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: The thing I don't understand is the change from Thurs + Fri > Sat + Sun. Weekends are slower and have to compete with rotating game modes. People go out Friday / Saturday nights and are more likely to have obligations. I know so many people who can't play / won't be able to play to maintain decay because of this change Unless you think Riot's data is wrong, which is a different story altogether. Rotating Game Modes aren't on as frequently as they were in the past. Furthermore, there's gonna be a lot of people who go out saturday/sunday, but conversely, there are people who have full time jobs on thursday/friday. End of the day, how do you know which days has more or less people? Do you have that data?
PepikCz0 (EUNE)
: I agree solo queuing would be a lot healthier if the rank / skill distribution of the game mode was even. However one diamond 1 - Challenger + two silver players, is not a fair match up vs a 3 man premade d5 team, since most players do not understand the meta until high platinum.
The premade d5 team will just end up hitting master eventually and can't premake anymore. Problem solved. Or alternatively, you don't get silver players and you actually get other master/chall players and you crush the diamond premade.
PepikCz0 (EUNE)
: Because something you fail to realise, is TWISTED TREELINE IS NOT SUMMONERS RIFT. Sorry for caps, but you just don't seem to get it. They are different game modes, they have a different meta, I see platinum and gold solo queue players beating Diamond and challenger solo queue players in this mode, simply because they play the Twisted Treeline meta. And how would this work in reverse? Does a challenger TT player get placed In Challenger solo queue or, is it just the solo queue ego giving you a sense a sense of entitlement.
You are delusional. You deny the correlation that high mmr SR players are more likely to perform well in Twisted Treeline than lower mmr SR players. It's not something that can be debated. You miss the point that high mmr solo q players literally quit the game mode when they get placed low in TT. Isn't the goal of everyone to increase the number of -potentially- high skilled TT players to improve competitiveness and reduce queue times? Let go of your fucking inferiority complex. This has nothing to do with the usual routine of SR players thinking they are better than TT. This is about making the queue better. Something you fail to see. It also doesn't work in reverse. There's no correlation between high mmr TT players and being able to perform well in SR. This is just common sense.
: Early insight into the OPL in 2017
Hey, Just two questions: 1) What's the rough % increase in player salary from 2016 vs 2017? 2) What type of figures can clubs expect to see from the co-payment scheme? And will this make it financially viable for each of the 8 teams to secure gaming houses and support staff? Cheers
: The Hearts of the Warriors
This story is legit. If you fix some of the spelling mistakes I could really get behind this
Wuks (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Umi,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=TQsEsHat,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-06-24T17:04:13.060+0000) > > Can I write about a Rioter instead? > > His name starts with w and ends with a wu,_Homecoming_Warrior.jpg Same
same {{champion:57}}
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Can I write about a Rioter instead? His name starts with w and ends with a wu
: I don't think "doesn't like" properly conveys my hate for rengar :)
Bardicoot (OCE)
: Hey BMA, In terms of the Esports role in league operations. I was thinking of applying for it. I have some experience in setting up sports competitions, and I have been apart of a lot of events, and things like that. Would this kind of experience be usefull in the role? thanks, Bardicoot
Hello, That type of experience is definitely useful. The role is very much about being able to operate and plan the future direction of our esports Leagues so anything that demonstrates this ability is a plus. For this particular position, there are a number of questions in the application review, and great, insightful answers are most likely to progress forward. Hope that helps. Best,
: Hey Conquisitor, I have a question about the analyst position, would you consider a physics degree an appropriate qualification for the position? From looking at the skills required, I believe I have those, but I'm not sure about the formal qualification. Thanks
Hey there, I work in Recruitment as well, so I hope that I can help answer your question. For the Analyst role, I don't believe that a Physics degree is the most appropriate qualification for the position, as the role is mostly business oriented, with a large focus on data, numbers and statistics. That said, a physics degree could be fine if you have working experience as an Analyst. Let me know if any of that was unclear, and I'll be happy to elaborate further. Best,
Loote (OCE)
: Hi I'm Loote, ask me anything and everything.
Who is your favourite Rioter and why is it Woody Wu?
Achenar (OCE)
: OPL Finals Cosplay Contest Results
Awesome stuff, can't believe how talented everyone is. Congrats to everyone! Looking forward to seeing them at Luna Park.
: Is Elise underpowered?
Elise is a really tough champion to play right now. She's relatively unforgiving with her mistakes and she has a huge amount of mechanics that take a lot of games to get the hang of. From my perspective right now Elise can still do a huge amount of burst damage, but she has to build squishy to do so. I'm not sure she's necessarily 'weak' right now, from my perspective at Challenger/Diamond games there are still a few Elise mains who have found a lot of success on her, but I do think she's 'hard to play'. If you're interested in committing to Elise I'd say go for it, she's one of the more rewarding champions to invest your time into.
: We could fork Essence Reaver off Brutalizer - and the item would be immensely more popular and bought more - you're absolutely right on that. Unfortunately, making Essence Reaver's build path and build up good is something that would most likely send a certain class of AD assassins (whose gates are early/mid-game Mana) into somewhat crazy levels. Pantheon/Talon, etc - would get the lion's share of benefit until ER was nerfed to be suitable for them. Ultimately, ER will always kind of be bad until Assassin's have their own itemization and have their inherent power reduced. The weird part about items is always that we can always make an item good or powerful - but making that item good and powerful *on the people we want it on* and not cause side effects elsewhere is the tricky bit.
Why can't you make items that can only be purchased by Ranged/Melee Champions? The precedent is technically there with items like Runaan's and Tiamat. I'm also sure that the technology exists that could straight up remove the items from champions that can't purchase them (for example smite vs jungle items). If you guys did that, then you could consider creating and balancing items around Ranged Champions only. Sure, you might have some edge cases of Jayce, Nidalee or Twitch being overpowered. Sure, you might see some more ADCs played in the mid lane, but those cases can either be allowed or nerfed accordingly. Overall, this type of solution could allow ADCs to deviate from the standard IE + Zeal pathing more often. We currently have Trinity or Ghostblade + Botrk situations, but wouldn't it be cool to have Graves actually go a caster ad itemisation, instead of inevitably puchasing IE and Zeal? What if we could see things like Bruta -> Bruta Upgrade (new item) -> LW -> Sword of the Divine type of scenario? To be honest, I think Essence Reaver fulfils a really useless purpose atm, and it also seems like a noobtrap of an item. Ezreal is the only champion I'd even consider this item for, and even then I don't think it's necessarily correct. You could do so many cool things instead, you could even make an item have spell vamp, but only for ranged ad casters. Who knows, there's a lot of possibilities out there.
: For the short term, there's a wide range of ADC itemization paths depending on the ADC. However, there is little variation on the items that an individual ADC buys. There isn't a whole lot of range on a specific ADC for the items they can buy - but at least they're buying different things (I see 3 or 4 main builds that vary across type - and then there's Hurricane on Kalista - so there's variance across ADCs but not in an ADC.) That's in an okay spot for now - but in an ideal world lots of things would be different in terms of reactive purchases and such but I think the other classes' itemization deserve a touch up before we delve back into ADCs. For an example of more long term stuff - critical strike is eventually going to have to be looked at to prevent AA based carries from forever being the norm, for example - but that exploration will take a while.
What are your thoughts on Essence Reaver at the moment? The item is currently purchased only on Ezreal, and it's debatable whether or not the item is even good on him (it's probably not). Are you okay with the position of this item currently? Is there a reason why you haven't considered creating another build path for Brutaliser catered towards ADC? Brutaliser also happens to give 10% cdr and AD, why not create something based off that? That type of item would still be good on Ezreal, but also other caster ADCs. You could possibly even keep the Lifesteal and Mana Regen aspect, depending on what you were going for, right?
: Hey guys, you might notice me popping in random comments as well. I'm Xypherous and I used to be a champion designer, having designed Nautilus, Lulu, Orianna, Fizz, Riven and Renekton. I'll be helping Meddler out fielding some questions that he might miss. Most recently, I helped out with a large part of the Seasonal work for Season 2015. Ask away. :3


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