: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.24 notes
One would assume that changing tooltips for items is pretty easy, is there any reason why it frequently gets shafted to being done in a subsequent patch? (ie for champion ability tooltips in League)
: Patch 9.20 notes
Pretty much every link to the patch notes is on na.leagueoflegends.com **It'd be nice if people with accounts not in NA could upvote good comments we find there** since that's where most of the discussion takes place. I swear that we could before but right now it just asks me to log in every time, even if I'm already logged in.
Socon (OCE)
: Patch would be fine they didnt destroy amumu, rammus and yis damage for no reason. Also rank 1 karthus ult isnt even an ability now lmao
-3% damage on Amumu after autoattacking or ulting. "destroy"ed his damage
: Patch 8.17 Notes
Quality of Life Request: When setting your secondary runes, if you decide to change one, it automatically replaces the rune in the top slot, regardless to which slot you clicked on. For example, if you have Ghost Poro and Ultimate Hunter, but decide to swap Ultimate Hunter for Taste for Blood, no matter what it will replace Ghost Poro first, forcing you to redo both runes. Solution: If you click a rune to re-open the rune-selection list, have the replacement fill the slot you clicked on. It's more intuitive and saves you the hassle of re-selecting both runes when you only wanted to change one, which in turn could let you squeak the change in before time runs out in champ select. Original post by Mystery Ninja on NA
: Patch 8.6 notes
hey can you guys update oce as well when there are midpatch changes and hotfixes and stuff
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: but it's faster to press q for me and the q is usually what is used to escape, and also u need fast timing to engage with it as well
Q is definitely not usually used to escape. Give me examples where Q is used to escape, and I'll give you some where E is used. Azir Bard Caitlyn Draven *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Ekko Elise *spider form Ezreal Fizz Galio Gnar Gragas Graves Hecarim Heimerdinger *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Jayce Jinx *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Karma Katarina Kennen Khazix Kled Lissandra Lucian Quinn Renekton Riven Shen Singed *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Sona Syndra *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Tryndamere Udyr Vayne *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Veigar *not a movement ability, but definitely aids escaping Yasuo Zac Zilean ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR there's a lot of champions that use E to escape or as an escape tool. It is not normally Q.
: Thank You
DUDE THAT'S LIKE FREE 450 IP!!! Ty Riot that was the last champion I needed, was saving up IP for weeks!
: but on aatrox he's abilities just feel right on those keys
I don't think you'd say the same thing if Aatrox was "EWQR" ordered from release, and this guy was proposing the current "QWER" order.
: If you are talking about regular phage then yes you are correct. If you are talking about black cleaver than no, black cleaver is procced when you apply physical damage to an enemy not just on autos, so it will proc on each hemorrhage tick as hemorrhage does physical damage.
Oh thanks for pointing that out. Maybe that changed the text on BC? I'm pretty sure it's been auto attack from phage to BC for a while.
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azaki (OCE)
: Help me decide- Kha'Zix or Rengar?
I don't play too much Rengar, Kha'Zix is super fun and is relatively easy to play (that said I'm still mediocre with him but can manage to carry). If you want to be able to delete a single person in the game play Rengar, if you want to go in and out of stealth and potentially kill multiple (due to E resets) play Kha'Zix.
: Honestly me personally I try helping league as much I tell my mates at school etc and they are all starting to play and like it the only thing they don't like about the game is the players verbal abuse . honestly people should not be swearing and letting other people down in game everyone starts off as a rookie
If they aren't playing with friends (and if they are use voice chat via discord, skype, teamspeak etc) tell them to /muteall at the start of the game.
Corehog (OCE)
: That's actually one of the things implemented in the latest Alpha Client update. It probably won't be included in the current Legacy client though
> [{quoted}](name=Corehog,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=xqbuVmRt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-16T10:38:54.342+0000) > > That's actually one of the things implemented in the latest Alpha Client update. > > It probably won't be included in the current Legacy client though Welp here's hoping it actually makes it.
Sneed (OCE)
: why in the world would it matter?
> [{quoted}](name=Mesprit,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=xqbuVmRt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-16T10:35:26.168+0000) > > why in the world would it matter? Because QoL. It makes it easier to find your mastery pages and you can group them according to whatever. It's not necessary, I agree, but it's not like it would be hard to implement or have any negative impacts.
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: Can I point out a slight change to Jhin to make it have more sense
Your team can tho. It's already heaps good in that it snares off ally damage instead of just your own.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=xJ1eGAnJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-29T06:26:53.116+0000) > > That's actually a brilliant idea. Well, at the very least they should be banned in *all* public places. Why should potentially thousands of people be exposed to the toxic fumes that cigarettes produce just because *one* person doesn't care for their health (or because that person made a stupid decision in their youth and hasn't managed to "undo" the choice). Makes no sense that the life choice of one person outweighs the health of potentially thousands of people. I'm confident they are already banned in public places in AU.
> [{quoted}](name=Colonel J,realm=NA,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=xJ1eGAnJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-30T01:27:32.745+0000) > > I&#x27;m confident they are already banned in public places in AU. I love it when people smoke <10m away from a no smoking sign outside of Central Station during peak hours
: This... is wrong
Don't let Kat get fed :^) But really, unless Kat flash EQWs or whatever combos you, you have more than the time it takes for the first instance of damage until death to react. There are also plenty of other champs that do damage less fast but have less counterplay. Also, a Soraka would help in that situation. That's counterplay. It definitely exists so I don't really see Kat as an issue
GranpaOCE (OCE)
: over 30 normal win's no key's am i missing something ?
: Patch 6.12 notes
Formatting error for double edged sword: A MASTERY DIVIDED No longer has split effectiveness for ranged or melee champions (now 3% damage increase / 1.5% increased damage taken for everyone) Part in brackets should not be greyed out.
: Level up rewards for new players
Bump? Am I allowed to do this? Does this do anything?
: You can do exactly what you described lol. If you want to change one of the first masteries, just click on the one you want. It will move over without effecting the rest in the tree
As in re-arranging mastery/rune pages? As far as I'm concerned there's no way to do that yet.
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: they are already doing something for new people. They are apparently cutting the time from level 0-30 in half.
It's still a pain in the ass to level to 30 though and you don't exactly get showered with IP on the way. I'm sure you could do some calculations or something and find that you don't get enough for a 6300 ip champion for quite a while. That the fact that pre-20 runes are shit doesn't help, even if they are cheaper.
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: How does Fervor of battle work with auto attack enhancing abilities on melee? is that 4 stacks generated?
*EDIT Tested in custom, using Trundle's Q on a champion only generated 2 stacks, not 4.
: Patch 5.24 notes
How does Fervor of battle work with auto attack enhancing abilities on melee? is that 4 stacks generated?
: Starter T3 runes now on permanent discount
People so salty about having already bought these runes. This is only ever a good thing, since all the price does is slow people down. It's not some sort of skill cap.
Âtlas (OCE)
: Not that weak IF you get people playing her as support with full AP runes and masteries and building full AP items with CDR and Mana Regen, just a crappy "buff/nerf" what everl it was meant to be, like Blitzcranks Q is still 100 mana at lv 1, 3 fail grabs means no mana for him, why not "buff" that as well drop it to like 75 mana or something
Morgana is currently weak, this is why she is getting buffed. How often do you see her ingame? compared to Blitzcrank for example. And there is a very clear difference between Morgana's Snare and Blitzcrank's hook. Speed, hitbox as well as what they actually do (wow).
Âtlas (OCE)
: it was, and that's what i tended it to be, just that mana drop on her Q slightly annoyed me, just because they have NEVER changed the duration of her snare, i mean if they were to nerf her in the future, please start with that Q dropping it from 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3 (80, 135, 190, 245, 300 +90% AP) to something like 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5 (90, 150, 200, 250, 320 + 70% AP)
The mana drop on her Q is a **buff** not a **nerf** because Morgana is weak?
: If i want to play a non meta champion, I won't be able to, instead i'll be bullied with threats of reports because I want to play an uncommon champion.
Just have it limited to Ranked, you can do whatever you want in normals, really. (As far as picks go, imo)
Gravelord (OCE)
: You want the cool down on her Dank Binding to 3 seconds and the snare to last 4 seconds? So you can snare them every 3 seconds? so other champs have no way to ever escape it? A 4 seconds snare would ruin League man, even a 2 second snare like Elise's can change a teamfight completely.
I'm pretty sure it's a bad case of misguided, unfunny sarcasm.
: Why would it also work on the enemy?
: To anyone that thinks the ult is OP, bear in mind that it also HEALS and makes the ENEMY team invincible. Although he's a marksman suited for jungle, I wonder how the passive will work in lane. If Kindred was used as an ADC and does well in lane after marking his lane opponents, he will be gaining stacks like crazy. Add that to passively marking the bottom river scuttle crab and the snowball potential becomes so real.
Although realistically either you won't be able to grab scuttle crab (not worth the CS loss AND zoning from coming back into lane) or you'll be punished for leaving lane (jungler/mid comes, denied access back into lane etc). Can only really get stacks once per back off of golems/wight and enemy champions.
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YedStaar (OCE)
: LeaverBuster Unfair 20 Minute Penalties
Well when my net isn't doing so well, I simply don't play League, if you are playing with full knowledge that your internet could be bad at any time you should invest in a better connection. "not have to receive any penalties for no real good reason" As implied above, you shouldn't play games if you expect or think you will disconnect.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 5.16 notes
How does Randuins interact with the crit damage reduction mastery? Additive (unlikely) or multiplicatively ? 20% or 19% (not much of a difference but still)
: I don't think so but it procs on-hit effects so maybe they'll make an execption. Oh wait isn't his q counted as a melee basic attack? so maybe he can? somebody should go see if he can shoot Teemo Shrooms cause they should be the same.
Well your comment is 3 days old, but confirmed he can shoot barrels.
: Addition to endgame stats (Shields)
I feel bad for doing it again, but bump?
: Champion Update: Gangplank
Does his Q activate barrels? Cause it should imo.
Ediwir (OCE)
: You'd need to click the lantern BEFORE the ult gets triggered. But theory-wise, it should work. (except for the fact that Tahm cannot ult after swallowing someone, so you're one step short of teleporting the whole team)
As in sometimes it will snap. Example, if you try to Nocturne/Vi ult too far (someone escaping with recall/tp) it can carry half way or about the original ult length and stop. Suggesting the same thing may happen with Thresh W but idk.
Blackavar (OCE)
: would this work?
sounds plausible, but I think tahm goes too fast for lantern to work, it might bug out/disconnect and only bring tahm thresh
FlakStorm (OCE)
: getting tired of these repetitive "3 stack" passives, get some new material, its getting boring.
Because 2 is too little and 4 is too much. Unless you butcher the shit out of a champions attack speed.
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
Oh lord what has happened to Kirby? On another note, does his W act as Zhonyas? (Provided Tahm doesn't die) Lissandra R, Zhonyas, Bard, Bard no.2, Tahm = 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 +2.5 +2.5 + 6 = 18.5s of invulnerablility. Not that you would ever need it.
: Champion Insights: Tahm Kench, the River King
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