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Big Bud (OCE)
: casual as ranked team (high bronze - low gold) looking for a few more members!
Added you im twisted s I d I would like to join my main goal is to get better as a player and hace fun as I play to get better
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: LFM - Subs (Jg, Mid, Adc)
Hey I'm a adc/mid main and I would like to sub for adc or mid I am sliver 4, my main adc's are Draven, lucian, Quinn and ez, my main mid laners are Annie, jayce, lb, Quinn and abit of ziggy, if you are interested in having me as a sub add Twisted S I D Ps I habe team speak, Skype and curse voice I don't mind which one is used
Keishi (OCE)
: LF ADC or Support main Silver 5 to Gold 3
I main adc and I can support I'm sliver 4 add Twisted S I D if you are interested in me
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: LFM - JG and Supp - Silver+ Only
I am willing to learn support if it is still open add twisted s I d if it is still open
Kairin (OCE)
: Ranked team for S6 NEED Top laner and Adc/Supp
Hey I'm a adc main but I can play any were apart from jungle I'm sliver 4 and I'm looking to get better at the game and have fun with a ranked team so if you don't care about rank add me up my ign is Twisted S I D
: hey everyone im part of this team thing aswell, just looking for some more people to join the team basically meet more people and have fun playing some league u dont have to be god like or anything as long as u want to have a good time and willing to learn anyones welcome. we have curse so can constantly talk to each other and relax. so yea come join on the fun looking forward to seeing u on the rift :D
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: Recruiting a team (All ranks may apply)
Hey I'm dion or twisted I'm a adc/mid main add me if u want Twisted S I D
: Regular Team Looking for Extra Members
If u don't care about ranks I'm a adc/mid main so add me if u want Twisted S I D
Keishi (OCE)
: LF people playing that wanna normals or ranked team in a group
If you don't mind what rank people are I'm a mid/adc main add me Twisted S I D


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