it'd take like 8 - 12 Losses on 0 to tank that much MMR. Dosen't Necessarily have to be straight you could win 1 lose 3 win 1 lose 2 win 2 lose 4 win 1 lose 3 and demote. I'd like to point out that you're Safe from Decay until platinum so if you don't mind waiting it out that's always and option if you're unsure.
: Why isn't Tristana played in the competitive scene anymore as opposed to last years?
in comparison to Cait & Jinx who both use runaan's aswell as tristana she really dosen't get as much as a DPS spike as they do, Cait's DPS grows alot due to her headshotting 3 shots instead of 6. While Jinx gains Raw AOE strength poor trist really one gets the ability to shoot 2 other people. So you're probably thinking why not just not build PD well in terms of Single target DPS Jhin Lucian and Vayne are pretty (Y) right now. Where as last year alot of carries didn't have juicy new kits with new items to play with. So tristana's Single target was pretty reliable then, but from what i remember Jinx was the star of the show 2015. AN popping off
: How do you do that and do you have a link to a forum or video
I'm not sure how it happens but Riot essentially get a list of players/accounts they believe have reformed and they go through a probation period i guess would be the correct term for it. Last thing i new they were confidential but the whole XJ9 thing went public cause he was perma'd as a person not just a single account, and he started streaming/playing again riot has since retracted his right to play as it was an error Riot Lyte said. Sorry i can't give more info maybe asking riot personally in a ticket you'll be able to get some info about it or your brothers accounts eligibility.
: The Alpha Client is literal trash for blind pick.
It's in alpha though, there should be a way you can voice your feedback to Riot
: Why is it riot doesn't give perma ban players a chance anymore?
Just make a new account. Even if he's spent money on skins it's stated in the TOS that you don't legally own the account they do. Maybe a year or 6 months of Not being reported on another account you can send that into riot and ask for a 2nd chance and so he's reformed.
: I know what i honestly think its wrong they do such a thing it only make me think there all about the money and don't give a single care in the wrong to players. Law gives second chances after someone has been sentence they can get a good behaviour release period but riot doesn't do anything like that. Thanks for the comment mate i see what you mean :)
Riot do occasionally give out good behavior 2nd chances on perma bans there was a whole 2 week saga on how XJ9 snuck his way onto one last year or the year before.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: nice~!
Maraudaur our season rank badges are the same dude :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
EzeBlood (OCE)
I have to disagree besides his initial Cheese-style early game, He has low Dmg for a mellee carry thats ment to be offset by his crazy sustain but executioners calling is such an easy buy and morello's being bread and butter for most mages he dosen't really get to shine these days. His Ult is really cool Extra Attack Range and attack speed to help him sorta stick but His E and i hate to say it his Q are really bland. Aatrox should have something in his Kit like True lifesteal based on enemy's Missing health the more blood is split in battle the more he thrives. He and Vlad would have intresting dinner conversations
SteelHD (OCE)
: Irelia's ult just feels so anticlimactic lol. When I first saw it I thought it was her W or E.
Dosen't it just?. Not a whole lot going for her Theme wise either not much about it screams "Will of the blades", and lets be honest does she need nearly every stat to be relevant? Physical Dmg True Dmg Ranged Magic DMG Hard CC soft CC Tenacity life on hit. Surely riot can come up with a better kit not one thats just "hey lets give her everything and see how it goes"
: Personally as much as I love {{champion:80}} I would put him to receive that rework. His kit is unhealthy to play against and the only real counterplay is to become his lane bitch till mid-late game. When he's fed he is really really strong, but when late game comes it just falls off the face of the earth which never ever feels good. His kit is centric on him playing like an assassin but requires him to build tank to remain effective which is a bit odd in some ways. What would be nice is that Riot would be able to more closely capture that Spartan imagery. If they kept a single ability exactly as is, they should keep his ult.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I have a love hate relationship with pantheon too. Definitely keep the man drop!
Vegathron (OCE)
: Id say Chogath. hes such a cool concept but his kit and model are really outdated. endgame he appears huge but early game his model is so small its hilarious how lame he looks. he could be such a fearsome character aesthetically but hes this slow lumbering derp that other than his ult and maaaaybe silence has random ass abilities that dont fit his theme that well.
Yeah i agree, i do believe he should grow just not completely all in size like get bigger fangs new limbs new features in general with every feast stack.
SteelHD (OCE)
: I would totally go for {{champion:266}} as when I first started playing this game he looked totally badass, but when I delved into the actual gameplay he was this guy with a clunky diver kit that doesn't really fit with his lore. I think it would be great if his ult did something to help his allies (a bit like a {{champion:15}} ult) that would fit with his theme a whole lot better
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Gutsnagga (OCE)
: I'm tilted this is ridiculous
Gold is my opinion, nearing 40 minutes as an ADC should be around 20-21k far greater if you're as fed as you were. seeing as how you have 217 cs at 37 minutes the game probably doesn't feel you utilized your time in a S or S+ worthy manner. S - S+ is easiest on an ADC cause you essentially spend the entire match doing something. Jungle is a real RIP you have to end the game @ like 20 for the best chance of getting an S+ token. Not sure how many Towers & Epic monsters you contributed too aswell they have an impact. I've gone 5/5/5 (just an example) but a flat even score but taken 4 dragons and 7 towers and achieved S.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Season 7's MMR.
It's almost always a Soft reset. Doubtful they'd change it, but even if they do won't stop me from getting Diamond :)
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: When does the Ranked Season end?
I think its the first or 2nd week of november, and essentially the minute ranked season 2016 ends pre-season starts for a few months usually
: We could have won
Report, don't mute unless it's really triggering you just don't type back. They may have some useful information about the match(rarely but sometimes). Not enough people take reporting seriously generally if someone is quick to flame unprovoked 9/10 times they do it almost every game and you report them you'll find that if other people do the same for as little as 3 matches you'll receive a card saying they've been punished. In bronze and silver especially people say they'll report someone but just instantly jump back into queue forgetting it entirely.
: So i got that gold smurf again.
is this...? is this pittballs
: Cant use a champ in ranked unless mastery 4+
What if you get auto filled lets say you main mid and get auto filled Jungle. What then? do you luckily have a flex pick or a Master 4 Zac at the ready? What if you main top and get Autofilled ADC? do you just Yasuo ADC because you don't have a mastery 4 ADC? Support is a role definately capable of carrying a team, NOT every game lets be reasonable someone goes 0/18 you try hard take the L and move on. But i've seen Morgana's break open a game i've seen blitzcranks put 4 people on his back and cho choo to fucking victory, countless zyra's 2v1ing the botlane. As with every role the better you get the harder you climb, very FEW people are stuck with support the ones who are autofilled. Everyone else chooses to be in that positions one way or another. Sounds like you just need to start moving mountains for your team
: Duo Top
Duo top can replicate the pressure a jungler gives off with roams, it can't replicate the Gold efficiency Exp efficiency and security a jungler brings with smite and buff transfers. However a strat is a better than your opponents and you'll win i've smurfed and won Duo Jungle in Gold ranked with sucess and Malzahar Zed bot. (Hold him down while i blow him up) :)
: It was leaked that Lux was getting the Ultimate skin, "Elementalist Lux" along with Candy King Ivern, and the new Star Guardian Skins.
^ pretty much this
: Ivern - Initial Thoughts?
His Passive takes to much health early punishing him for no reason, he has to wait 3 minutes to take 3 camps. Besides that his Q W and E are okay, brushmaker is super situational but can be great for sieges or setting up facechecks into dragon or baron. Daisy is terrible she dies really fast and usually only gets her 3 strike passive off once twice if she's poppin off.
: thankyou! i was taking ignite and it felt so wrong because if i thought "if im close enough to ignite i must be doing something wrong" so yes i wont take ignite anymore i was thinking it was a stupid summoner spell. Now with his e, im a bit confused about when i should be using it, should i use it to get out of my lane and into river or should i be using it once i approach the bot/top lane and speedily rush in?
Think of your E Q combo as a slow moving Ashe ult, that gains size over distance traveled. You want to be close if your ganking botlane using it near dragon is pretty decent. Baron pit for toplane, it is possible to use it further back creating a HUGE stun but your likely to mispredict where they are going to be in 5-8 seconds. The way you use his ultimate is to hopefully knockback enemies into your Extended passive range and kite them with it whether you use rylais or GLP-800(usually this). But if you come behind enemies on a gank feel free to use it to knock them further towards your team
: oh jeez help me please
Use Storm raiders, you need to keep your lane warded as Aurelion Sol auto pushes exposing you to ganks with virtually no escape as it can be interrupting by any incoming dmg. Keep an eye on your jungler especially during the first clear as there a good indication of where the enemy jungler is, use this information to position your ward on that side and position aurelion so that you're hitting the minions with a good distance between you and other enemies. Since your lane Auto pushes your enemy laner will be csing under tower alot. Giving you ample time to roam using comet of legend and star surge for a potent ganking tool. Taking Flash ghost is highly recommended Aurelion is all about positioning. His standard playstyle is all about shoving and ganking that can include his own lane. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Tele (OCE)
: If we don't implement Flex Queue we're hypocrites in a way IMO. We can't just complain that individual achievements are being undermined by Dynamic Queue all year, but then not care if competitive achievements are being undermined by having no Flex Queue. There are many players who don't mind or even enjoy playing with premades as a solo player. As long as they chose the experience, rather than it being forced on them, then I think it's a great idea ;)
I just re-read the official post and i must of missed the bit about Flex being strictly 5 man and being merged with Ranked teams queue, i personally love that idea. It's essentially playing Ranked Teams but for Solo Queue rating having the option to Solo or Duo your rating in it's own queue with no 3-5 stacks involved and having a separate queue for Stacks merged with ranked teams is excellent it encourages high level play and everyone is likely on comms so theres no unbalance there. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Toxicity in Games
Not sure about you guys i get frequent report cards from riot in the league client saying the people i've reported haven't improved and have been punished. Pretty much 1 every fortnight
: Elo boost are out of hand. What can we do to decreasing the number ?
It's end of Season bro. I'm willing to bet at least 2 accounts every 2 games (1/10 reason i writ it like that is because everyone who boosts duo's pretty much) are being boosted. especially in Silver & Platinum . It's very comical to find someone and think oh they played incredible i'll add them after the game search them up on OP.GG find out they climbed 3 divisions today swapped from Top lane to ADC. Have a 100% win rate over 10 games on X adc's and 70% on 3-4 others over 20 games. Riot are oblivious as usual every season it's the same thing I've got people on my friends list who've gloated about boosting from Gold - plat to Diamond just for the boarders. Sometimes it's recurring people or some new friend i send in a ticket about them hoping they'd lose there boarder and skin so next season they'd reform and actually play the game this time. They never get punished. From now on honestly people who ask me "how can i get out of bronze?" i'll tell them $30 and a boosting site my friend. As for your question what can we do? We essentially have to put our faith in Riot games, hoping they will pick up the slack they've been showing in this area. Just send a ticket in asking riot to check into the suspected account all you can do. Whether they look into these cases is debatable. Truth is if there was active punishment people would be more afraid of attempting it
Tele (OCE)
: Dynamic Queue Will Officially Be Removed Next Season, Solo Queue is Coming Back.
Atleast Dynamic Queue is gone. Too often the case in OCE (especially might be a clean system in other regions) that 4 stacks get matched against Solo/Duo players. I don't personally think Flex Queue should be tried in OCE. Ranked Teams is essentially the same thing and should have more people wanting to flow through it to enjoy organized competitive play. Just my two cents. If it's tried at all i think it should strictly be 4 man Queues each team getting matched with a Solo player
: Whose at fault
That's a nice sentiment, However 19 deaths is a massive amount of Gold EXP and time spent 4v5ing the enemy team none of those things help your chances in winning the game. If the game played out the way you said it died if taliyah had like 8 or so deaths seems, You'd of won by a landslide and never been in the position to lose most likely >.<
: Uhh... nerf Riven please? Like literally.
I do hate the whole DMG reduction meta we have going on right now in toplaners. {{champion:92}} is really strong with this item, however the reason you weren't able to stop her was because you didn't have a good Duelist in your lineup and 1 Main dmg type ({{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:50}} - {{champion:81}} l partly) meaning that between {{item:3156}} 2 life steal items her shield CD and {{item:3111}} . You didn't have a single decent Dps to blow her away. The poor team comp you put together just simply got outscaled. {{champion:81}} going blue build with such low Physical dmg on your team didn't help. All in all alot of things went wrong before we should talk about nerfing {{champion:92}} . **However i do think {{item:3812}} should be looked at. i don't think {{champion:92}} should be balanced around the item**
Gnarchos (OCE)
: I play this game too much.
: I need help with choosing a jg champion.
{{champion:56}} 1 shots the same as the rest but you get a spellshield + fear for even less counterplay, not to mention no one respects the fact that you can ult them from dragon to there bot and mid tier 1 @ level 11.
: Championship Riven "2016"
I believe if you can alternate the Original Championship riven and the 2016 one, thats why it says Championship riven 2016 or championship riven
: LF Duo partner to climb in rank. (Plat2 -Diamond+)
Trustworthy Plat 2 - Jungle 75% winrate so far on Nocturne, Also can play Fiddle & Zac. Gets shafted in pretty much every other lane.
: So i did a thing... heh. I didn't even think it was possible.
it depends on who you're matched with and if you're duoing, i've gone 9/1 and hit Gold 1 out of placements on a fresh unranked before. In my promo's to plat on said account i got matched with someone in there promo's to master tier luckily they were on my team :)
: Need a little bit of coaching if somone is willing to help me
Looks like you Queue Top lane Pref ADC 2nd pref. CSing seems to be a big issue not sure if you're trading to much or just plain missing but try and hit them as they go for CS while making sure you can get as many of your own as possible 260 cs should be a benchmark for a 40 minute game in bronze at least which is your average game time. Looks like you're caught out a lot probably in a solo lane pushing due to your high number of deaths consistently. Winning the game comes first of course but a tanks role isn't to die it's to take the highest amount of damage possible while disrupting the enemy then live ideally at least imo. Try and steer clear of blitzcrank support if you're not able to hit 70% of hooks it's not particularly worth having him as when his hooks down its essentially 1v2. As far as your champion selection goes Nasus Renekton Jinx Annie and Lux are all splendid choices especially for your skill tier. Probably steer clear of varus cassieo and riven till you're more comfortable, higher skill ceiling isn't always better. As far as itemization goes you really REALLY struggle at buying boots, not having boots by 40 minutes is a huge problem not having them by 20 is a huge problem Ninja Tabi and Merc treads are so strong for top lane it's probably a large factor in you getting camped or kited throughout the game. Your itemization could use a little work, if you having any questions about that (runepages, Masteries) general gameplay you can add me if you'd like thats all i can really tell you just from your match history.
Gay (OCE)
: Why is ranked queue not out?
Normally if its taken down it comes up @ 8:00 AEST but its 8:17 so no clue here either.
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