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: Looking for a casual club!
Hey 69er, if you are looking for a league group to join I am growing our league sector of our community if you would like to join us at
69er (OCE)
: Looking for a group or team to play with
Hey 69er, if you are looking for a league group to join I am growing our league sector of our community if you would like to join us at
: Looking for a casual club - 'new' old player
Hey mate I am looking to expand the league community in my discord, more than happy for you to join at
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: I am sick and tired of this EQUALITY PROPAGANDA BS. Children are not equal to adults in rights or and therefore should not be considered equals because if you gave children the right to vote, Western Civilization might as well be as good as dead. Sorry Riot Games but I do not want to fund a feminist or egalitarian agenda. You might as well want to tell your fellow men to let barbaric savages enforce a New Dark Age because you think people who are more stupid, more crazy, more weak, more irresponsible and more inferior are equal to those who are superior and are better in every way. Equality is a lie that is indoctrinated and brainwashed into younger generations and train them to commit cultural suicide.
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EricJeanS (OCE)
: LF teammates to climb with to Gold
You say you will be busy with your first year of uni, little does he know 4 weeks in everyone is like fuckit imma procrastinate by playing league
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DigitalD (OCE)
: Looking for team/friends to play league with
: Wanting A club Where there Constantly Flex Queing?
Vegathron (OCE)
: never understood people LOOKING for bronze players lol why not just ask for any players at all?
Cause you get plats who get angry at you expecting others to be as good as them
: Hey love playing league up and down through bronze ranks tho... play every day looking some guys and gals to have some fun with in stead of solo que
Majority of players already in the club are silver and higher but with low flex ranks as long as you are willing to learn and have a positive attitude you are most welcome please add me :)
: I'm up for this
: Cough
you are already there son
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: Need a Jungler for a 2017 based ranked team,
Thank you all for your time but the spot has been filled sorry mah dudes :(
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iLasVegas (OCE)
: **Looking for a ranked team **
Add me let me know your age and rank plox
: Looking to make a team for season 7
I was away for the weekend and I will be now contactable and will be speaking to all of you when you get online :)
: this is the league boards, his ign is his name here
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samuelror (OCE)
: Bronze ranked 5's team
Count me in brosef adc mid main learning top and decent at jungle
: I can handle the AR but come on ARURF is now available now available for these times: Friday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEST Saturday: 11:00am - 3:00am AEST Sunday 11:00am - 3:00am AEST Monday 11:00am - 3:00am AEST Wat the hell is this rubbish? limiting when people can play thats just stupid imo
its not limiting it lol not really, if you actually read the posts they make you'd know that urf made the highest drop off rate out off all the other game modes so it makes it more playable
harpii (OCE)
: LF Ranked Players for a Team I'd Like to put together :)
Hey add me bro I am a ADC/MID main in gold 5 I also have a discord we can use
AceAkali (OCE)
: have 1 account s4 have 2 account s5 Damn guess I cant join s3+ team
yeah it's a bit requirement heavy haha
: Looking for dedicated members of , "The Moose Order" Ranked 5v5 team (any rank, Non Toxic)
: Looking for players to Join New ranked 5's team
Mid/adc main ill add you bro
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: (Recruiting Members for club Moose) Low Elo players welcome
Ill play ranked 5's with you Im gold though so i hope that is okay? main adc/mid
: Looking to form/find 5v5 unraked/ranked team ~ chill yet competitive ^.^
Brah hit me up g5 adc/mid main fair amount of ranked 5's experience
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traloop (OCE)
I was gold in s5 just currently got re ranked into silver 5 lol if youll have me ill join as adc
B3nno (OCE)
: OCE Ranked 5's Team Solo Q
Ill top if you need it IGN: Typhoid Mary ill tell you my skype once you add me
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: Looking For a support, jungle or top
All postions filled however i will be accpeting subs for mid top adc and jungle
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: joining my team lol as per what he is asking
just came to the realisation this guy is level 29 wot
: ***
joining my team lol as per what he is asking
: LF ranked team (Sup/top/mid Main)
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