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Zaps (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Game Start / Game Disconnect Issues - 17/03/2016
Riot it's still happening im currently getting reported because im sitting on 2.7k ping ( my internet is fine ).
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: It's time to rally your classmates!
Hey was just wondering, with the division dividing what is to stop say, a diamond player that made a second account and they purposely lost to get placed in bronze? Then they go into the tournament with a mass advantage? I'm not real bright on how all this works nor will i be in it because i'm not at uni, but I was just curious how you's stop this from occurring? cheers
: Need opinions on a new laptop this is 300 on gumtree is it any good?
: Need opinions on a new laptop
What would people recommend around the 600 mark then?
Talon12 (OCE)
: I could recommend you a [$650]( which runs a lot of high end games, has high storage and runs at a pretty reasonable speed, I use it (because the parts for my desktop still haven't arrived) to do gaming, it runs league at 160fps uncapped which is reasonable for a laptop which wasn't made for gaming to begin with. And it runs game such as dying light (high demand games) pretty smoothly. Unless you want to be playing nothing but flash games i don't think a $400 will cut it for most games.
the lappy only needs to play league, no other games aha. But in saying that what is the one for $650 i dont mind paying that much
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