: I am studying to become an English teacher at University and i must say, despite you ruining my argument ;), you have bloody great writing skills!
However, my main focus of the argument is why are riot nerfing Azir when there are so many more champions like Annie that deal so much more damage and stun time that its stupid? Has it not occurred to Riot that there are much more OP champions than Annie
: Azir takes so much less skill now after his update, it's actually ridiculous. :/ _(and lee sin takes waaaaaaaaay less effort than Lee Sin mains make out to be, waaaaaaaaaaay less!)_ But Azir hard out-trades Annie! his sheer range alone means that you should have enough time to get a Q and 2 autos _(procing thunderlords)_ on her before she can even get in range for her Q, and by then you can read her body language and back off. That being said, Annie has her problems: I am a firm believer that no champion's hard CC should last enough time for them to solo 100-0 you before it wears off. _(at any stage in the game)_ But Azir does bully Annie very hard. The only real threat she poses to him in lane is the flash-ult, but she can only use that once every 300 seconds. Teemo is not stronger than Lee Sin either. Teemo isn't good for much, he's really really really good at harassing in lane, dueling ADC's, being a bit of a nucience, and setting up ambushes, but not an awful lot else. Meanwhile Lee Sin is both a tank AND an assassin _(a stupid combo on its own)_, with no mana, high damage, low cooldowns and multiple engages/escapes as well as a solid mixture of hard and soft CC, not to mention a shield. There is virtually no situation where he doesn't excel. in my opinion Lee Sin is probably the most overloaded and overpowered champion in the game. But I don't quite see the relevance of their price in this discussion? The price is not an indicator of a champion's potential, power, or skill required. The price is usually an indicator of how long ago they were released. Older champions periodically move down in price as new ones come out. Are you saying we should nerf champions just because their price was reduced? Evelynn is a much harder champ than Blitz, but Eve is much cheaper. Katarina takes much more skill than Talon, and has a much bigger impact on the game, despite being a 3rd of the price. The absolute lowest price champions (450 IP) are priced low because they are considered the easiest for beginners to pick up, so that new players can have access to appropriate champions relatively quickly. _(You wouldn't want a new player to buy Aurelion Sol as their first champ, because there would be no quicker way of putting them off the game! Its much better to give them options like Annie or Nunu as a starting champ, so they can get used to the game without having to think too much)_ ___________ I do agree though that some beginner champs either need more counterplay at higher levels, or just a flat reduction in their current strength. Garen is basically unkillable, yet can kill you instantly from half HP with a single move that he doesn't even need to aim. Annie has 1 ability that actually requires any effort at all, and yet she does more damage than most skillshot mages. Master Yi pretty much 1 hits you if he gets close, but he cant be kited. The supposed counter to Nasus is harass, yet his passive just heals back any damage you do to him. So I think these champs should get some kind of nerf, but it shouldn't be relative to their price. ____________ One of the issues here is the misconception that the harder a champion is to play, they better they are. Aurelion Sol is very hard to play, he doesn't require great mechanics thats true, but his positioning requires absolute perfection otherwise he is pretty much just decorative. However Aurelion Sol's impact on the game isn't as strong as Zac or Vayne, who are both champs that don't require as much effort to play. Champions are just options, each one poses a different way to approach the game, an people just pick which way appeals to them, by definition of being 'different' some options are easier than others. But _(in theory)_ no option should be too much better than another. Otherwise you'd end up with a whole lot of easy to play but useless champions that no one plays. So champions that require skill, don't necessarily have any more or less impact on the game when mastered, they are just a different and probably more interesting/fun way of playing.
I am studying to become an English teacher at University and i must say, despite you ruining my argument ;), you have bloody great writing skills!
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