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: >Truth: go fucking neck yourself blitz >Truth: only spastic shits Truth: watch him >Truth: you spastic %%%% Ignoring the rest of your log (which almost certainly would have netted you a chat restriction), the reason you received a 14 day ban is because of Riot's policies regarding no tolerance language. The no tolerance language in question is suicide encouragement and ableist slurs, but also includes things like racism, sexism, etc. You get only a single warning for no tolerance language (14 day ban) because of the severity of the behaviour, but ultimately that's what this is - a strong warning. You can appeal your punishment to [player support]( if you wish, but I can basically guarantee that your punishment will not be removed or reduced. While you clearly feel you should not be punished so harshly for a single game, many would argue that such a reaction is not by any stretch appropriate. Consider it this way, your reaction to someone being an asshole in a *video game* was to literally and in no uncertain terms tell them that they should *end their life*. Such a reaction is far from appropriate, and hardly in the realm of understandable either. No-one expects you to be perfect, and no-one expects you to not get frustrated, but this reaction is a far cry from okay.
Replied to INGENUE what i would have replied for this comment too Thanks for taking your time to reply.
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: As always, feel free to send a ticket into [Riot support]( and ask to appeal your ban. Keep in mind that response times may be a little slow due to it being the holidays, but do not create multiple tickets as it does slow it down even further. ___________ Mental health and suicide are no laughing matter, and Riot are doing their best to crack down on it. Much like hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia), it often gets escalated and you skip that chat restriction tiers. No matter what happens in a game, or however shitty your IRL day was, there is literally 0 reason to tell another player to kill themselves. >Truth: go fucking neck yourself blitz >Truth: never wanted to tell someone to kill themselves until now __________ The rest of your log screams negativity, and I get it, We've all been there, we have all flamed in some some capacity. Bad days and games happen, and as long as it isn't a common thing (and you dont resort to the lowest of the lows) then you won't deal with bans and punishments. __________ >Truth: and what is riot going to see Truth: and they're going to see blitz Truth: provoking Truth: good fucking luck Truth: getting anything through Truth: GOOOOOOOOOOOOD FUCKING LUCK Truth: YOU SHIT %%%% The system judges you based on YOUR actions and YOUR words. Doesn't matter if someone else is provoking you, you will only ever be judged on what you have said and done in the game. We are given a few tools to deal with this (such as muting chat, pings and emotes) and there is also the action of dodging a lobby where pre-game toxicity is obvious (like in your case), or simply AFKing to preserve your mental and account standing. Not that I encourage leaving your games (it really is a last last resort before you do something stupid like tell someone to kill themselves), but the leaverbuster punishment is far less severe than getting an account ban.
Not trying to justify the words that were said and i do regret it now looking back onto it, Pre-game toxicity i would have dodged if it weren't for the consistent dodging i've had to do currently and i have been hit by leaverbuster before for single emergencies. What got to me specifically was the blitz trying to play the victim card after starting a fight i suppose and even though it definitely isn't okay to say that, i suppose i just assumed that under the context of the situation there would be some leniency or a chat restriction applied but now i know that's no justification or leniency for anything like this even with a clean record for 5-6 years. Thanks for replying.
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