ThePlays (OCE)
: Will Xayah or Rakan be counted as an OP champ in comparison with other ADC's and SUP's?
They'll be strong with good coordination between Rakan and Xayah, but I can't imagine they'll "op".
Will be the most toxic chat if the in-game chats are anything to go by.
Specs (OCE)
: When your only 13 and you have spent 1500$ -_-
23 years old when I wrote that post. But "close enough", as all your teachers would probably say.
: Bullying
It's justified that you would feel this way about that players actions. However, in regard to how he played, it can be said that he did nothing wrong. By not verbally abusing you and deciding to take the dominant role in the game, he didn't break the summoners code. One reason why I am saying this is because when we first started playing 8 years ago the game was about experimenting and finding out what works. Ashe was a mid lane champion and there was always a level 1 fight on top lane. The only thing I can suggest is, keep playing and don't let his actions affect your future games.
: PSA: Abuse your team mates, it will improve their performance
When you never have to see these people again, it can be easier to vent at them rather than teach each person how to play. That being said, I think it'd just be better to keep the comments to yourself rather than venting at someone who's learning. But hey, everyone's different.
Allenzaaa (OCE)
: How can I report someone who's gonna afk in champion select??
Doesn't affect you enough to justify a report. He'd get kicked from the game and wait 5 minutes; you'd go on to get a new game with different people.
: Really? People ban that champ you want to play??
How did you re-queue with the same guy straight after the game broke? He would have had to sit through a 5 minute timer.
Willi God (OCE)
: So many games ruined by Widowmakers
Yeh not the most useful hero for the attack phase. Just gotta expect that sometimes you'll lose games, and it won't bother you as much. Anyway, the games gone into lockdown for about 2 weeks. So no Overwatch for a while.
: League of Legends Movie
I can't imagine it being any good. It's better as an animated series. There's one on youtube. Can't remember it's name though.
Main Line (OCE)
: Yeah well my point is completely different to your then. Teachers are experts at behaviour.
If you say so...
Niji (OCE)
: Is this the Rtchet & Clank advice board?
The first phase just use the Bouncer (if it's upgraded all the way it will do ALOT more damage). Then when he's on the 2nd phase, use the Bouncer again until it runs out of ammo. Then just use whatever you can to defeat him. The last phase ***MODERATE SPOILER*** when he uses the Bi-Obliterator, Quark gives you the flying ship (I forgot the name). When you use this, keep flying in circles. When Nefarious shoots the tracking rockets, don't take your eye off of them. 6 years ago - By Dr_HAX from [Gamefaqs forums](
Main Line (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tweak,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=lkfX9tjK,comment-id=000a0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-05T03:37:42.308+0000) > > I could be a pilot, being an accountant in real life. Accountancy has skills that pilots need? :)
Nope. That's my point. :p
Main Line (OCE)
: Interesting. I wonder what they will do. Do Riot have many of those guys? I could be one of them, being a teacher in my real life job.
I could be a pilot, being an accountant in real life. To OP: Your chat history does show signs of toxicity though. I think if you got a lifetime ban, then it's because you're past the point of a chat ban.
: Games in progress don't get kicked out when they bring the client down I think
Definitely was like that at one point. Although, I'm not up to date on LoL maintenance procedures.
Ingénue (OCE)
: Hextech chests aren't meant to completely replace the shop (which is something that would likely happen if what you are suggesting was implemented for those players). As it stands, it seems like these is a slightly more chance of getting a skin than a champion. Even if you already own all the champions, you can just hoard the shards to re-roll them upon the release of new champions.
There's a 50% chance to get a skin, same as with a champion. I believe the chest first says "Skin or Champion?" Then it metaphorically chooses from the box of skins/champions.
: Jhin Is OP!!!
It's interesting seeing that "<Champion Name> is op" is still around. It used to be a more abundant title back in 2009 and 2010. Although because so many people just shut those people down in the day, they started to show up less. The reason it find it really interesting is because the community is at a point where it will provide a reasonable answer to it. I personally believe that Jhin is balanced. He's countered by 'in your face assassins'. The time between his attacks and his reload makes him vulnerable during certain parts of a fight.
Reaper22 (OCE)
: not so call suport
Just think to yourself before choosing a champion for support. "How does this champion help my adc do well?" If you're comfortable with that answer then go ahead. I would personally always play meta supports in ranked because it just works. I have played things like fiora support and it's all worked fine for me, but my adc was always so behind because they lost cs during my skrimishes and they only got assists.
Ritual (OCE)
: AP qss AD zonyas
The way it works is: Mercurial Scimitar - Made for AD champions because they usually don't need to be taken out of combat for a few seconds. Their CD's are either relatively low or they are auto-attacked/lifesteal focussed. Zhonya's Hourglass - Made for AP champions because whilst they're as squishy, if not squishier than AD champions, they need that few second timeout to clear their CDs. Basically these two items are like brothers. The other way around might be a bit pointless because they technically do the same thing overall. If an adc zhonya'd they'd need spells or instant sustain to bring themselves back up afterwards or kill the enemy instantly.
: The champ that tilts you the most?
Blitz... He ruins bot lane for any solo queue game when you verse him.
Légs (OCE)
: {{champion:143}} I know there are some good moments with Zyra's passive but I feel like its not as good as other passives because you have to be DEAD TO USE IT, There are few opportunities where this passive isn't completely useless and even when those opportunities arise, there is a massive delay of 2 seconds to fire SKILLSHOT making it easily jukeable. God even {{champion:96}}'s passive does the same thing but he can follow his target so unless they have some kind of mobility spell or {{summoner:4}}, there really isn't any way they can escape the damage. At least with her new passive, she can still be threatening when she IS ALIVE. I've already talked about Annie's E below, and I agree with Zilean's passive honestly.
You're argument is very convincing. I agree that her passive isn't as good as kog's. Although it always felt good when it worked. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it. Yeh maybe the change will be helpful. Apologies, I read your Annie comments after posting and was too lazy to alter my own.
Shashe (OCE)
: I believe the thumbnails for the items are temporary.
He's talking about the in-game visuals. Doesn't really make sense for icicles to come out of ahri or rockets to fly out of malzahar.
: Family Problem thingy
Just break them. No more dishes to use also equal no more dishes to wash.
Damocracy (OCE)
: @Rito - This tank meta is stupid broken
In an idea 'world' tanks would soak damage, deal small amounts and have a way to force enemies to target them. This is how it was with rammus and shen back in the day. However, the game needed to create original ideas for tanks and keep it fresh. Tahm is an example of a fresh idea. These pure tanks aren't causing too much trouble to me. It's the damn akali tanks and ekko tanks. Tahm can be kited by dodging his q.
: A moment of Silence for Will of the Ancients
I'm still mourning all these items. Just add it to the list and I'll get around to mourning it. [Items removed from League of Legends](
macstevi (OCE)
: Wow - skin changer maybe? If you want to get unbanned you better get real honest real quick or goodbye account.
*We'll play good cop, bad cop.* How are you feeling? Can I get you a drink? Tell me about what's happened to your account.
Légs (OCE)
: What are the most useless abilities in LoL.
Annie's molten shield is incredible for building a stun stack or making sure that enemies trading without are taking extra damage for everything they hit you with. Zyra's passive is so good. There have been many times that I've finished the enemy off or given the enemy that last bit of damage from me to then have them low enough that my ally can kill them. The worst spell in the game... Maybe Zileans new passive. I've found that whilst it isn't that bad, it really doesn't bring much to the game late game or really even mid-game.
: Riot fix your grading system. Very very broken
It's all about how much farm you get, how little you die and partially how many kills you get. Keep in mind that these scores are also compared to other players, so with yi, 11/5/17 is actually pretty below average considering Yi's usually get a lot more kills. Again though, just farm and you'll get S.
Ohffs (OCE)
: Purchasable Huds
Because of the fact that no one else will see your HUD but you, they'll still find that people are just using free ones from the internet. The only reasons skins sell well still are because enemies and allies see the skins you use, if you were the only one who could see the skins, you'd find players would just use custom skins.
: How is tank Ekko healthy for this game?
The new mage items are coming in the change this whole tank ap champions. Right now, it's just easier to go tank on champs like ekko or akali because of their high base damage. Once the new AP items are released some are expecting that they'll go back to being AP again. I personally think that unless they change their base damage, these champions will always find it more rewarding to go tank. There's just less risk in the tank build and their damage output is good enough. Also these champions aren't currently having issues with the AP items so I don't see why these new items would change this. Maybe the sustain on these items will persuade them a bit better, but only time can tell for sure.
: Kindred help
Jungle: * Upgrading spells early: First 3 levels = Q, W, E. * Rest of game spell leveling = max Q, then E, then W (upgrade R whenever possible) * Don't rush for marks on neutral monsters unless they're on the scuttle crabs. Running into the enemy jungle is very dangerous depending on who you verse. One exception is: If you see the enemy jungler away from the mark, you can rush to it and get that mark. Wraiths are relatively safe to steal, gromp is a bit risker but possible... Wolves almost always cause conflict. * Mark the lane you want to gank about 1-3 minutes before you gank it. Marking them as you gank will increase their awareness and make them harder to gank, or you'll kill them before the mark locks. * Make sure you're kiting jungle monsters. I usually just do a sort of circle path to kite. You can do red buff without taking a single hit from the big monster (With small golems buff). * With 2-3 stacks you're capable of killing dragon easily. Hop over the rear wall if you're on the bottom team, that way scuttle crab wards can't see you. ADC: * If the mark is on your bottom scuttle crab then ask your support to help you get it. * If the mark is on the top scuttle crab, get it on your way back to lane via a detour and maybe even gank mid lane while you're there. * Order of priority when marking enemies during laning phase.: ADC, Support, Jungler. * Overall you need to learn to save q for dodging spells in lane, so don't farm with it unless you can last hit multiple minions. * Mana is important, try not to spam unless its a trade or all-in kill. General Tips: * If one of your allies and enemies is low. Don't just ult unless you're sure you can get the kill AND save the ally. A lot of the time ulting causes the enemy to get his team in the fight and actually causes it turn for the worse. * W and Q together are great for catching up to enemies running from you. * W makes you a slippery target by reducing the cooldown of your Q to 2 seconds. * COMBO: E, AUTO, AUTO, Q AUTO, W, AUTO, Q... etc.. (The reason you auto twice first is because your q is good for gap closing after the slow wears off the enemy. * If you aren't getting marks, it's frustrating but don't build around the passive in that situation... Change your build to a more damage heavy, tanky or life-steal build. Finally, enjoy her and understand that it takes time to learn her mechanics. You need to learn to kite and stutter step.
: Checking how much money you spent on leauge
I think I've spent over a grand and a half. Although I've been playing for about 7 years now. Which I don't really regret. Works out to about $200 per year. Now I own all champions and literally just use ip for new champions and open hextek chests for skins. So hey, I'm happy with the way Riot runs this game.
Akivir (OCE)
: Extended lore is usually on the website now.
I didn't realise that. Thank you for that. Edit: After looking at the lore on the website, it's the same 3 sentence lore that they use in the client.
Rioter Comments
marvoa (OCE)
: ***
Honestly, reading your comments makes me feel like you actually did elo boost. You can sense the nervousness in your words and the fact that your story unfolds slowly and begins to contradict parts of your comment, that makes think you're lying to get your account back. Anyway, hopefully you've received a resolution that works for both you and Riot.
catraven (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nijiiyo,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=9d1XoErO,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-03-18T07:06:41.855+0000) > > No matter how hard I try to, I just can't accept this line of reasoning. It might take effort to go against the grain but it will always be possible. There are people in this game who are overwhelmingly positive and no matter how much exposure to negativity they may experience they rarely, if ever, falter. If mud is kicked on someone down the street and they stay smiling every day, the individual who is smiling will be seen to be a 'moron' or a 'pussy' etc. At some point you are disrespecting yourself by taking it. Someone who takes abuse and never stands up for themselves. Do you know how bad it is that you are adopting these pussified serf-like attitudes being fed to you like retards? Really.
There is another trait between passive and aggressive. It's called Assertive. That guy who lets people kid mud on him will build up rage till he breaks down. The person who vents his rage by directing it at others isn't the person you should stride to be. It doesn't make you tough. By being assertive, you can communicate your wants and needs without aggression and receive better results from even stubborn people.
Talon12 (OCE)
: there is no "blaming the victim up" crap, its the simple hard truth, Being surrounded by thieves too long, eventually you will start stealing too. Same goes for a positive environment. If a negative person is surrounded by positive upbeat people for long enough, eventually they would into a positive upbeat person too. The fact is, above lv 15 the environment of the game becomes so negative it moulds others into negativity too.
That's not how it works. I was surrounded by potheads... Didn't make me one.
: Blatantly refusing to listen reportable?
It's a learning process. In another players eyes they believe they know better than the random person telling them how to play. In some cases it's true. However, you learn better by making mistakes over and over again. You just need to expect that some players are still learning and don't like being told how to play. That being said, we never stop learning because nobody can play perfectly.
: Permanent bans not very effective on free to play games.
The game has come a long way since I started playing. In 2009, you would expect at least 1 afk every 2 games. People would abuse everything you did and even with a majority of the players being new to LoL or even MOBAS in general, you would get trolled or expected to know the game. Exploiting and cheating was common. The 'no summoner cooldowns' cheat or the immortal karthus exploit was ruining the game. They've done well to kill as many weeds as they can, but you'll find that those players that simply make new accounts will get tired of having to start over and over again.
Baby Poro (OCE)
: Essence Converter for Hextech Crafting
Even if they convert it with a 1 blue essence = .75 or .5 orange essence. Because right now, like my ip balance, it feels like it will just continue to increase with nothing to spend it on.
: That doesnt help. You gotta learn the game first before doing anything. And just because u watch one vid of a pro player doing something it doesnt apply to most games u play. Just play yi champ broke ass hell
His tips are good. Don't shut down players who put thought into their posts and try to help.
: This should be obvious... but it seems not...
I agree, although the people who do it are just frustrated when allies get caught out. So it's not really a "I'M HELPING!" thing, as much as it's a "VENTING MY ANGER" thing. Honestly, implementing a ping muting feature was not done due to the fact that pings are helpful communication tools. Although, I've found that some players only use pings to annoy others and never actually use it to communicate with the team. I've had junglers get counter-jungled and start a fight with the enemy without notifying the team. After they die they spam pings at their location and complain that the team won't help. Sure players should have map awareness, but we all have moments of tunnel visioning in lane when facing tough enemies. Pinging doesn't ensure your allies will respond, but it will make sure they can either warn you to run because they're busy or more often than not, they will respond.
Fallion (OCE)
: Do squishy supports need mana regen runes?
At the end of the day, your play-style will determine what you should have on your rune pages and masteries. If you like spamming spells and think you need mana regen, then build mana regen. You need to also keep in mind that when people discuss what LCS players or Challenger/Diamond players do, that their opponents play very differently from solo queue. Solo queue has it's own set of tactics and skills. So if an LCS player takes mana regen runes, it doesn't mean it's the best option for you. In summary, trying and failing is the best way to perfect your rune pages to your needs.
Aid (OCE)
: Ping stuck on 50
100ms/ping = .1 seconds. So if your ping is 10ms higher than usual then it means it's only .01 of a second slower. Hopefully that puts things into perspective and stops this odd thread.
Damocracy (OCE)
: Same troll in many matches over many weeks.
Sounds like you're playing Twisted Treeline. The amount of people playing that is much lower than Summoners Rift, so if you queue straight after a game you'll likely get put with the same guy every time. My advice is, if you get a troll then wait 5 minutes after the game, then re-queue.
DK Dizza (OCE)
: Reef name list
Riot kind of screwed a lot of people with this mural thing. I played my games with my friend who is on the mural and even played a few on my own. He's on the wall... I'm not. I made sure to earn 10 points. Been playing this game for 7 years, and I don't even get my name on Riots mural. Feels shitty.
Shashe (OCE)
: Key Fragments
Everyone seems to be forgetting what it was like before hextek chests were released.... You payed for skins. Now they're giving away free skins and people aren't happy that they have to work for them. Riot wants you to buy keys or chests. It would be bad business if they didn't. **A good way to gain chests or keys, based on my experience:** - Play different champions. - Try to play with people who can get an 'S' on their champions (or get and 'S' by yourself). Overall though, the point of the system is to give dedicated players free items, but still make money in the process. Just be happy they're giving us free items that are usually purchased with real money.
: Nasus Stacks
Sounds like your stacks per minute are good. What you need to keep in mind is that Nasus is pretty much a timer on the game. The longer a game goes, the more powerful his q becomes. Knowing that, you should always aim to get as many stacks as you can as early as possible. But honestly, if you're getting that many stacks it sounds like your timer is 40 minutes till god mode nasus. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: add wards placed to game stats
Being able to see warded areas on the map overview after the game would be incredibly helpful for learning effective warding. However, I can see it be useless because of all the ward jumping. Get a Lee Sin in the game and you'll have wards in your base. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
NukeParty (OCE)
: permeant ban/ apology
I've never been banned, but I imagine if i lost this account that I've used since 2009... I'd want to be given a second chance. I feel like you should be given a second chance. You should send a ticket to Riot requesting a 1 year or permanent chat ban. Although, I believe the idea of this punishment is that you need to start your account again. Anyway, good luck. Hopefully you can get back into the game and prove you can change. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Toxicity in every game
Muting people may not be the most appreciated solution, but it works for me. First hint of toxicity and they get muted. If you aren't happy with muting, then reporting will help relieve the stress after the game. At the end of the day, never take those people's words to heart. They need to feel better about their gaming skill, because they struggle in the real world. Most of them are either stressed or have aggressive personalities. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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