: OPL Last Hit
Just wanted to say I'm really digging the new site, it's much nicer to use than the last one :)
Beastied (OCE)
: Macquarie here too, do you guys know if anyone else is looking to make a team? I am a current challenger, if you know any other high elo peepz in macquarie can you get them to add me. My name is Beastied in game.
Hi there, I just looked you up on OP.GG and I noticed you were an experienced AD Carry. We are a plat 2 team that's currently scouting for an ADC. If you were interested, we'd like to play a couple of blind pick games with you at some stage over the next couple of games. Our individual rankings currently range from Diamond 4 to Plat 3. Add me if you're interested :)
Nocturnal (OCE)
: LFT - Macquarie University (NSW)
Macquarie as well, I'm a Plat 3 Jungler main, followed by support. I'm currently on a team with 3 other members who go to MQ and are my level or higher. Our team is currently plat 2.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC FAQ and Rules
How many teams from each university are allowed to participate?
: Oceanic LOL Cup - $500 RP First Prize (Registration Open Now)
Just a question about the entry requirements, why are the players IGN's limited to 7 characters? Seems inconvenient to the players.


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