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UniGoth (OCE)
: Learning?
Oh my gosh I've been offline so much recently that I forgot I posted this... Ive been playing PVP lately, and seem to have gotten better, but not quite there yet. Still need practice, but basically too hard to find people to play with... too many accounts that have scripts running and makes it too easy so never really know if I am getting better or just playing against a script these days :-( sadly wish it was different... I've finally reached level 21 amd don't think i will ever reach lvl 30 at the rate I am going
: Lonely Level 19 Looking for friends
Sure I'll add you... level 15 here and not that great a player... lolz
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: looking for 4 people to play consistently for hours on end with me
I'd play, but as you are level 29 and I am only level 15 and currently am not that good because I am still learning, I will spare you that lolz


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